How To Grow a YouTube Channel on a Budget with Kevin Kolbe

June 1, 2021 • By

Scott Ayres

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YouTube Creator on a Budget: 5 Ways to Get Started on YouTube!

Want to grow a YouTube channel but don’t have a lot of money?

On this episode of the Social Media Lab LIVE we’re talking with Kevin Kolbe to find out how to grow on YouTube without breaking the bank.

Who Is Kevin Kolbe?

Kevin Kolbe is a video coach and content creator who has a passion for helping people get into and do more with video so they can share their gifts and make an impact in the world.

Kevins’s creative media life started years ago on the radio. A few years later, he moved into TV spending the bulk of his time in video production, marketing, and creative strategy for FOX, CBS, ABC, NBC, and The CW TV stations in Nashville, Charlotte, and Raleigh.

Now he runs his own online video and marketing business working with national companies, local businesses, non-profit organizations, entrepreneurs, and other content creators.

He’s also a husband, dad of three – one with special needs, coffee drinker, Batman fan, music lover, TV watcher, and a Jesus freak.

Listen to the podcast above or watch the full video interview below:

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Live Show Transcript (unedited)

Welcome to the Social Media Lab, live podcast powered by a Gorapole, Siam sconners, the content scientist here at the social media lab where we bus Amysh, the rumors and the stories of social media marking with science. In today’s episode I interview my friend Kevin Colbe from Kevin hoby com, KO LB e COM, and we talk about how to grow a youtube channel on the Chiaf five different ways. You can grow a youtube channel without spending a lot of Benjamins and I appreciate Kevin’s inside and what he has been able to do on Youtube over the years and growing. His channe of you want to see everything we are doing at the social media lab. You can run over to a Gorapost labcom. That’s a Gorpose labcom. That shows you all the experiments that we’ve done. If you want to see just alive interviews and listen to the PODCAST, go over to social media, lab dot, live and Social Media Lab don live. Now onto my interview with my great friend and Willie Nelson Look alike: Kevin Cobe Devin is a son of a coal minor on wor. You know not really he’s just a long haired at reen. If you didn’t know this doubles and willingness Nelton’s body double on. Yes, so welcome to the show man Dude. I am like beyond excited to be here, and I know I know the embarrassing story you’re going to show, because I was part of it right, but now I appreciate that, and let me just say Willie has never been injured. When I’ve been around well there’s all there you go like he’s from. He grew up in a little town like you know, twenty minutes from me. So there’s like a street. That’s got his name on it. Everything so he’s around here. Quite a bit, Te’l be Lo to our little fun story of how we kind of met one another kind of tell us other than being tha. The son of a coal miner give us like your thirty to sixty second elevator PITCHR W. where have you been? Why shoall we listen to you when comes to youtube videos or videos in general, so yeah. You know I my background for years and years and years and was in TV and media and marketing. I started in radio got in to television and thought wow. This is the coolest thing ever a few years ago and when I the last Gig I was the creative director at a Fox station and we were we were more entertainment base. So we did a lot of cool fun stuff. You know around Fox programming and the position went away. Like happens, unfortunately, a lot in the broadcast industry, so I started my own business and I love to help people with video marketing. It’s my backgrounds, my gifts, it’s what I enjoys, what I love to do, and so I have my own business and I work with with clients and friends and entrevreneurs a and I like to say I like to help people share their gifts and make an impact in the world video, because it’s something that I you can just reach. So many people with so but I’m a dad, I got three kids oldest is married youngest. I mean the well the youngest Dosn’t he’s only twelve, but but he has special knees and that’s totally just you know, open up the world and given US opportunities to help folks that, like that, so but that’s what I do here so we’re going to hop into what we’re going to talk about today and that’s being a youtube creator on a budget because think a lot of people, you know they they don’t do anything. They don’t get started because they’re worried about buying expensive microphone or the right light to the right camera or having a set or are those sort of things an so we’re kind of going to hop into a couple different things. But before W we talk about. You know some things to save on your budget. My first question for you, Kevin is: Should everyone in your opinion have a Youtube Channel? Yes, why I told I was just going to give you es? No, I know I told you I you know I saw the stat the other day thatit’s, like only sixty two percent thow. You can look at this two ways. Only sixty two percent of businesses have a youtube channel, so you coan say yeah. Well, that’s a lot, but that’s what like thirty, eight percent, that don’t, which also doesn’t mean you have it. I mean you know our repeat things that we, I think assume everybody knows, but I think it’s always worth noting that you know youtube is the second largest search engine in the world and the first one is Google who owns you tub and if you think about it, it’s free, Thi. The world. Second biggest platform search engine is free, so you can start a youtube channel. You could you know if you were into painting, you could start a channel. If you just want to lock an you, could start a channel heck if you want to just like do video stuff for your family, you could start a channel. So to me it’s never been a better time to be on a platform as massive as youtube with the the the advancements they keep, making even ther their mobile aph is really good and a lot of platforms. Don’t necessarily have a good mobile ap if they have a good desktop experience, so yeah I mean I. I think that if you have a business, granentrepreneur you’ve really really missing out if you’re not making youtube like your core strategy and then grow from there. Now I love facebook. I absolutely love facebook. I