Are you looking for an all-in-one social media management solution that’s easier to use than Sprinklr Social? Or maybe you’re nervous after the recent Sprinklr layoffs? Agorapulse might be your answer to a Sprinklr alternative.

Let’s examine the two tools side-by-side: Agorapulse vs Sprinklr.

To avoid appearing too biased due to our being Agorapulse, we’ll use the user ratings on the popular site G2 for data.  First, here’s an overview of the ratings of both social media management tools.

In the essentials, Agorapulse ranks higher in all categories: Meets requirements (8.5 to Sprinklr’s 8.2); ease of use (a solid 9.0 to Sprinklr’s 7.5); ease of setup (a whopping 9.1 to Sprinklr’s very low 6.6); ease of admin (a high 9.1 to Sprinklr’s 7.4); quality support (Agorapulse, 9.2, to Sprinklr’s 7.8); product direction (Agorapulse’s 9.1 to Sprinklr’s 7.7)

g2 comparison of agorapulse and sprinklr social

G2 comparison of Agorapulse vs Sprinklr

Capterra is another software review site that is well-known. Using its customer ratings to compare Agorapulse vs Sprinklr, Agorapulse comes out on top there as well.

Capterra comparison of agorapulse sprinklr alternative

Capterra comparison chart of Agorapulse vs Sprinklr

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Agorapulse vs Sprinklr: Feature Matchup

Choosing a tool with the right feature set can help you hit or miss your social media KPIs. So, let’s see how Agorapulse and Sprinklr Social compare on publishing, inbox, and reporting.

Social Publishing

Publishing is at the heart of any social media strategy. The publishing capabilities of your social media management tool can make a huge difference.

Here’s a look at how Sprinklr Social and Agorapulse measure up in this key area. Agorapulse at 8.8 ranks above Sprinklr’s 8.6 for social publishing.

Agorapulse vs Sprinklr for social media management

Agorapulse vs Sprinklr for social media management

Sprinklr Social’s strength in publishing lies in the number of social networks it supports. In addition to the usual suspects, it permits publishing on Sina Weibo, WeChat (two popular social media platforms in China), and Yammer, among 20 other channels.

By comparison, Agorapulse supports the social networks most important to its customers: Facebook, X, Instagram, Google Business, LinkedIn, Pinterest, TikTok, and YouTube.

Agorapulse shines in what users can do on each platform. Unlike Sprinklr, Agorapulse includes:

  • First comment scheduling for increased engagement and reach on Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn
  • Canva integration for visual content sharing and creation

Agorapulse also offers two team features that are surprisingly missing from the enterprise-level Sprinklr.

First, while Sprinklr has AI-generated and recently used hashtag capabilities, Agorapulse lets users create and reuse banks of saved hashtags. Saved hashtags are especially important for all users to stay on brand and track hashtag results.

Agorapulse hashtag report

Agorapulse hashtag report

Second, Agorapulse provides a must-have feature for social media marketing agencies: shared calendars. Shared calendars provide two-way communication between agencies and clients about upcoming social media posts. In addition, clients get to review these posts without taking up user seats on the agency’s social media management tool’s plan.

Sprinklr Social users need to subscribe to Sprinklr Marketing for shared calendar links. Unfortunately, these links only allow one-way communication, preventing clients from giving direct feedback.

The cost and limited functionality of Sprinklr’s shared calendars can be a dealbreaker for many agencies. Those who invest in Sprinklr Marketing might soon regret it when clients express frustration over the lack of two-way communication.

Understanding the differences in publishing features and collaborative tools like shared calendars clearly shows why many agencies might lean towards Agorapulse for easier collaboration and effective management.


If all goes well, soon after your organic content goes out, comments and messages will trickle in. Good social inboxes allow you to streamline these conversations to maintain your brand’s reputation and boost customer satisfaction.

sprinklr alternative

Both tools help you navigate through high volumes of customer conversations through:

Yet, Sprinklr and Agorapulse take different paths regarding inbox navigation and ad comment capturing.


Let’s first address navigation.

Sprinklr’s “engagement dashboard” is set up in columns. Each social media profile gets its own column.

sprinklr engagement dashboard

Sprinklr engagement dashboard

Although Sprinklr Social offers canned responses and workflow automation to save time, the user experience of scrolling down one column and then hopping to the next column to scroll through conversations is unnecessarily labor-intensive.

The Agorapulse inbox provides a Spinklr alternative with a more left-to-right approach to clearing the inbox. Simply choose a social profile from the left nav, review the items in the inbox to the right, and keep looking right for more details and reply options.

Then, return to the left to address the next inbox item or switch social profiles.

YouTube social media inbox

YouTube social media inbox

Agorapulse makes clearing a social inbox similar to clearing an email inbox, so there’s very little learning curve.

Ad Comments

Now, let’s turn to the second inbox differentiator — capturing ad comments.

Capturing comments on social ads is important for agencies and brands to track market feedback, gauge sentiment, and mitigate any social media attacks.

Luckily, both Agorapulse and Sprinklr Social have the functionality to capture ad comments.

Users on the Agorapulse Professional plan up ($79/mo per user) get an inbox that captures Facebook and Instagram ad comments.

The greeting card company Lovepop switched to Agorapulse because of the tool’s inbox. According to this Lovepop employee, customer care improved because Agorapulse effectively captured comments on their Facebook ads.

Sprinklr Social makes this feature less accessible for social media teams, as they must also purchase Sprinklr Marketing or an add-on to capture ad comments across Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, X, and TikTok.

