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Written by Veronica Jarski

March 28, 2019 at 7:01 am

11 Quick Tips to Help Boost Your Social Media Engagement [Infographic]

Want your social media posts to spark conversations and interactions with your audience? Of course, you do. After all, “engaging loyal and conversing with customers who avidly stay on social media, can have great payoffs,” according to the following Branex infographic.

Before you start crafting social media posts, however, make sure you have a strong understanding of who your audience is—and what those existing and potential customers want.

Every social media platform has a different look and feel, and the type of posts you create for them should differ. Consider where your customers interact most and what do they want.

Do your clients want to see engaging LinkedIn videos and share them with their networks? Or does your audience prefer to view your Instagram stories?

Beware of creating social media posts for their own sake. Instead, truly harness the power of the different platforms to boost social media engagement and build your customer relationships.

Check out the following infographic by Branex for tips to power up your social media content and engagement.


11 ways to boost social media engagement


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Veronica Jarski

Veronica Jarski is the content marketing manager at Agorapulse. She's passionate about crafting all forms of content that makes life brighter. Veronica is also the founder and writer at The Invisible Scar, her passion project.

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