play someone instagram and I’m on twitter just to mess with people, but youtube is like a a different community and, like I recently got the community tab turned on, and it’s just it’s so nice to be able to engage with people that I mean I even just put something on there the other day about nine Leven, and you know few people liked it, but it’s just it’s just a great platform, and so my question would be back is why wouldn’t you be on Youtube thit’s, a good question, because you know a couple things there for one O, I’m Interestin, I that community toave here in a second, but I think, people o course he’s Aure in the social many marketing space, especially Youtube Creator. Space, Roger Wakefield is like the punter boy for why anyone can have a youtube channel. Yes, if you don’t know who Roger is he he’s a plumber and I think in the Dallas Texas area, who thanks oe, Youtube, channel and starte talking about how to do plumming, stuff and kind of Changein overtime of like how to versus you know helping plumbers, be better pumbers and it kind of couple ifferen things. But I think I saw him post yesterday. He’s got a million viewsnalike Yeahhsand Yeahs Heten on Subscribers Oras a hundren, no he’s over a hundred thousand subscribers and over a million views, and I made some comment. You know in a group. You know about Roger This and Roger that you know people think you’re, just a plumber and he said Kevin. I am just a plumber, yeah yeah and he’s you know he and thin beginning. If you go back and watch some of rogers original videos there they’re not great, I mean he’s just he’s a plumber he’s just on video talking and yeah given advice and trying to help people and now he’s he. He has a studio and he’s gotten really smart and figured out, but he stilled that good old boy plumber, who will hop into a sewer and and work on your house yeah, that’s what he is yeah, but you know it’s got you bring up a good. You can bring up a good point, though Bot. If you go back and look at his early videos, because I think sometimes we forget- we see somebody where they are now like Seaun Cannel, and we assume that he’s always been that popular that good and Sean will. I mean you know we’re both friends with SEAWN SEAN will share his first video ever and it is just comedy gold now yeah, but even look at some of your favorite shows. I mean, like you, know my wife and I still o this day. I think everybody loves Raymond remains one of our favorite comedies of all time go back and look at the very first episode compared to like even season three and four. When they really started. You know: Dialing it in the characters. Got More fleshe, in fact sometimes shows will jets in a character or wecast them. So if you look at your youtube journey your video content creation journey as a journey, then I think you give yourself more grace to grow and try things and screw up. You know and do things like that and youtubes no different yeah. I think I think the problem is too many. People, like you said they see everybody who’s now successful an Lek. I could never do that yeah. I can never get a million of views. I can never even get tin views and those guys must have a studio or besn yeah. They they do now, but everybody kind of starts out smalle, just figuring out their nich figuring out who they are rob. Balla sabbis talked about that to and his videos in the beginning, like they’re awful and he hated him, but he still leaves thim up because e he was and who e’s how he started. Yeah S. I think that’s e with everything you’ve just got to get started. You got to figure it out. Ou can maybe you, okay, I’m Gn, I’m going to publish once a week or whatever it is we’ll talk about how oft you should publish, but you’ve got to figure out what you’re going to be, and just man jis, like Bron Fansi talks. ABOUTL time is pushed a damn button. Yeah Yeah yeall rightand. It’s scary, though, for a lot of people. So I think, if you’re watching this, I think that the reason I wanted to Otalk about this first with Kevin is anybody can have a channel and it absoute anything. There’s nitches out there that are stil ridiculous, my favorite channel right now and Youdoe, I’m not a big youtube user. Honestly, I don’t really follow a lot. I don’t watch religiously anybody, there’s Jus, there’s this and I’ve talked Bo this one for on the show, there’s just youtube channel called wors chicken and it is a rubber chicken, those ones you squeeze d. They make that awful noise and it’s some got two guys. I think- and he is singing quote: Unquote: worship, songs and covern, these workship songs, and it is the funniest thing because you know I’m a Churchgor. I’m a deacon at my church. I’ve been in the ministry for a long time and I’m just in love with this channel, my kids consiter around and watch it and it’s stupid. I mean Oh yeah stupid, but the guys getting you know millions of views now and lots of coverage, and it’s just fun, so you wan think they probably when they started they wrounht. This is going to be some stupid thing. We do for fun and now it’s gotting picked up and everybony in the world, seein it and he’s probably making money off of it now, which is so cool. There’s there’s two major reasons: People go to Youtube and I think, and sometimes they can be combined. It’s education and information you’re going to be entertained, maybe going to learn something I want to fix something or how do I use that camera whatever and then, when you blend the two mark, Rober is a rober. Roper is a phenomenal channel. He doesn’t even do that. Many videos, I think, he’s a former NASA engineer, but he did one on this squirrel obstacle course he built in his yard, and it is amazing. It is fun to watch, you got the entertainment and you actually w. You actually learn a lot about squirrels right and it’s just I don’t know if it’s Mark Roper or Rober, but he would be probably just you know: Google Squirrel Guy Obstacle course and he’ll come up. I think that’s the thing I think people we see stuff like you, K, O Mr Beast and some of these big big accounts. you do these crazy stunts and they’ve got multiple camera angles and they’re going and most of us are never going to be that and we shouldn’t want to be. But you cannot be you on a camera. Yeah we’ll talk abou hundred, a second. What kind of cameras you can use you can jist be! You is mark Rosey Yeah. I think you just you got to forget what you are you’re, not going to be a MIS east