Social Media Analytics Tools For Performance

Measure. Report. Take action.

Social Media Analytics Made Simple
Key metrics for Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram
Know where you stand against your competitors
Download unlimited, customizable reports
Measure social media ROI efforts

Get all your social media analytics in one place

With advanced tools to make your work easier:
- Detailed performance reports on your social media accounts: Facebook, Twitter & Instagram
- Measure everything: reach, engagement, reponse rate, conversation rate, community growth, customer service, etc.
- Select your reporting date (last 30 days, last week, etc)

Download unlimited, customizable reports

You’re one click away from getting all your social media analytics in a PowerPoint deck with awesome graphics. They're fully customizable, sharp & fast with comprehensive details.

Benchmark your Facebook Page

A must have for any social media report! Compare your page to your competitors or other successful pages on a number of key metrics such as engagement rate and total interactions.

Measure your social media ROI

No other social media analytics tool can provide a social media ROI report. Assign a value to key performance metrics and let Agorapulse do the math for you. What’s your Facebook Page worth?

Ready for social media analytics reports that will blow you away?
Get advanced insights
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