Cut your social media reporting time in half with Power Reports! Learn how

The Ultimate Social Media Tool For Agencies

Whether you’re a boutique agency or worldwide firm, Agorapulse allows you to easily prove your social ROI to your clients.

Who loves Agorapulse?

Hundreds of successful agencies like these love what Agorapulse
has done for their clients and their bottom line.

NEW! Grow with Agency Love ❤️️

Agency Love, our agency program, is included in all plans for our paid agency customers. This program includes invaluable resources to attract more leads, show more value to your clients, increase revenue, and master social media management! 

agency love

Take the pain out of building and sharing reports

With one click, easily export reports with key metrics and analysis on engagement and growth to present to your clients. Add your logo to your PDF report and your clients will think you built it from scratch.

NEW! Easily receive content approval from clients

With the purchase of a shared calendar add-on, clients can easily review, accept, reject, and give feedback on your scheduled content. Shared calendar users need not be part of your Agorapulse plan. Each shared calendar gives you unlimited calendar users and unlimited profiles (allowed by your plan).

Assign messages to clients with a simple click

When you receive a message that only your client can (or should) answer, easily assign it to them with a private note or comment.

Gain immediate insight into your team’s efforts

Download our clear, gorgeous summaries of all your team activity and average response times for each team member.

Control user access to your social profiles

Prevent social media errors by new employees or clients by assigning one of four roles to each user, each with varying levels of posting, replying, and reporting access.

Save thousands of dollars each year

Most social media management tools will charge you for each user on your team. Others will have you upgrade to download all the reports you need. We do neither to save you money and aggravation. Check out how Agorapulse will help your bottom line with this price comparison tool.

Show ROI on each post -- whether they’re organic or paid

Use our publishing modal’s built-in UTM parameters to show your agency’s impact on conversion and revenue. Easily spot and eliminate spam and negative comments on your ads to encourage more positive engagement and ROI on your client’s ad spend.

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The Ultimate Social Media Tool For Agencies

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