you’re not going to be somewhat. What’s the other guys dude perfect, do perfect, yeah theyre phenomeno, because but they have a massive massive budget and sponsorrs and stuff behind them. You can you can just be you with a camera and you’re doing your thing, so I go to youtube a lot to figure out how to change the water pump. On my two thousand and two suburban there. You go yeah, but some people use it by my kids. My ten year old sits on Youtube every morning when he gets up jus on Youtube. When he gets Somh, we have it on the TV on R Amazon, firebox t e way. I can montor what he’s watching yeah, but he watches his people play minecraft. You know yeah flike, that there’SI pannels that are afthere for people to watch. So with that in mind that the what we kind of want to hop into now is talk about how we can be a youtube creator on a budget, so the first sime we want to kind of talk about with Kevin here. Is You know how do we get our visual setup kind of on the chief and we’re talking about cameras, Yeah Beed Light? What is some of your advice of someone if you’re just starting out? What do we do right now, so believe it or not the FIR. The most important thing about video is audio right. People will forgive really bad video, I mean they just will mean think of things you’ve watched, but if you can’t hear it you’re probably going to move on you know and and your Nice Ur nitture, whatever you call it may be, I mean chances. Are you haven’t come up with something that is so unique? It’s never been thought of before, but at the same time you can present it in a way that you’re unique you’re more unique than anybody else. So you know there’s some things you can do. I mean one of the things and I see this a lot in facebook groups and people asking me and stuff like that. Is You know what what kind of camera should I buy? What’s you know? What’s a good anexpensive camera, you know thereer somebody askd the other day. What’s what’s a camera that doesn’t bus the budget? Well, I don’t know what their budget is right and I’ve also seen the mistake of people saying well. You know I’ve only got an iphone. I don’t want to use that and I’ve got several different cameras, because that’s just what people like me O do. We think we’ve got everything we need and then there’s another shiny object. We go buy it and I consider my iphone eightplus because I’m cheap one of my cameras right. So I would say if you have an iphone or an Androi, if you have an Androidil pray for you, but if you have an if an iphone or an Android, you have a camera and in fact you have a fork camera, not that you need it. You have in fact I think from what I understand the IFHONL eleven loveand plus has even some built in stabilization in it and stuff like that, and if you don’t know what that is, don’t worry about it. Just really don’t worry about it. Think about the simple, easy things. That’s your easiest way to do it. My Gut is for most people. If you were like me, your first car that you paid for- and you bought- probably wasn’t the Mercedes right. Maybe, for some you know, mine was a foroain. What year was a maverick that had three on the tree? People remember that had a bench seat, which was you know, just smoking hot. When you were in high school and a dweed and had it was t, the color was called Champagne goal on the title. Tutit was about as Pe Green as you could get. You know what my first cars a sixty, seven forty galaxy with a bench seat and it was banana yellow. So there you go Ho Power Tay. I paid four Hundredar cash for that and I had a car that could get me places yeah. So how do you start youtube? I mean it’s ver and I actually have a whole check list that I should have shared the the link with you it’s on my website, but it just helps people get set up on Youtube. Nothing fancy, but you know if you’ve got a smart phone. You’ve got a camera. If you don’t have, and I’ve got a couple of things, ie can show you. I mean if you don’t have light, there’s a window right here in my office, and you see there’s natural light coming in from this side of my face now. I do have a light here that I’ve got turned on it’s an lad light. It’s not that expensive, but natural light is phenomenal, so use your phone. A microphone would be great, but you know there’s other little things you can do like like, for example, I wanted to show you this, so this is a little man, fhroto yeah tripod. This is something called a me photo bracket. Probably this whole rig is I’m guessing fifty sixty bucks, maybe but the Nice thing about this- is you can go vertical? You can go horizontal and what people you can’t see it now, but I can set it down and let it go, and so it allows me then, to focus on the video and not be moving it around and stuff like that. So this is an inexpensive little setup, but if I took it out of this here’s a little trick, you don’t have a microphone if you hold it like this, because the microphones are down here, see what I’m doing, I’m kind of cupping it right here with my hand right it kind of allows the Mikes to almost a little, not an echo, but it cuts out all the noise. So it gets a little better now, obviously the closer it is to you, the better. It’s going to sound so right now, I’ve spent less than that. But I’ll give you another one check this out. This thing is the coolest. I think this is twenty ninears. It is a and there’s links to this. I think n. So I can pop I can pop my phone in here. So you see what you got right there right yeah, but it’s got a head that it’ll bend on it. It’s got legs, so I can put this down. It’s got a a blue tooth, remote that’ll, actually fire it right, THEYRE FIDDLE YEAH! You see anyway, but You’e ready for this. I’m going to back up. Think and so right now I didn’t try this ahead right. Now, it’s fully extended, so you can kind of barely see it right there right right, but my point is: is so it’s a selfy stick tritid with Bluetooth, remote and by the way it doesn’t care whether you have an iphone or Android, and it’s about, I think, twenty nine bucks. I think it’s gone up a little since I’ve bought it. So imagine that for twenty nine bucks you buy you get a tripod, you get a selfy. Stick you get a remote oen. By the way, can you Sey this Ame cau see that on the back they get you on full screen there. You Go. That’s a mirror because on your phone you’ve got you know, you’ve got your rearfacing camera and your front face in the Selfi camera. Well, the