Scalable Social Media Management for Large Teams

Agorapulse has been engineered for large teams to oversee the full scope of their social activity. Team monitoring, social listening, collaborative tools, competitor analysis, and more -- all entirely scalable while remaining affordable.

Who Loves Agorapulse?

Hundreds of large brands like these love managing their social media with Agorapulse.

Collaborate in real time.

Say goodbye to the faux pas of two teammates sending conflicting replies to followers. With our real-time collaboration feature, you literally see who is online and responding as they type.

Get multiple views of your team’s activity.

If you’re a manager (or a curious colleague), get full transparency into all the social actions your team has taken. Simply scroll down your inbox to see which team members have scheduled, reviewed, commented, or deleted items in chronological order. View summaries of all your team activity and average response times for each team member in our reports.

Establish a smooth publishing workflow.

Need your posts approved by a second set of eyes? Send a draft post or tweet for approval with our unique workflow system. Want the most qualified team member replying to each comment or message? Our “assign” feature allows your team to delegate posts with customized notes or comments.

Control access levels to your social accounts.

You don’t want all team members with complete control over your social accounts, do you? Prevent new employee blunders by assigning one of our four roles to each user, each with varying levels of posting, replying, and reporting access.

Save thousands of dollars each year.

Really. Most tools that support large teams charge by the user. And many of those tools charge for each analytics report you download. We do neither. Check out how Agorapulse will help your bottom line with this price comparison tool.

Get scalable social media management for your team.
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