Instagram User Tagging and More Subscription Flexibility (v8.13)


Instagram user tagging. It is now possible to tag users in your Instagram image posts! Once you upload your photo, simply click on the image and type the usernames of the public profiles you want to tag. You may tag up to 20 users per post.


Three things to keep in mind when using this feature.

  • Unlike Facebook and Twitter, there are no username suggestions when tagging a user on your Instagram posts. So be sure you know their usernames ahead of time.
  • Each profile you tag must be a public one. (The API doesn’t allow us to tag private profiles.) If you tag a private profile, the post will fail to publish.
  • User tagging only works with photo posts. It doesn’t work with video posts.

, Instagram User Tagging and More Subscription Flexibility (v8.13)

Subscription transfer functionality. It is now possible for organization Owners to transfer their subscription. A few notes about it:

  • Only the Owner can transfer a subscription.
  • The subscription can only be transferred to a Manager. If an organization only has an Owner and Members, the Owner will need to make one of the Members a Manager and then transfer the organization to that new Manager.
  • The subscription will be transferred right away. The Owner will instantly become a Manager and will no longer have the ability to manage their subscription.

, Instagram User Tagging and More Subscription Flexibility (v8.13)

Removal of team and subscription tabs to members. Members of an organization no longer have access to Team and Subscription tabs in Organization settings. These privacy features benefit agencies and freelancers who don’t want their clients to know who else is working under the organization or how much they pay for their Agorapulse subscription.


Google+ deprecation. As Google announced here, the Google+ API will begin deprecating on January 28, 2019. To prepare for this, we have disabled the ability to add any new Google+ pages to Agorapulse. This week, publishing on Google+ profiles will be disabled in Agorapulse. Any posts that have already been queued or scheduled will be published through early March 2019.


  • It wasn’t possible to add Facebook groups for few days. It’s been fixed.
  • Some listening searches weren’t working as expected (with a “no item retrieved” message). It’s been fixed.

+ approx 20 other glitches in this release to better serve you and your social media management.