reare facing camera is better, so it would even allow you if you were shooting to use the mirror to frame yourself, the twenty nine bucks, twenty nine bucks, then you can get near a window, reduce the sound now if you’re, you know, if you’re out in a crazy, crazy, noisy place. It’s going to get noisy right, it just is, but there’s other little things like you can get like road wireless. Go, I’m a huge fan of huge and you can use those with your iphone or assume I androy. I just know apple. So that’s what I speak about little light like this. It’s an aperture light. Now this one is about a hundred bucks, but they make other led lights for twoand y thirty bucks. So it’s easy to get started with just minimal gear, an and Scott. You said something, and I think it’s so true, as people get caught up with, I call it giridas. You know like I don’t either I don’t have enough gear or I don’t have the right gear or you know when I, when I have the right camera I’ll start making video as well. You know: That’s like whe’, not have enough money I’ll get married because we’re both married and you’re B, never going to have enough money. What if all you’ve got, is a Webcam use it if all you’ve got? Is The facetime camera in your laptop? No, it’s not very good, but you know you can add a little light. It’ll make it look better. Oh forguse, it yeah. I think that’s key there. I think what I get from that is. You know your phone is enough to get started absolutely help. If you have a tripot, if you don’t, you can still hold it. Even though it’s not great you could. I did a lot of Vidos n, the beginning, just leaning, my phone up against something yeah or my case like I’ve, got a case o I’m an Android user. By the way my case holds my credit cards. There you go, it doubles s, the stand, yeah! No, I could just you know, set it boom right there and you know course you can’t see the blomming, but you know you can do thing. You can set things so I mean if you had the tripon theresa come and she just got that tripod and she loves it. You don’t have a Trypud, that’s okay! If your phone, you could you could do othe thing, you could get creative leani against some books. Yeah, you know yeah, but I think having it steady is important. Yeah, I think the whole you know shaking around, like a madman, itis yen, right people weren’t going to watch that, even though we we’re going to talk about Micsran second, but audio is the most important, but you got to have steady, video well and- and I think on you know the thing we forget sometimes because when we’re shooting we’re walking and looking at it is that you know it’s even more amplified once Moen and held right. You know I mean a gimble which you don’t need, but you could get one, but you really don’t need one. I have one and I set in y suitcase now I have one because I sold two others and I felt I needed one and it’s I’d have to go find it, but you know agimbl will give you a smooth movement and there’s other tricks you can use in editing. But if you you’re walking around like this going Wanno show you this. You know people just throw up Becausei an emoton sickness yeah. Definitely that and lighting wise I mean like I for me. I use I have a really inexpensive umbrella set mbrote ar fine and there’s actually one behind me. That’s kind of lighting the wall up that I’ve had gosh. I’ve had it now for two to three years, and it was only like forty bucks on Amazon and came to the Tripis, and now I do shout out to vid chops, FEL free to tag bood chops. I actually have a ring light that I won on a contest Ijust en ran from them. Ut Act don’t have on my face because I hate the what it does ring lihts do the glasses o las as Yeu. Like You got light, you know the life savor candies in your eyebales, so it’s actually pointing kind of over my head just to kind of like this area, but you can have that if you don’t Thouh, I mean a window. Go outside record Oll your videos outside Yeah Yeah, God gave us free lighting, use it right and so and ee d lamp I mean just Bai by a cheap lampat at target or Walmart of somewhere. You know. Take the shade off. Put you know, put something I mean lad: Bulbs give off no heat, so you could even add, like you know, a cloth over it. You know or like a pillow case or something if you need to diffuse it a little the office I’m in was a former bedroom that is now my office studio and I purposely painted the walls a very, very light gray yeah just so I can get more baulnce and Morel. I mean I like dark gray, but I know dark gray. Then I need more light right. So there’s little things you can do like that that just don’t cost a ton of money, and so you take that barrier out of the way and now you’re ready, yeah all right, so I think we’ve kind of covered it. You get started with a camera of some sort. You have a camera in your pocket all day. Long, absolutely that’s a great way to get start now. You did mention Mikes and I do think that’s the one thing that you know, people think. Oh, I got have best camera really it is about he. The Audio Quality Eis, like I mentioned orn, we started this. You K now. I’ve been Toilin with because listening to Livson a lot LISOM’s got a great podcast called the feed. If you did, if you listen, Tho podcast they talkd about podcast and what’s going on in the industry, a podcast and they’re seen a huge Trin of people doing audio only videos youtube where it’s just you know an image sitting there and playing and but they’re hearing their audio podcast, because a lot of people aren’t hot podcast, listers ey’re not going to open up an apple they’re, not going download, stitcher or whatever other apt they might list to on Andra, because there’s way too many you know, but but they’ll go to youtube and they’ll play it and they’ll go on the other tabs and do other stuff. Otheyr stuent t their desk, and they just hear it lot. There’s probably people right now who have us in another tab, yeah just listening to us and that’s that’s! That’s okay! That happens in video. You have to just kind of know that. So what should we do? If we D fe’re going to use our phone, is the phone might good enough a Pon Mike is good enough. You just need to be aware F, that if you’re out and it’s somewhere noisy it’s going to pick up all that noise, because it’s not directional. It’s not pointed at you, but you know get it closer to you trying and reduce the sound around you. If you can, I mean if you an a room, shut the door so