StreamYard, a top live-streaming platform, relies heavily on social media to connect with users and promote its services. As StreamYard‘s reputation and user base skyrocketed, so did its engagements and social conversations. Those online interactions ranged from fun, casual, interactions all the way to detailed technical support inquiries.

Joanne Watt, StreamYard’s marketing manager, faced the growing challenge of managing the surge in social media activity. When she first started at the company, handling social conversations through the native platform inboxes was manageable. However, as StreamYard’s growth accelerated, Joanne encountered significant obstacles due to the increase in volume of their social conversations.

Obstacles in Managing Social Media

The challenges for StreamYard in managing their social conversations included:

Scattered management

StreamYard was previously managing each social media profile natively one at a time, making it difficult to get a holistic view of their social media presence and discussions. There were no ways to identify themes or common questions even within one social profile.

Time consumption

Responding to comments and messages across different platforms was time-consuming and inefficient. Without centralized management, hopping between profiles was the only viable way to handle all of the social interactions.

Limited insights

Joanne lacked the data and insights needed to understand what content resonated with their audience and identify areas for improvement. This limited the potential to drive a more strategic approach to growing StreamYard’s social media presence. She concluded that it was time to find a solution that would support StreamYard’s growth, without limiting their social media capabilities.

Solution: Agorapulse for Social Media Management

As she began to test various options, Agorapulse quickly became a favorite choice for a social media management tool for many reasons.

Centralized management

Agorapulse offered Joanne a one-stop-shop for all of StreamYard’s social media needs. She could now create, schedule, publish, and manage comments and messages—all from a single platform.

Improved efficiency

Advanced scheduling features allowed Joanne to plan and publish content in advance, ensuring consistent content delivery and freeing up extra time to focus on managing important social discussions.

Enhanced customer service

Using a new centralized inbox, Joanne was more efficient, improving the quality of customer service. Now, she could respond faster to customer inquiries.

Data-driven decisions

With access to detailed metrics and reporting, Joanne and her team could now make data-driven decisions. Being able to quickly identify the best-performing content on individual channels and discover common topics allowed them to use a more strategic approach regarding decisions.

Teamwork and collaboration

Tracking comments, feedback, and mentions helped inform product development and marketing strategies, fostering collaboration across different departments at StreamYard.

Ease of use

Joanne and her team found the interface to be user-friendly and intuitive, which is extremely important for tight teams who need to be as efficient as possible managing multiple social media channels.


StreamYard continues to grow, and so does its social presence. Agorapulse was an ideal fit because Joanne can easily add more team members to her community management team.

Results: Easier, Quicker (and Smarter) Social Media Management

Joanne’s experience with Agorapulse has been a game-changer for StreamYard’s social media presence. Gone are the days of juggling multiple platforms: Agorapulse streamlines the entire workflow. Now, Joanne and her team can create and schedule content in advance–a content powerhouse is born!

Faster, more informative responses through the social inbox have boosted customer satisfaction, and Agorapulse’s reporting empowers Joanne to make informed decisions backed by data, ensuring their content resonates with StreamYard’s followers.

But the impact goes beyond Joanne’s team. Agorapulse helps keep everyone at StreamYard informed and involved with the social media process, enhancing team collaboration while creating a more cohesive and impactful brand experience.

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How StreamYard Scaled Customer Service With One Tool