[[updated October 16, 2017]]

Do you want to learn more about social media marketing but find yourself visually overwhelmed with whitepapers, ebooks, and (natch) blog posts? Then integrate some of these audio-based social media podcasts into your marketing education.

1. SocialPros

Hosts: Jay Baer and Adam Brown
Why You Should Listen: To get insight into how professionals run some of the world’s largest social media accounts.

SocialPros gives you unfettered access to social media strategists of famous companies and campaigns. Social media keynoter Jay Baer and Adam Brown of Salesforce dig deep to uncover how these social media professionals have achieved success with such marketing objectives as great customer service, user generated content, and web traffic.

Each episode ends with two insightful questions. With the first question, the guest provides one tip for any listener who wants to become a social pro. The second question reveals what living person the guest would love to have a Skype call with. You’ll be surprised at the answers to both of these questions!

2. Social Media Pubcast

Host: Jon Loomer
Why You Should Listen: To acquire actionable items to improve both your Facebook advertising and your business ventures.

Jon Loomer is the undisputed king of Facebook advertising and his podcast is proof as to why. His episodes delve into self-admitted “geeky” experiments with the latest PowerEditor and Ads Manager functions.

These case studies are done in that accessible, conversational tone that makes Jon such a great educator. In nearly every episode, John also talks about entrepreneurship and how he has built his own business. He readily shares mistakes he’s made along the way so that his listeners don’t walk the same path.

3. The Marketing Companion 

Hosts: Mark Schaefer and Tom Webster
Why You Should Listen: To understand online marketing from the Smothers Brothers (or Hall and Oates) of social media podcasts.

Each time you tune into The Marketing Companion, you’ll hear Mark and Tom explore (and debate) an important online marketing topic. Whether the two hosts are talking about content marketing, online privacy, or ad blocking, they impart tons of knowledge, personal experience, and laughs.

Although either one of these hosts could easily have a successful podcast of his own, the Mark-Tom combo proves the ol’ “whole is greater than the sum of its parts” theory.

4. Social Media Marketing

Host: Michael Stelzner
Why You Should Listen: To go behind the velvet rope with the social media marketing A-list.

Host Michael Stelzner is at the helm of Social Media Examiner and Social Media Marketing World. With his digital Rolodex full of the top names in the biz, he’s able to attract top talent to chat with on his show. So if you want to know what the “stars” (think of the fab Mari Smith and others of her ilk) of social media are doing and how they’re doing it, this is the podcast to listen to.

Mike often asks his guests questions that most of us would ask given the chance to have a sit down with these luminaries. He also extracts information about what really works with a particular social media channel or strategy. For additional entertainment, the podcast weaves a Crocodile Dundee-esque theme throughout each episode.

5. Ask Amanda About Marketing

Host: Amanda Milligan
Why You Should Listen: To better understand the link of good content marketing and social media.

It’s strange to have a girlcrush on a marketing agency, but I do — on the content marketing agency Fractl. I love the way they’re so transparent in and behind-the-scenes of their content marketing campaigns. Branded Content Manager Amanda Milligan invites guests both inside and outside of Fractl to share their wisdom on such topics as infographics, metrics, and digital PR.

6. Social Media Social Hour

Host: Tyler Anderson
Why You Should Listen: To arm yourself with useful online marketing and business tactics.

Tyler is the owner of Casual Fridays, a Social Media agency in San Diego. So it’s no surprise that he brings his “in the trenches” perspective to Social Media Social Hour, a podcast dedicated to social media, online marketing, and business improvement.

Each episode is like an informative blog post with tons of extra useful details. Tyler prompts his guests to provide hands-on tips, whether it comes to Snapchat for business, live video marketing, or productivity tools.

7. Social Zoom Factor

Host: Pam Moore
Why You Should Listen: To better grasp must-know topics in social media, branding, and digital marketing.

Pam Moore, CEO of Marketing Nutz, has been working in the social space longer than you (most likely) and has the skills, and more importantly, the temperament, to give us all a better understanding of online marketing. She tackles most of her episodes solo — without a cohost or special guest. In spite of having the sole podcast light on her, she commands each episode so well that you have almost no choice but to listen.

8. The Snapshot

Host: Gayle Weiswasser of Homesnap
Why You Should Listen: To apply social media practices to your business.

This podcast is rather niche-y, but worth a listen even if you’re not in the real estate business. The whole “here is how you can apply the shiny new thing to your business” is applicable to most marketers, regardless of their industry. Learn about Snapchat for business and Facebook video ads, among other important marketing topics.

9. The Art of Paid Traffic

Host: Rick Mulready
Why You Should Listen: To achieve better results from advertising on social.

In each episode, Facebook ads expert Rick Mulready explores the success or failures of online paid campaigns. Whether Rick features case studies, brings in guest experts, or tackles a topic on his own, expect a trick or two to improve your advertising on Facebook ads and the sales funnel attached to your ad campaigns.

10. Social Media Lab

Hosts: Richard Beeson and Scott Ayres
Why You Should Listen: To get data that supports — or refutes — your favorite “social media best practices.”

Ever wonder if all those Social Media Gurus spout knowledge bombs or just bombs? That’s what social media scientist Scott Ayres does — tests all the big social media theories floating around social media managers. He talks with colleague Richard Beeson about his experiments and what we can learn from the outcomes.


Which marketing podcasts do you think should have been on this list?