FlexJobs is a remote job listings site that helps connect job seekers to remote working positions. Kelly Bazzle has been FlexJobs’ social media manager for more than five years. Kelly and her team were challenged with the goals of increasing newsletter readership and helping drive more traffic to the FlexJobs website and job postings.

Mission: Drive More Traffic to the FlexJobs Posting/Site

Driving more traffic to the FlexJobs site would impact the business in two ways. First, by directly increasing the number of active job seekers looking for remote opportunities. And second, by providing an opportunity to highlight the FlexJobs platforms and resources, making the site even more attractive to companies looking for a strong place to advertise remote positions.

Opportunity: Tapping into the Power of the LinkedIn and Agorapulse’s Integration

With strong experience and platform knowledge, Kelly understood the role that social media could play in this goal of traffic and readership growth. LinkedIn was the perfect platform, with over 134 million active daily users and 77 job seekers submitting an application on LinkedIn every second.

The LinkedIn audience was an amazing match for FlexJobs as they cater content, services, and resources specifically to active remote job seekers. With their goal and ideal medium identified, it was now down to executing their LinkedIn strategy with a solution to help with content publishing, engagement, and reporting.

Enter Agorapulse’s LinkedIn Integration.

Results: A combination of the right content, nurturing engagement, and uncovering the right metrics proved highly successful. Kelly was able to highlight that 50% of FlexJobs’ new organic social success was directly from LinkedIn.

With a strong audience identified, Kelly dove into LinkedIn-specific content strategies, including polls, carousel posts with swipeable content, and also direct links to the FlexJobs Newsletter. This consistent flow of content saw a massive increase in their LinkedIn following, with follower growth of well over 180K new followers in one year (confirmed in Agorapulse Reports below).

Audience Growth report

Audience Growth report

With the new group of followers on LinkedIn, Kelly and FlexJobs had another good challenge and opportunity to manage increased engagement from their follower growth. While Kelly had seen the direct increase in follower growth and engagement with specific content like polls and newsletter,there now needed to be a dedicated focus on communicating with their newly engaged audience.

Enter Deandra Goodman, social media specialist at FlexJobs who works directly with Kelly. With Deandra’s engagement management expertise, FlexJobs took the momentum from their LinkedIn content growth to escalate it even further. Deandra took control of the LinkedIn polls and also made simple but impactful tweaks that would make their weekly newsletter viewership explode, like making the newsletter more social and directly adding it to LinkedIn. Kelly attributes this level of dedication and teamwork to be a huge part of this success.

Looking at the numbers within the last year, FlexJobs has seen their average engagements, per month, just on LinkedIn, skyrocket to over 44K interactions PER MONTH!

Out of those avg interactions, 42K of those interactions were direct link clicks.

In other words FlexJobs’ community was so active that 93% of their audience interactions were “click to view more” or go to the FlexJobs’ website.

Their increased content activity on LinkedIn had worked perfectly and attracted a larger active audience.

By managing these increased engagements via Agorapulse’s Social Inbox, the FlexJobs team was not only able to handle the increased volume but also to start to track their inbox activity with labels for specific topics or engagements. The ability to nurture their new audience further increased FlexJobs’ page growth and nurtured followers to visit their newsletter posting and FlexJobs’ website.

engagement metrics

Engagement metrics

The proof is in the traffic, and FlexJobs had a goldmine of intel. They easily found the follower, content and ROI metrics to validate their LinkedIn strategy.

Measure success with Agorapulse reporting

The final piece of the story of FlexJobs’ massive increase and growth was the ability to draw direct insights and proof that the strategy worked towards their overall goal. With Agorapulse Social Media ROI reporting, drawing these insights was a click away.

In these reports, Kelly could see and confirm important details regarding her success that aligned with FlexJobs’ business goals:

  • Best Performing Social Network
  • Best Performing Content
  • Direct measurement of Organic ROI based on web traffic and conversions

Kelly’s first goal with Agorapulse Reporting was to confirm that LinkedIn was the right network to drive growth. Via the Social Metrics and Social ROI reports, Kelly quickly confirmed what she knew: LinkedIn was the perfect social network driver for their increased web traffic goals.

Next, Kelly wanted to know: What did the audience consume the most on LinkedIn?

With Agorapulse’s ability to quickly identify best-performing content, Kelly and Deandra were able to pick out the newsletter as one of their top drivers of engagement. As mentioned earlier, Deandra then took that top content a step further, updating its social format and publishing it directly to LinkedIn. These small tweaks had an instant impact: growing readership from 125K to 250K in ONE MONTH.

Now Kelly wanted to connect the social growth with the growth of the FlexJobs’ website traffic. Doing so was a challenge that many experienced social media specialists struggle to quantify, but not Kelly and Flexjobs.

With the quick view in their Social Media ROI Reports, Kelly and her team could see that LinkedIn alone was responsible for 50% of their web traffic, generating over 131K web unique organic visitors and almost 1 million organic web events complete.

Not only did this success align with their goals of increasing traffic, Kelly and her team now, with the ability to easily prove ROI, are empowered to create more relevant content and leverage LinkedIn to nurture their audience even more.

overview of social mieda

funnel by source

Funnel by source


FlexJobs, as a remote jobs posting site, wanted to increase web traffic. Kelly Bazzle, their social media manager, saw a great opportunity with LinkedIn and Agorapulse to achieve and highlight this growth via social media.

  • Explosive Growth: Kelly’s impressive LinkedIn strategy of polls, swappable carousel content and directly posting their newsletter, has seen FlexJobs’ LinkedIn following surge to over 400,000, with a staggering 180,000 followers added in just one year! Using Top Content reporting, they highlighted the newsletter as a top-performing post and made very strategic updates that led readership to double from 125K to 250K in just the first month of the new format.
  • The Power of Engagement: Agorapulse’s social inbox played a pivotal role, streamlining comment management, enabling Kelly to cultivate a highly engaged and active audience–a key driver of FlexJobs’ organic web traffic.
  • Data-Driven Decisions: Agorapulse’s insightful Social ROI reporting tools allowed Kelly to show her success on LinkedIn as well as pinpoint their most successful content–their newsletter! This valuable data empowered her to invest more time on LinkedIn and revamp the newsletter format, leading to a remarkable doubling of readership within a single month.

Benefits of Agorapulse and LinkedIn Integration

  • Effortless Content Management: Scheduling and publishing content, especially carousels and PDFs, became a breeze with Agorapulse’s user-friendly interface.
  • Social Inbox Advantage: Efficient comment and message management through the social inbox empowered Kelly to stay on top of audience interaction.
  • Data & Insights that Matter: Agorapulse’s robust reporting and analytics provided invaluable insights into ROI and content performance, allowing Kelly to optimize her strategy.
  • Identifying the Goldmine: Agorapulse’s data helped Kelly pinpoint LinkedIn as the most active and successful social media platform for FlexJobs.


Kelly’s impressive growth strategy for FlexJobs on LinkedIn, coupled with Agorapulse’s powerful social media management and analytical capabilities paints a clear picture of success. This case study is a testament to the potential of leveraging LinkedIn and the right tools to achieve remarkable social media triumphs.

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Engaging the Right Audience: How FlexJobs Grew to +400K Followers Leveraging LinkedIn