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How To Get More Instagram Followers Fast: David Lindgren Interview

May 5, 2021 • By

Scott Ayres

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To Get More Instagram Followers this Guy Liked 100k Posts!

We love testing odd social media marketing tactics at the Social Media Lab, and when I heard about David Lindgren liking 100k Instagram posts as an experiment I HAD to get him on the show!

We’ll talk about his results from this test, how he’s growing his YouTube channel as well as how he gets more Instagram followers. We’ll cover the processes and routines he has in place, etc.

Who is David Lindgren?

David LIndgren is a Swedish Content Creator. Aspiring YouTuber. Excel nerd. Likes to travel, learn and collaborate. Aiming to work 100% remote at some point in the near future.

Listen to the podcast above or watch the full video interview below:

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