This is a guest post written by Stefan Des.

What’s the best way to engage mobile users on Facebook with sponsored content?

Use at least one the following five Facebook ad types to improve mobile engagement and effortlessly build trust with your brand.  I’ve tested these all personally. Through my testing, you will avoid committing common mistakes on mobile advertising that may erode your marketing efforts on social media.

1.  Messenger Destination Facebook Ads

If you have a Facebook Page for your business and you want to get in touch with users, now you can promote chatting through Facebook Ads.

Facebook just released a new tool that allows you to send people to messenger by clicking on an Ad. Such Ads is identical to the ones Facebook’s users have used to visualize on their news feed.

As usual, you can run a messenger destination ad campaign by targeting people through interests, behaviors, etc.

A good strategy with Facebook Ads should include at least one retargeting campaign to the visitors of your website.

When someone clicks on this Ad, a messenger thread appears on the screen. By setting up a prefilled message, you can give instructions to follow-up and users can chat with you through Facebook.

Facebook ad types

If you get overwhelmed with messages, try a social media management tool like Agorapulse to help you sort your messages and to inform team members who has seen which private message.

facebook private messages

2. Canvas Ads

Facebook Canvas is a tool that allows you to create graphically beautiful landing pages specifically designed for mobile devices. Thanks to the combination of videos, still images and call-to-action buttons, Facebook Canvas is a way to enhance user’s virtual immersion into your brand.

This format provides a fast-loading experience that no web page could afford. If you want to bring landing pages to the next level, you should definitely try Canvas Ads!

facebook dark post

3.  Facebook Audience Overlap

Facebook rolled out a very useful tool for marketers, one that allows you to compare two or more Facebook audiences with the aim of quantifying their percentage of overlapping.

With Facebook Audience Overlap, you can understand how many users simultaneously partake into multiple audiences, compare custom, lookalike and saved audiences.

Thanks to this tool, you can identify specific audiences that may be responsive to your ads, hence maximizing the results of your marketing efforts.

You can set up your first Facebook Audience Overlap by going into your Facebook Ads Manager. Once there, select “Audiences” like shown in the image below.

select audience

Now just select two or more audiences that you want to analyze and click on “Show Audience Overlap” under the voice “Actions.”

audience actions

At this point, you will be able to visualize a detailed overlapping of the selected audiences.

audience overlap visualization

4.  Retargeting

We are more likely engage people, companies, and brands we already know, sometimes just because we have seen their websites.

Retargeting is a form of advertising that allows you to promote any content to an audience of people who already browsed your site or visited specific pages and contents.

Today, retargeting through Facebook is easy. With using a Facebook pixel, a unique code that helps you track conversions, micro-conversions, and the behavior of your entire website visitors, you can intercept who visited your site within a specific time span showing them your ads.

facebook pixel

With retargeting, engagement on social media through Facebook Ads can be more effective than advertising on cold users.

5. Facebook Lead Generation Ads

Facebook recently introduced Lead Ads to help you collect “cheap leads.”

Facebook Lead Ads are specifically designed for mobile traffic. They provide fast loading, pre-filled forms that make this tool particularly efficient at generating leads.

facebook lead ads

Since this format requires you to export and import leads every day, you cannot send a welcome email or a call upon receiving a lead without syncing your CRM or autoresponder to Facebook.

A tool like LeadsBridge, however, sends collected leads to your CRM or autoresponder in real-time.

If you’re a marketer and you’re struggling with new Facebook ad types, there is only one way to win the battle: test them and never give up!

Stefan Des is the CEO and Co-founder at LeadsBridge, a suite of automation tools for Facebook advertisers. He is a fan of social advertising, marketing automation and kayaking.