When it comes to engagement strategies, adding a first comment is incredibly powerful. Agorapulse users no longer have to do this manually. In this tutorial, we will show you how you can schedule first comments when scheduling Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn posts.

Hi, Jacob with Agorapulse. And in this video today, we’re gonna look at how to schedule your first comment on Facebook, Instagram, and even LinkedIn. When it comes to your social media strategy, scheduling a first comment on your networks, like Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn, may be very relevant. Scheduling a first comment is great for essentially starting a conversation, maybe adding a little bit of extra information where the user has to engage with the post to go see it in the comment, or on platforms like Instagram to maybe sometimes hide your hashtags for an aesthetic look on your copy.

Now, let’s take a look at how to schedule out your first comment on all of those platforms. When you’re in the scheduler, you’re gonna wanna select all your networks. Now, you can cross-post to all of these platforms here. We’re gonna specifically talk about the first comment scheduling for Instagram, LinkedIn, and Facebook.

Those are the three platforms that will have those capabilities available. Okay, so we’ve selected our networks that we wanna publish to. We have built out some copy. We’ve added in our content.

We are ready to go. But now we want to add in those first comments on those networks. Now, if you’re cross-posting to multiple Instagram, multiple Facebook, multiple LinkedIn accounts, the easiest way to add the same first comment across all of those different profiles on those same networks is to do that all right here on the left hand side of your publisher, where you’ve built your initial copy and added in your initial piece of content. You will see that all of these networks will have individual and extra options.

All of these networks will have the option to schedule in your first comment, and you will simply toggle this button like we’re doing here on LinkedIn, and you will either build that out here or you can use the hashtag list that you built out within your scheduler. Now, again, you’ll be able to do this on all of the profiles that are associated with that network. For example, Facebook. If I’m publishing to multiple Facebook accounts, this first comment will be applied to all Facebook accounts.

Now, if you need to uniquely create a first comment on each individual profile, let’s say, for example, I have three Instagram accounts that I’m publishing to. As we talked about in this option right here will allow you to add a first comment to all three of those, but it will be the same first comment. If I want to customize these individually, when you come over to the individual preview section of your scheduler, and you hit Customize Post, you will see that you have all of these individual options for that particular account, in this example for Instagram. I can go ahead and make a unique first comment here, or again, use my hashtag list to pull in some pre-created copy or some hashtags that I’ve already built out that I wanna use for this particular post.

Once you’re done adding your first comment on Instagram, Facebook, or on LinkedIn, you now have the ability to publish this right away, schedule it, create a draft post, or send this out to any internal or external team members that need to approve this content before it is scheduled live. Thanks so much for watching. To learn more, or to watch more about all of the features of Agorapulse, please visit our website, our help center, or start a direct chat with us today. Bye.
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