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We’re always excited to hear from clients whose work life has been transformed for the positive by Agorapulse. Read on to find out how Digital Butter saved time and effort when the digital marketing agency began using Agorapulse.

When’s the last time a digital marketing agency shared online its promises to clients? Digital Butter’s that kind of company. When Robyn Mays, its co-founder, told us that our social media tool helped it run as smooth asrobyn mays of digital butter butter (pardon the pun), we couldn’t wait to talk with her.

Digital Butter is a digital marketing agency based in Durban, South Africa. It offers a comprehensive social media and marketing strategy to national and international clients.

“Our passion to help the good guys win led us to giving of our time volunteering at a home for abandoned babies,” states Robyn Mays, co-founder of the company. “It’s here where we have honed our nappy-changing skills. As the youngsters amongst two ladies in their 70s, we were given another task that would come to birth Digital Butter.

“Knowing nothing about fundraising or marketing for a nonprofit we were asked to help the home build a strategy that would ultimately provide the babies we came to love with new families. We threw ourselves into any research we could find and soon got very good at it and started seeing funds come into the home.

“We were able to leverage the power of social media for good and it was then that we decided we wanted to start our own agency and we haven’t looked back.”

Agorapulse recently talked with Robyn Mays, co-founder of the company, for more details.

What’s the Mission of Your Digital Marketing Agency?

We get up every day to help the good guys win. That’s the simple answer.

We recently shared the reason we started Digital Butter in this Instagram post:

Most business owners end up wasting money on digital marketing that doesn’t work.

But at Digital Butter, we believe that every investment deserves a return. That’s why we start by helping businesses create a clear message that allows their brand, website, social, end digital strategies to tell the same story.

Doing so ensures they connect with their customers and grow their revenue for good.

So, that’s why using a social media solution that provides comprehensive reporting is so important to us.

We don’t just post for the sake of posting. There needs to be a strategy, and we need to be able to show a client a detailed report on how content has done, so we can improve/edit/adjust it.

What Social Media Tool Did You Use Before You Used Agorapulse?

We were using social media scheduling tools that our clients had, so mainly Buffer.

As we grew, we couldn’t cope with scheduling content on different accounts and needed one place to do it all.

Why Did You Start Looking for a New Social Media Management Solution?

I knew that it would save us time, improve the quality of our services through analytics, and add value to our services with the reporting.

find out why teams love managing their social with agorapulse

How Did You Discover Agorapulse?

I listen to the Agorapulse podcast, The Social Media Lab, and love it.

I love how focused each study is on real data that is not skewed to fit a preconceived idea. I listen religiously! (We really value podcasts at Digital Butter!)

So I felt like if the podcast was that great then the software must be of a similar standard and would have the same values in it as the podcast does (i.e., good reporting and analytics to influence strategy).

Why Did You Choose Agorapulse?

We use Agorapulse because it’s the best all-round social media scheduling tool for digital marketing agencies.

Outstanding reporting

There are cheaper and similar tools but none that allow for as easy workflow as Agorapulse does. And none that have the standard of reporting that Agorapulse does.

Smoother client collaboration

For us, it’s important to have a smooth workflow with our clients and to be able to provide detailed reports each month. Agorapulse allows us to do this.

Constantly innovating

Another reason we love Agorapulse is because it’s constantly innovating.

The new reports are amazing as well as the training on how to use it. This makes onboarding new team members much easier!

I had used Buffer before, and I do like Buffer but would never pay what they charge for the package we needed. I looked at Socialbakers, which is also great but outrageously expensive.

And ultimately, Agorapulse provided everything we were looking for.

Social listening

Social listening was also included which was a great benefit.

How Has Agorapulse Specifically Helped Your Digital Marketing Agency?

Everything is in one place!

More efficient, more streamlined workflow

We’ve managed to streamline our social media processes. The reporting has allowed us to fit monthly and evaluate what we did that worked and what didn’t. We constantly adjust the time of scheduling based on Agorapulse.

Prove our value to our agency clients

We have a quality tool in Agorapulse, so we can easily show our clients value through the reports and workflow.

This allows us to charge more for our social media services as the client experience is better and the success of social media is better due to the reporting and then adjustments we make based on those reports.

For example, we easily created these reports through Agorapulse and presented it to a client: (We blocked out the name for privacy.)

Better community management

However, community management has been the greatest benefit.

community management example

example of community management via Agorapulse

It’s so easy to manage multiple accounts with the Agorapulse inbox.

How Has Your Workday Improved?

Now, we work with our clients on a Google doc where we write down ideas throughout the month for what we think will be good to post.

We then narrow it down to the number of posts we want and create skeleton posts.

We have a very collaborative approach to our social media management.

The more involved the client is the better. We (Digital Butter) then take those skeleton posts, build them out, create graphics/ source photos, and then schedule them on Agorapulse.

We then assign each post to the client who then approves the post or rejects it with a comment. Then the content is scheduled for the following month.

On the first of every month, we send out a report of the last month.

How Is It to Work With Agorapulse?

The customer support has been out of this world. If I’ve needed help in any way, it’s been attended to quicker than I could ever have expected.

The software is constantly being updated, and I just love the whole look of Agorapulse.

* * *

Get started on saving time and energy on your own social media management! Check out our free trial of Agorapulse to help you schedule, track, and measure all your social media efforts. 

Social Media Marketing That\'s Smooth as Digital Butter: A Case Study