Email Login and other Goodies (aka Release Note v7 June 20, 2018)

Ah, adding an email login. It seems so easy to implement — when you’re not a tech person. The process to offer this option proved to be unbelievably complex. But it was nothing that our nimble, dedicated development team couldn’t handle. Please enjoy the fruits of their labor.


Email Login Option

For those who prefer not to use Facebook Login to gain access to everything under the sun, we now offer the option of an email/password login.

, Email Login and other Goodies (aka Release Note v7 June 20, 2018)

Product Status and News Notifications

In our ongoing effort to keep our customers as up-to-date as possible, we’ve now enabled two features in the upper right hand corner of your dashboard.

You’ll see a pulsing red dot when we have an important product status update to tell you…

, Email Login and other Goodies (aka Release Note v7 June 20, 2018)

… and a blue gift to alert you that a new product release note — like this one here — has been published.


(You might notice a whole bunch of features with that drop down menu. Enjoy.)


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  • When an admin tried to set an expiration date to content in an “unlimited times” requeue, the date was not saved. This is now fixed so that admins can set an end date to a recurring queue of content.
  • Scheduled Instagram posts using direct publishing were receiving an error message. The error has been fixed and posts are going out as scheduled.
  • If a user wanted to retry and publish content that had previously failed, the “duplicate” button didn’t appear. It’s there now — feel free to finally share that content with the world.
  • And while this isn’t a bug (or a feature), we want to mention the following: Facebook will no longer provide Insights for Facebook pages with fewer than 100 fans (this limit was previously 30 fans). This means there will be no more reports in Agorapulse for pages with fewer than 100 fans.



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