but yeah I mean again, that’s it. Can it can work with that? You know somebody posted one of the groups, I’m in the other day. That said Hey I want to. I want to upgrade my camera and I’ve got three hundred dollars. I want to buy a camera for three hundred oars and I said well, you know if you’ve got a phone. What I would do is use your phone and use the three hundred to buy a mike and maybe a tripod and if you’ve got anything left over, maybe a very inexpensive light, and so people don’t look at the accessories they think. First, I got to have a better camera. I’ve got to have a better camera. I’ve got to have a better camera so and there’s a lot of Mikes. I mean this is the wireless road wire. Let’s go people probably seen them they’re, very small. They come with two. If it’ll focus, I’ve got it upside down, but they come with two. These are my favorites. So when you, when you get the road they come with two of these and they immediately just work and one’s a receiver Wan’s a transmitter and you can use them with a phone. You can use them with. Like my mfifty, which I’m on right now and and the funny thing is thet iphonill pick it up, I mean you may need a little donal or something to use that like that. So it’s TNOT Bluetooth. No, no! It’s not blue too, and I think they’re hundred and ninety a EA on or two hundred. I use them for everything they even have a new little magnet. Where you can put it under here and just clip it and all you see, is just the magnet and you can. You can even plug a lovelier Mike into it. Road sells one but there’s a great inexpensive love, mihe called a Boya. It’s like Boya, it’s like twenty bucks. If even that much it’s got the longest court. I’ve ever seen because you’re you’re in Texas right. I think the court woill actually go from Scott to me. It’s that long right, but it’s you can use it for a smartphone or a dslr camera there’s even a switch boy. A Boya like I want to say nineteen bucks sounds great and just plugs right into the little road, Receiv, YEP and so like. If you’re using your smartphone, you can plug it in. You might need a little adapter based on you, like the iphones, now got rid of that. But you just pull like it into that. It’ll pick it up or you can take it out and plug it into a DSLR. Meral is camera. So you kind of get two kind of Mikes for night team bucks. Thank that that’s not bad yea. I’ve got. I’ve only had to use it once I’ve got a a pair laveler Mike that just pluged into the headphone Jack Yeah, my phone and they idnt actually has a splitter on it. where I can have two Mikes, so I can interview somebody wit on my phone. I could have the video and you would you would see a little bit of the wire if you did only sho, you could hide it, but be a little laviler Mike, and I think it was I don’t know it was less than twenty dollars. Yeah and hit sounds actually pretty dang good, it’s better than the Mike on the phone better than Mike on the fax, because if you get that, if you do have this thing, setting five feet away from you, it’s not going to pick you ut very well. Now it’s not and and a lot of the things. I think we as creators get hung up on a lot of folks. Just don’t care the just. DON’T CARE YEAH! That’s true! I mean and there’s there’s a lot of mikes out there like. For me, I use a HIGHOPR forty odid from the beginning, since we start our podcast. I love the Mike. You know I’m UTF, you know I just moved over from. I used to be connected to a little sure, digital transformer that went from the Xlr to you that thing fried out and started giving me a buzz, and so now I’ve got a bear. INJUR soundboard Mixiye that plugs in and then that goes over to you know my macbook y o hub sthere’s, a lot offerent ons out the ar was a what is it the ETR twenty one hundred? That’s the big oneverbody talks about Alo Yeah Yeah. I have one of those and in fact recently just decided to switch over to my my Yetti, my Blue Yettie, no right now, yeah, O Youp and and why I don’t know, because I got tired of sitting on the shelf, but the h, the you know, the Atr Twenty one hundred is is a really good Mike really good Mike and it’s yeah sixty bucks, it’s USB and Xlr. And if you don’t know what that means, don’t worry about, it probably means you don’t need it. It comes with the cables, but there’s it’s just so many options out there. What I would suggest is if people are going to spend some money D and now sometimes you know, if you I you know, you kind it. Sometimes you do get what you pay for right, yeah, at’s, very true, but you don’t have to spend a ton of money if you’re just starting out. I think it’s better to use what you’ve got and start and then grow into what you need right and you might find what Ou what you’ve got is enough yeah what you’re going to do like, and I can’t thought it Wasitby me ut it’s niht years ago I boht, I found it. I forget the name of the Brown WASL say it wrong. Sarch as an age, it was a cheap little podcast Mike that came the little bitty scissor arm much smaller than this one from Thehio, and it was a Littl US b Mike and it looks kind of it’s very small, the sound on it. I had to use it for a little bit when my sure digital thing was jacked up yeah. I thought it sounded almost as good as my highl and I paid twenty nine dollars for the thing and got the scissor arm and the microphone and was set to do a podcast for live. Video shows just boom right thing like clampitg on the desk. There you go so there’s, there’s lots of things out there and if you know, if you’re going to do on your phone you’re going to have to have an adapter of some sort, yeah kind of figure out your phone. What that means, I you can’t go USB into a phone or just there’s just no whay to do it there ar yeher Zo that’ll. Do it Butif you’re, on your laptop. You have a dapers already built in absolutely absolutely and there’s no softwar td, even download you just plug it in and go and start recorded, but make sure you know that you have some kind of Mike Exterior from whatever it is you, your Webcam, Mike, like I’m, using a Logitech Brio, I use UCS a Logi TEC. Nine is pointing at Tom back here. Tom From ice face is hanging out with us. The bikes on these things are awful they’re, just not any good. I mean that s. It sounds like you’re in a tunnel yeah, no, no, no yeah Mike and your laptop, because usually that Mike is in a weird spot in your laptop and it hears every noise you make yeap. So we get some sort of external