ClickMedia is an agency specializing in social media marketing and e-commerce. They have experience in all industries, including health & beauty, automotive, retail, and tourism.

ClickMedia’s mission is to offer no-nonsense, real, measurable results to clients based on their goals.

Key takeaways

  • ClickMedia is a digital and social media marketing agency based in Brisbane that services 50+ clients domestically & internationally.
  • They transitioned from Sprout Social to Agorapulse and were able to fully onboard 50+ clients in a matter of hours.
  • Their team was fully trained in less than a week.
  • They cut their costs by almost 25% a year.

Challenge: Find a Tool That Helps Ease Agency Growing Pains 

ClickMedia Solutions is a leading social media marketing agency that has faced incredible growth over the past few months. But even when growth is great, it requires you to have comprehensive, affordable tools that can help increase your team’s productivity.

Although picking the right tool can be tricky, choosing an alternative to the tool you’re already using can be even more challenging.

Narissa Chen, a busy account manager, is part of the ClickMedia team and is now a happy Agorapulse user. But, let’s rewind to early 2019 when ClickMedia started to scale. Narissa and her team had to quickly evaluate whether they should switch from their current social media tool to something new.

As a part of her multidisciplinary role, Narissa used to spend her day liaising with clients; strategizing marketing plans to help them meet their broader business goals. Apart from interacting directly with their clients, Narissa also worked on building out multichannel marketing campaigns that included emails, social media, and traditional marketing suppliers.

In regards to social media, Narissa and her team take care of crafting social media posts, scheduling content, and engaging with their clients’ communities.

Start writing social media posts that convert

For this reason, having a tool that allowed them to centralize all their activities on social media was absolutely necessary for her and her team.

However, doing all this started to become a challenge as their client list grew.

The ClickMedia team felt they weren’t getting enough support from the tool they were working with.

“SproutSocial was fine… the platform did a lot of what we needed initially. However, as our agency continued to grow and pivot, we reached out to see if their platform would remedy these growing pains. There was a constant back and forth, signing on to additional products, contracts, etc., but the issues weren’t solved with them.” (Narissa)

There were some features the agency required to continue growing and improving their teams’ efficiency, but these features were only available at an exorbitant price.

Narissa’s team was struggling to find a tool that would easily allow them to do the following.

Add multiple users with different roles and access permissions

Like many other agencies, ClickMedia needed a solution that would allow them to give interns, colleagues, and even clients access to different social media profiles.

For them, having the ability to assign different levels of permissions was a must-have feature as their team kept growing and wanted to offer more transparency to their clients.

Create internal and external approval processes that allow them to communicate with their clients in one single platform

Having to use external tools like emails or spreadsheets to create a content approval process for their clients was no longer an option for ClickMedia.

A solid content approval system was an essential feature that their new tool had to have.

In addition to their need to access these features, the tipping point that prompted them to seek a solution was:

  • The constant back and forth to communicate with Sprout Social
  • Having to constantly sign on to additional products, which dramatically increased their costs above what they had budgeted and wouldn’t allow them to grow their business comfortably
  • Lack of personal customer support

ClickMedia started to search for an alternative that would easily help them to:

  1. Scale quickly at a reasonable price
  2. Allow for a quick, seamless transition for all their clients and team members
  3. Easily communicate with the tool’s customer service team when needed

Based on these three main criteria, ClickMedia reviewed a few social media tools until they found and chose Agorapulse.

social media management solution agorapulse free trial

Solution: A Tool That Handles It All at a Fraction of the Cost

At their busy digital marketing agency, Narissa and her team were already familiar with the struggles of brainstorming, crafting, designing, and posting content on different social networks for several clients.

But they also knew that social media management doesn’t end there!

It includes engagement, tracking, and reporting. All of these tasks require a good amount of time. The ClickMedia team knew that they needed to find a comprehensive tool that could speed up these activities.

However, taking the step to switch to a different tool is not always the easiest decision at an agency. Big agencies often hold back from making a change because the idea of onboarding their clients and team to a brand-new tool terrifies them.


Because agencies don’t have the luxury of time to spend on teaching employees and clients a brand-new platform. Plus, having to migrate all their clients’ social media profiles can be a daunting task.

Additionally, finding the right alternative to an existing social media tool is already time-consuming. It requires searching for a new tool, starting a trial, going through the demos… and of course, getting a new budget approved.

ClickMedia found out about Agorapulse after starting to test different alternatives.  Surprisingly for them, they not only found a solution that met their initial requirements but that offered other advanced features they needed at a fraction of the cost.

“It only took a matter of hours to get 50+ clients set up within Agorapulse. After that, all staff were fully trained and up to scratch using the platform within half a week. Really great and quite seamless transition into the new platform!” (Narissa)

The difference: The human touch 

What elevates Agorapulse’s customer experience to a truly different level is their understanding of what customers need and how the platform can help solve their pain points.

For Narissa, the process of onboarding her team into the new platform was a major concern, but everything went smoothly thanks to the help of Aaron Lee, their Agorapulse customer success manager.

But this is only a part of Aaron’s job.

At Agorapulse, being a customer success manager is about more than just getting a team up and running in the platform. It’s about making sure that they can easily meet their goals, simplify their work and get the most out of every functionality.

We talked to Aaron about this transition.

Aaron, can you tell us how you prepared for ClickMedia’s onboarding to Agorapulse?

“The transition for the team at ClickMedia was smooth. As their account executive early on, I knew their pain points, processes with their team, needs for their clients, and how they were doing things on their previous platform. These insights gave me a direction to start with when we began training. We also quickly scheduled a follow-up call to immediately begin their training.”

What do you include as part of the Agorapulse onboarding experience?

“Everything about ClickMedia’s training was customized just for their team.

“We started our onboarding process by seeing how they worked and set things up during their trial. I then made suggestions to improve their processes based on my experience learning from other customers.

“For example, I recommended that they set up folders for each team that was managing the inboxes because that’s how their teams are organized. This helps organize team members by giving them access to and ownership of the social profiles that belong to them.

“We then discussed how their team could take advantage of the approval workflow process to get content approved. This conversation included determining the best way to create content and save time doing it.

“I also knew how important support was for them, so I showed them how to take full advantage of their Enterprise-level support. Through this plan, they can get a reply in as little as 20 minutes (on average).

“We ended our training by doing Q&As. I asked if there was anything important to them that they weren’t able to see during their trial to address their concerns and make sure they understood all the features. Their team had questions prepared prior to the meeting, which made it so smooth.”

How is Agorapulse’s CSM different from other tools? 

“We’re a people-first company. The development and use of our tool is obviously important to us, but it’s always secondary to the complete satisfaction of our customers.

“I enjoy making connections with our customers and putting myself in their situations. It’s a very humbling experience, and it makes me appreciate what I can do for our clients. I’m always there to help.”

The results:  An Easy Transition to Increased Productivity 

After transitioning to Agorapulse, ClickMedia has been able to increase productivity and cut costs by almost 25%—without missing any features.

Narissa’s team is now well-equipped with functionalities that help them continue to scale without any limitations.

Moreover, in working with Agorapulse’s team, they found a real ally who’s committed to helping them achieve their goals.

“Working with Agorapulse has been great! From start to finish, truly. The purchase of our plans, onboarding, training and aftercare have all been exceptional. Agorapulse really goes above and beyond for us all the time. If there’s ever an issue, there’s an entire team ready to help within a timely manner, and it’s really left us feeling quite grateful.” (Narissa)

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How ClickMedia Cut Annual Costs by 25% by Switching From Sprout Social to Agorapulse