For Busy LinkedIn Managers and Other Great Marketers (v.7.24)

One feature that our customers love is the ability to run unlimited reports. Until this week, we offered it for Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. But now — B2B marketers rejoice —  we offer reports for LinkedIn! This is just one “SCORE!” of our LinkedIn hat trick this week.


LinkedIn Reports. Yes, I said it! We offer reports for your company pages. With a click on your “Reports” tab, you can instantly get your global stats. Clicking on “Content” produces a CSV of your posts during the timeframe you designate. You won’t yet be able to download a PowerPoint report — but we’re getting that for you soon.

, For Busy LinkedIn Managers and Other Great Marketers (v.7.24)

LinkedIn Inbox. Our dev team was like, “Since we’re in here, why don’t we go LinkedIn bananas and offer an inbox for users?” It didn’t even take us a hot second to say, “Yes, please!”

The inbox is available for both company pages and profiles. You can easily find all the comments on your LinkedIn posts. Go down the list and like, reply, remove, assign, review, label, or bookmark your comments.

, For Busy LinkedIn Managers and Other Great Marketers (v.7.24)

Built-in LinkedIn CRM. If you already use the built-in CRM in your “Fans & Followers” tab, you’ll be happy to use it for LinkedIn! With one click you can instantly see who has commented on your profile or company page posts.

If you want to make use of our LinkedIn Reports, Inbox, or Fans & Followers, you’ll need to click a CTA button you’ll see on your dashboard to reconnect with LinkedIn so that we can connect your account to the latest LinkedIn API.

UTM Parameters. Do you track links sent from social? It’s easy to do on Agorapulse with our new UTM tracking function.

, For Busy LinkedIn Managers and Other Great Marketers (v.7.24)

Facebook private message file and video attachments sync. We now sync attachments to private conversations in Facebook — video files, .pdf, .txt, audio files, and the like. Videos attached in the PM can be played directly in the conversation view. Other file attachments will be downloaded when you click on the link of the given file.

Display of message sent as a reply in private or direct message. We now show the info and content of replies sent via PM or DM through Agorapulse. This info is shown every time a given comment is viewed/opened in detail.

, For Busy LinkedIn Managers and Other Great Marketers (v.7.24)

Instagram direct publishing deactivation notification. If Instagram direct publishing is ever deactivated from your profile, we will now send you a notification — both via email and in your dashboard — so that an admin on that profile can reconnect with Instagram and get your content published.

Manager’s name on failed/scheduled/queued posts. We now show the author/creator of failed, scheduled, and queued posts. A nice improvement for even better social media collaboration.


Layout issues with Team settings in Mozilla Firefox browser are rectified.

When uploading our sample CSV for bulk publishing, you may have received a warning message. You shouldn’t see that anymore.

There were issues showing the allocated number of social profiles with your subscription. You should now see the correct count.

Some users who published to 40+ profiles at once received a timeout error (since this request took too long to be processed). The fix is that “Publish now” is now alias for “Schedule at the current date/time.”

When we listed accounts for Facebook or Instagram, we didn’t check for the corresponding token. We do now.

When you saved a new queue category and came back, the skip item option defaulted to the “Previous 3 days” setting. Fixed now.

Images that seemed large in the preview of LinkedIn posts were small when published. This should be fixed with the new V2 LinkedIn API.

“View on LinkedIn” now works from the published item modal. Yes!


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