mine, because I think what e we’re saying here with that. So if we’re just hopping on watches we’re talking to Kevin coby about how to be a youtube crater on a budget we’ve talked about who should be on Youtube, which is basically anybody who has a you know an idea in a platform audience cheap camera start in your phone at least get natural light. If, if you can’t buy lighting but upgrade, if you can, I think get some sort of external microphone. So once we’ve got that so we’ve got some equipment, we’ve kind of got the bearbones. You know what is some low cost video solutions to edit the video, because you typically can’t just record in one shot. There’s not many of us who can pull off true one shot, video and then publish it. Well, what’s this somebedy look for and what’s a cheap way to kind of edit your videos, so that, actually, though, is a trick. I call it like in camera editing, so you know if let’s say you could do it in one take nlet’s, say you’re shooting on one minute, video for you know facebook or Instagram, or something like that, and you just kind of mess up at the at the beginning and at the end, when you’re kind of you know trying to find the off button, you can go in again and again, I’m speaking from an Iphon. You can actually go in and trim the the head an the end right there and you have the option of saving it or saving a new clip. They ain’t, no ederthing! You got to do that’s it. If you’re on an IPHONE, I movies free, it’s not the greatest. Now they did an update to the the one that you have for the laptop and desktop, and I personally prefer editing on a desktop or laptop more than my phone, but you know if you’re on a phone, I movies, fine, there’s other ones I use like in shot. Femora are good on the phones, I typically don’t pay for those. I did pay for one once and Hin ended up not using it. Now I edit on final cut proten, which personally, I think is the best editing program. It’s MAC only, but you pay for it. Ance you on it forever. You get all the updates, it’s more visual of an editor which kind of fits me, but if you’re, just looking for free, you know check out things like there’s kind master, there’s n shot there’s what do we mentioned Til Mora, but then, if you’re looking for more desktop laptop there’s, other programs like- and I haven’t played with these screenflow- I think- has an editor in it. CANTASIA has an editor in it again, I’m a final cut pro guy. I usually don’t recommend the adobe products if you’ve never ever edited, because you pay like Min curvs Al Really Hard Yeah, Oh yeah, and the learning curs hard fhil Mora actually approached me not too long ago, and- and I just I said you know I’m just so into the back- I’m just soing to I’m just so into final cut, but I know that Daniel bettall is a huge for moral person and supposedly it’s really good too. So you know if you’re new, to editing, I would always start free, always start free. I mean final cut. Now you can download a trial for like three months three months, yea think Youa Wa you do lit in ninety days, I’m a Camptasiou Guy. I always have, but now t at just moved to a macbook pro, so I may have I’ played around with a movie and it’s like, but you cam Taayou Thau. I think they give you like a sixty day free trial or something like that when you start just to play around with this, but you know and then there’s other programs too. Like I mean, I know, we’re talking Editeam, but I’m a huge canva fan. Canbu, I mean all of my graphics, my logos. They have social media templetes. Now you can actually do animated stories for like Instagram and facebook in there, and you know, there’s a lot you can do with the free the paid. I think it runs like a hundred twenty a year, something which, when you get everything in there is, is great. So you know there’s a little things you can add on that. Do More than just a graphic yet, and you know, waved out videos another option: they’ve got some cool templates and stuff. You can do so. There’s there’s a lot of options out there, the EIT, your vision. Now here’s on the editing mindset, so let’s say we’ve trimmed out all of our. You know screwups, and you know I like doing jump cuts yeah on youtube videos, especially where you’re picking out all that gap, space and even almost kind of going over yourself a tad just because it those bea a little bit. Should you do some sort of intro altro on youtube videos? These days, I would say no so just ignore the ones I do so. Here’s what happens and E and I’ve got caught up into this is that you see big youtubers. They have intros and you think well, I need an intro because they’ve got one, and so what happens? Is You create this intro and what you forget is nobody really cares about you yeah. They don’t really know you they’re. Just trying to you know they landed on your video because you told them you could help them with something, and so what happens a lot of times is the intros just become more of an ego plane I mean you know, I I have an Intro, I use occasionally to reinforce what I’m about, and I think it’s three seconds. Okay, so my suggestion is is if you are just absolutely adamant got to have got to have an inter, always ask yourself why and then second of all make it as absolutely short as possible, but give yourself permission not to use it if it helps you get into the video faster yeah nd. I think that’s, I think, everybody’s kind of gone that way here late. I look at other youtube channel like even our even even live video shows on ficebook and ovher things like we had in today an I’m kind of glad. You said that, because today I didn’t play our intro video normally do. This is the first show and almost two years I haven’t played the Intro videocause, I’m like okay. Maybe we need to get inthe content faster, yeah, not Tine, to use that intro just to kind of get Tim. You know it’s dead time no one’s coming in, but I think on Youtube video, because you’re not live someone’s going over and watching it from suggested or recommended or whatever and Youe got to get to the point. Yeah yea and Hook them and it used to be. Who was the Guy Fil he’s a huge youtube and I can’ Think I was tinking name right now. He’s got that huge she’s got a huge news, type show El Te Franko Ye te Franko, you know he’s got H, he’ll start out as video or used to haven’t, watch hin. Liht then he’s got this long, intro thing, let’s just jump into it. It’s shorter and shorter. Now ee Thik Edoes’t have