Need proven actionable advice to help you to stay motivated as a social media manager and remain focused? Our tips can help!

We all fall into a slump sometimes and can feel like we’re in a rut. That can be a slippery slope, though. If we start to lose focus and motivation, our productivity is impacted.

For social media managers and small business owners, losing focus and motivation is a dangerous game. We need to stay focused during our working hours to develop outstanding social strategies, create high-performing content, and manage engagement like a pro.

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We can’t afford to lose motivation, even though the job can be draining sometimes.

Fortunately, there are specific strategies and actions that you can take to increase your focus and motivation (and thus your productivity!) almost instantly. Whether searching for new clients or executing work for existing contracts, you can stay on track and loving your job by following these tips, backed by science.

1. Take 15-Min. Breaks

I know that this seems like the opposite of getting focused and motivated, but hear me out.

If you blindly prioritize productivity above all else, your motivation and focus will be shot … and you’ll end up burning out.

Burnout can cause us to make poor decisions as we lose energy and focus and even decreased cognitive and executive functions. We also slow down. Then we become much, much more frustrated and significantly less productive even while we’re determined to hunker down and finish up tasks.

Taking 15-minute breaks frequently throughout the day to stretch your legs allows you to take a breather, turn your brain off for a minute, and to come back refreshed and recharged.

The science behind the tip

Studies have shown that students who take breaks have lower stress levels and better test scores than those who don’t, and that applies to work, too. (Just make sure that when you take a break, you really are doing something relaxing and not just swapping out one stressful task for another.)

Need help staying on track when taking a break? You can’t go wrong with the well-known Pomodoro Technique.

stay focused as a social media manager

Take breaks and revive your drive to stay focused as a social media manager. (Source)

2. Start Your Day With the Task You’re Avoiding

Do I have any fellow lovers of to-do lists out there?

Even if you aren’t into formal checklists, we all sit down in front of our computer every day knowing that there are certain things that we need to get done. And we really, really don’t want to do some of those tasks.

But those are the ones to tackle first.

The science behind the tip

We all have dreaded tasks that we’d rather put off if we could, but research shows that starting your day with your most difficult task is actually best for focus and motivation.

There are several reasons for this:

  • Tackling your most difficult tasks first when your energy levels are up is best, as you can focus more easily.
  • Users who take on easy tasks can actually lose motivation during the day as they procrastinate or push off the tasks they don’t want, which can feel more daunting the longer you wait.
  • When you’re performing small tasks, you’re more likely to multi-task and lose focus.

Remember that motivation and willpower have a ceiling, so you don’t want to save your most difficult task for the end of the day when your focus is shot.

And when you accomplish a difficult task early, you’re more likely to feel a surge of motivation to keep going, creating a positive effect.

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3. Eat a Dopamine-Boosting Snack

Snack breaks give you a one-two punch in regards to productivity and motivation, especially when you eat snacks with dopamine-boosting properties.

Taking a few minutes to walk away from your desk and eating protein-rich snacks like some beef jerky, hard-boiled eggs, or even healthy protein bars can be a fast way to help you stay focused as a social media manager.

The science behind the tip

Protein contains amino acids used to create dopamine, which is directly linked to motivation, mood, and focus. When your dopamine levels increase, you can feel surges of motivation and renewed focus.

If you’re not into a protein-heavy snack, a square of high-quality dark chocolate can also do the trick … and may even work faster! And whose day isn’t made at least a little better by some chocolate?

4. Organize Your Day Into Manageable Blocks

Have you ever sat down, looked at your day’s agenda, and felt completely overwhelmed?

Your motivation can go straight to hell in a handbasket when this happens. As your motivation decreases, so does your focus, too. As a social media manager, you feel like there’s so much to do, and as a result, very little actually gets done.

The science behind the tip

One easy hack for this is to break your day into manageable blocks.

Start with the hard stuff first, but break it down into smaller tasks or sections of time so that it feels like you can actually accomplish it.

Once you realize that there are enough hours in the day and the worst will soon be behind you, it’s easier to focus on what needs to be done and to stay motivated.

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5. Surround Yourself with Green

When I bought my house, the first thing that I did was to paint my office a sage green color. I made this decision after I’d spent months researching how to set up a home office for maximum productivity, motivation, and focus. And one thing that came up time and time again was the color green.

As silly and far-fetched as it may seem, low wavelength colors like green have been scientifically shown time and time again to promote calm, focus, and motivation.

The science behind the tip

One study found that students who looked at a green screen during a short break made fewer errors than those who didn’t. Another found that workers in green offices had higher rates of job satisfaction, which can directly be tied to motivation.

If you’re working at home, consider some green. And if that’s not an option, think about a painting or picture with some green, adding an easy-to-care-for houseplant like a golden pothos (which, bonus points, is also a natural air purifier!) or even getting outside to look at the trees for a few minutes.

6. Practice “Concentration” Games During the Week

Sometimes, a quick fix like a rich square of dark chocolate is a great approach to boosting motivation, but taking steps to consistently improve focus and motivation long-term can be particularly powerful.

Taking time to do “concentration exercises” regularly can revolutionize your focus and motivation.

putting together a jigsaw puzzle

The science behind the tip

Studies have shown for example, that even spending 15 minutes a day on workdays can significantly increase focus, working and short-term memory, and problem-solving skills.

These exercises may include:

  • Puzzles
  • Sudoku
  • Crossword puzzles
  • Chess
  • Memory games

Working on a puzzle for a few minutes when you get home and doing the Sunday crossword puzzle can make a big difference before you know it.

And if you’re looking for a fun way to get your team motivated, think about something like an escape room as a fun team-building exercise.

In Conclusion

While our culture likes to guilt people with phrases like “just suck it up and get it done,” the reality is that focus and motivation naturally decrease throughout the day. Both can plummet quickly as we approach and enter burnout.

Understanding simple tricks to increase our motivation and concentration are crucial, especially since both directly impact productivity, job satisfaction, and mental well-being.

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How to Get Focused and Stay Motivated With These Science-Backed Tips