Overall, Agorapulse offers a more user-friendly and efficient approach to inbox management. This streamlined experience is essential for maintaining customer satisfaction and efficiently managing high volumes of social interactions.

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Effective reporting tools are essential for measuring social media success. Here’s how the two tools compare in their reporting functionalities.

Agorapulse Sprinklr alternative

Agorapulse vs Sprinklr for reports and dashboards

Sprinklr and Agorapulse rise above many social media management tools with reporting features like:

  • Community management reports
  • Various export options
  • Audience insights

However, the user experience in creating and interpreting reports varies wildly between Agorapulse and Sprinklr.

Let’s start with what seems like a Sprinklr advantage: Most of its reports are completely customizable.

In theory, this option seems perfect for marketers looking to quickly determine their social ROI.

In practice, Sprinklr’s reports are completely overwhelming. On G2, this enterprise user says they rely on customer support to understand their reports.

review of sprinklr reporting

Review of Sprinklr reporting

sprinklr knowledge base message

Sprinklr knowledge base message

So many users are frustrated with Sprinklr’s reports that the tool has this disclaimer in a knowledge base article on reporting. The complexity of—and user dissatisfaction with—Sprinklr’s reports are symptomatic of broader UX challenges throughout the Sprinklr Social platform.

So, if you’re itching for reports that are easy to manage and determine social media ROI, you’ll like that Agorapulse gives all users out-of-the-box analytics. This longtime Agorapulse user loves the tool’s data accuracy and reporting interface. capterra agorapulse reporting

Want customization? Agorapulse Power Reports, available on plans starting at $119/mo per user, gives you options to make reports just how you like them.

The bottom line with reporting: If your business needs deep customization in reports, Sprinklr offers extensive options but at the cost of usability. In contrast, Agorapulse provides more user-friendly, ready-to-use analytics, ideal for marketing teams seeking straightforward, actionable insights.

Agorapulse vs Sprinklr: Experience Matchup

Now, we get to where the rubber hits the road.

We’ve talked about the troubles navigating through the Sprinklr inbox. (Even Hootsuite, the former King of Columns, has switched to using an Agorapulse-like inbox.)

We’ve also addressed the difficulties in setting up and interpreting Sprinklr reports.

These are two of many instances that lead Sprinklr users to complain about the tool’s steep learning curve.

On the r/socialmedia subreddit, one Sprinklr user says it is “difficult to implement and complex AF.” In the G2 review below, this enterprise customer describes their experience as “overwhelming” and “intimidating.”

g2 sprinklr user experience

G2 Sprinklr user experience

If Sprinklr has a strong support team, it can alleviate its customers’ product issues. The tool’s poor customer support compounds its UX issues.

capterra sprinklr customer support

Capterra: Sprinklr Customer Support

On the other hand, Agorapulse users seem to love its UX and customer support. This G2 chart illustrates how Agorapulse’s customer experience and support compare.g2 sprinklr support setup

Agorapulse ranks a whopping 9.2 in comparison to Sprinklr’s low 7.8 rank for quality of support.

This Agorapulse user speaks highly of the easy-to-use interface and helpful customer support. In fact, he calls out a customer support hero by name. Talk about a more user-friendly Sprinklr alternative!

g2 review agorapulse ease of use

Agorapulse is so proud of its customer support that it lists its response time on its pricing page. Support is available 24/7 to all subscribers, with a response time for most paid users of 2 hours or less.

Agorapulse vs Sprinklr: Pricing Matchup

Choosing the right social media management tool also means finding one that aligns with your budget. Let’s examine the tools’ pricing structures to see if Agorapulse is a more affordable Sprinklr alternative.

First up: Sprinklr pricing.

Sprinklr has two plans: The customized Enterprise plan and the Self-Serve plan (previously called the Advanced plan).

With annual billing, Self-Serve costs $299/mo per user and includes 7 social channels.

This plan provides standardized publishing, listening, reporting options, and AI-powered automation. Sprinklr offers prospective users a 30-day free trial of the Self-Serve plan.

If you want unified reports or customized reports and workflows, you must speak to Sprinklr sales about its Enterprise plan. This plan is customized, so the price isn’t listed. One user on r/socialmedia mentions it could be “$60,000 to get in,” which most likely means the users, in this case, pay $5k/month.

Next up: Agorapulse pricing.

Agorapulse offers a free plan and a 30-day free trial of 3 of its paid plans. These plans start at $49/mo per user and include 10 social media profiles. Monthly billing is available at a slightly higher price.

get a free trial of agorapulse

Here’s how the two tools compare on price for the following four scenarios:

Profiles Users Features Needed Agorapulse price Sprinklr Social price
7 3 Publishing, reporting $147/mo $897/mo
9 3 Publishing, reporting $147/mo Custom
7 3 Custom reports $357/mo Custom
7 3 Inbox workflow $237/mo Custom

This pricing comparison clearly shows the potential cost efficiencies and transparency Agorapulse offers over Sprinklr, catering flexibly to various business needs. And, being less expensive doesn’t mean Agorapulse is a cheap tool. After all, you’ve seen this article’s glowing reviews and charts on G2!

Agorapulse = A Sprinklr Alternative for Brands Who Love A Great User Experience

Simply put, Agorapulse stands out as the best Sprinklr alternative for brands and agencies.

With its intuitive interface, comprehensive features like shared calendars and first comment scheduling, and transparent pricing, Agorapulse ensures that managing social media is hassle-free and effective.

Start your journey with Agorapulse today and discover why so many businesses are switching to this Sprinklr alternative.

Agorapulse vs Sprinklr: Which Social Media Tool Is Better for You?