an ITRO. NOWEVERYBODY was Raymond. Earlier I live five houses down fror my inlaws, so I’m living everybody loves Raymond ow in real life by the way but een. Even if you go back, if you look at sitcoms from fifteen years ago to today, man, there’s no intro, there’s no theme song, there’s a minute and a half. You know goofyness a few rettro shows that have come back like Fuller House and the connors they’re getting away to because their shows from the s so its kind of nostalgic, but new shows now it’s like boom show and and boon. They may just flash something for a few seconds. Well go to Netflix and what do they do? Skip intro skip and train skip intro. So, even though most of the shows have an intro they’re, giving you the ability to get past it and get on with it yeah, and so that might be a good lesson to learn right there for any any up and coming. Creators is like, if Netflix is going to give you the option to go through or to skip an intro that they paid a lot of money for. Do you need it yeah, because it was important to as a youtubeer. You know you want to make sure you get those continual views and you get people way through. So if you kind of, if you do an Altro, especially you really could tank yourself at the end, because people re just watching the crit, no one’s, watching the credits yeah that coul mess things up and you jus. I think you got to think about that. You know. Should you have it’s nice to have? I remember when everybody was doing like fiveor was so hot on Intros and Autros vio yeah and everybody wanted one to like a bumper kind of thing. But now I don’t know if you need them as much anymore, so I think short and sweet. Maybe something flash up real, quick to kind of just kind of show some branding is okay. Yeah Yeah! You don’t yeah, that’s the key! I think. If you’re running branding you know, maybe your a business. You want to just reinforce it, but just reinforce it. Quick, just reinforce it quick. I think you can also, if you do, if er use an editing software, of course, like an en a a livestream here, I can do what I’m doing down below here. You know I can do my branding after the fact you know I can add these things in aswhere, as I’m going back N N editing, so people can see that on screen they’re already watching anyway and they’re not bored, they can’t fast forward because you’re yeah talking and engaging. So I think thinkg about that to I n. When I make videos, I always go back in try to have animated lower thirds popping in constantly, especially in the beginning, just to get the branding of hey go, try out of Goru holes. You know Thatar those kind of things, so I do think that’s ultimately important. So the last thing one talked about here with Kevin Cubbe were taling had to be youtube. CREATER on a budget we’ve gone a little bit over ourour typical hour because of our mess up here in the beginning of the show, the lest an. I think this I don’t know how you’re going to anser this question, I kind of know- and everybody has a different answer to this, but it’s always good to pick people’s brains. But how often should someone upload to Youtube specially when they start? So you know the funny thing is youtube says consistently, but they don’t d. it’s like it’s like a good government agency, but they don’t really tell you what that means. What I see is, I think too many people like you, know, I’mgonna get in there, I’m gonna I’m going to do a video every day and they’ll hit a burnout or they’ll just be throwing just you know. Sometimes just crap up there and I’ve produced crap right and it doesn’t really it hurt you more than helps you so I would say, find a consistent pattern. You know I do believe once a week is good, but there are times, though, where, if you can’t hit that you can’t hit that there’s a wonderful and it may have been actually alive, t that Peter mckennon did with his buddy Maddie and they were talking about the the restrictions and and that we put on ourselves and he and Peter McKinnon hears Yutuber. I love his stuff said. You know. All of a sudden. I realized that I’m the one who’s Sayn. I have to put a video out every week or every other day, I’m the one. That’s put those restrictions on me and so all of a sudden I think forin this. What he was point was is that head kind of had a point where it’s like it wasn’t fun, because he was he was letting a schedule dictate now. I do believe in getting ahead. I mean like I have videos o scheduled all the way through the rest of the month and then the live show that I do with ECAM. It’s already scheduled for this Friday. Then, in a couple of weeks, because I do it every other week and I keep an idealist, but you know I think you want to get into a groove and- and you know what I don’t say is that I publish every Tuesday because I don’t feel like with my life. I can hit that, but I do have a personal goal of trying to upload every week and then, if there’s something that POPs like the new rumors with the cannon and fifty the Newhun N, fifty two, you know I just knocked out a quick video that day didn’te worry about the effects and put it out there. So I would say, find a consistent pattern that works for your schedule that you can stick with. That allows you to keep continuing to create and grow and then change it up. I don’t do the Thirty Day challenges. I don’t do those at all. I think those actually can burn you out faster than anything. That’s my personal opinion of my preference. You know I just, but you know just do a little here and there yeah. I think those those challenges are fun, but then, when the bad, it’s like a diet when you miss the day or like you, miss going to the gym, feel so bad like. I missed the gym a couple days last week and then this morning and got up at four, am Agoto the gym and could not find my gym key and I’m like so now I feel guilty, and now I probably won’t go for a week. You know so it’s kind of the same thing wonce. You start that guilt sets in yeah, th n. You just scrap it all. So you know it’s good to have maybe a consistent schedule, but don’t overdo it especiall in the beginning, maybe maybe or once a week, maybe or every other week, yeah by the way, I’ve. I skipped the gym for the last twenty years, I’m just throwing that oft there and I have no idea where my gym clothes are yeah. I mean, I think, that I think the biggest takeaway would be just start right. Just start, don’t overthink it it even at first. If you haven’t