New feature: Prove Social Media ROI!

To help you measure and showcase the value of your efforts on social media, we’ve launched a brand new feature that allows you to uncover the ROI of your Social Media efforts.

By combining analytics on your social media performance together with website analytics from Google Analytics, this new feature creates unique reports that showcase the exact value that your social media strategy brings to your business.

To start using this feature, simply connect your Google Analytics account to Agorapulse from your organization’s settings or from the Social ROI dashboard. You can connect one or multiple accounts.

, New feature: Prove Social Media ROI!

You can select the properties and goals that you want to include in your dashboards.

, New feature: Prove Social Media ROI!

Agorapulse’s Social Media ROI dashboard processes your data from Google Analytics to show you a detailed report of the ROI generated by your social media efforts.

With Agorapulse’s unique reporting capabilities, your data will be organized into different funnels so you can quickly identify:

  • Which platform is bringing more traffic to your website.
  • The amount of revenue generated by each piece of content that you share on social media.
  • The exact number of transactions brought by each social media channel.
  • Who in your team is generating more sales by sharing custom-tracked links!

, New feature: Prove Social Media ROI!

Now you know it, bringing data into decision-making isn’t just about having the right data. It’s about making that data useful! 😉

Click here to learn more about the new Social ROI features. 

Note: Basic Social ROI reporting feature is available for all plans while advanced features such as the Centralized ROI Dashboard, Date Picker, and Social ROI Export are only available for the Advanced and Custom plans. If you have a different plan but you want to give it a try, reach out to us at

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