started just put things out, O me heck. Let your first video be about just how scared you are aby being on Youtube right. You know, here’s the thing nobody’s going to be watching your early stuff anyway, for the most part they’re. Just not you can’t predict viral. I don’t think you can plan it. I disagree with some of the guys that go you know you can plan viral. I don’t think you can. Otherwise everybody would be right and you know give yourself some grace and just have fun. You know if Youtube isn’t fun, even if you’re a business and you’re not enjoying creating you’re, not enjoying engaging with the community you’ll stop doing it and it’ll show in your in your stuff, so have fun, have fun, publish when you can and just you know just then I say have fun I’ll say you have fun. So I think you said that yeah yeah, I think that’s Ky. I think you got it. You got you gothave fun with it, but y you do have to be active. I think on Youtube. I yes, I agree. I agree, but that also mean got, though active, with comments active with your audience, and I think people forget that I probably spend if this I probably spend sometimes too much time going back in and commenting, but I just anytime somebody comments on a video of mine anytime, I’m just like thrilled that they took the time to write something right. So I believe, if, if you are starting a youtube channel for your business or personal and people are commenting, you you you just you have a responsibility to engage with them and it’s crazy. When you do that, sometimes the friendships, you can form true story. I saw a video share today in a group I went and watch the video it’s a creator out of London Yeah and he was talking about his stuff thought. It was phenomenal. I loved it. I loved his message. I added you know. I comments a dud. This really spoke to me an stuff like that. He comments back on my video saying, Hey and I’ve been watching a lot of your stuff too. I didn’t know that yeah, so you know, engagement. Can Consistency is also Weang. An it, I’m sorry, don’t think about this at first, but you know be consistent and show up now realize you know some creators when they’ve gotten so many subs and so many fans it’s hard to be back in there. I’m not there yet, but you know comment to people and let them you know it’s like if you call a place and you get a real life human being, it’s like almost want to hang up and call people right right, but you know just engage. I mean I think it’s better if you post one video a month but you’re in your comments, more engaging that showing up would that also be like engage ing in other people’s channels? Is that important at all yeah? Absolutely absolutely not to promote yourself right right? That’s that’s a huge! No now some for some is actually even against Youtube policy. Yeah, but yeah I mean like this guy today I watched the video. I didn’t know anything about him. I didn’t sub. I watched it. I loved his message. I loved whathe, his vibe and I loved everything about it, and so I wanted him to know that. I really appreciated the message and I’ve also you know been in there before and yeah it’s just it’s important. It’s no different than a facebook comment on a post from somebody. You know, I don’t see it any differently Yeh, so I think it’s ultomatly important just get engaged. That’s now, you’re going to Bu Ild a community ty youtubes all about for as far as getting subscribers anyway yep lot of it’s about because you’re over a thousand I mean you got a thousand suscribers recent. I hit fourteen hundred, I went over fourteen hundred yesterday, so you popped up quickin from that thousand O forehind, because remember I think you were on weren’t you on yeah. You were on Christian and Jim show and hit ind copped over a thousand yeah. I might have ut yeah, I might have been. I mean my look when I got is probably another whole other show, but when I got serious and focused about my channel when I did the things I knew I should have done. My channel grew right and there was a lot of different steps. I did about that. That did that and- and I’m not saying, follow my pattern and you’ll grow to, but but I can tell you when you get serious and focused you’ll find out how real youtube can be, and I mean recently I went over a hundred fifty housand views and I’ve got guys. I’ve got one video, that’s about to het a hundred thousand views. Most of mine. Don’t do that right, but you also don’t need a lot to make a big impact either so yeah it’s, but it’s fun. I I got a kick out of it. I love it a D. I think that’s key. You got to have fun with it. You got to have a reason for doing it and it needs to be an inward reason. Not I’m going to be a millionaire on Youtube, because not very many people make money off of Youtube O. Even those creators who are getting millions of views you got to look at Noy reveal how much they make it’, so small yeah, now itt they make the MIL sponsorships andother top yeah Thal make Youti can open the door to a lot of other things and it can promote your business and be a great place to share content. But yet, if you’re goting on only to be rich, do something else, yeah exactly go flip burgers you’ll, make more money and have free food. So there you go well Kevin. I apre at you Hopp it on the show, theday and Tiun talking about you know some different ways that we can start a youtube channel onyounow on the cheep. If you will so hope, Everi goes back and watches is ‘t going to take nose. We put a lot of links throughout the show to your resources and those tcings is the best place for people to kind of find more about you, your website Kevin Coldi yeah. They can do that. I mean obviously I’d love to have folks. You know visit my Youtube Channel, which is youtubecom Kevin Colby. If you want to subscribe, that’s great if you got some ideas for videos, let me know but yeah Kevin colbycom is is a great place. I’ve got links on there and working on some projects and things that I haven’t Enn announced yet that that hopefully it’ll somebody will want to do something with so yeah. Well, very cool appreciate you Beng on the sholdier Todi Ti. Thanks for having me hey. Do you want a free triul of Agora pulse and go over to Agora, polse com, Ford S, podcast? That’s a goripolcom Ford, SLAST PODCAST CENTER! For Your thirty day, free Tril of Agorapoles, to remember you can check out everything we’re doing in the lab at a Gorapole lab com, we’ll see in the next episode