Release v6.210: May 16, 2018


View images for Facebook visitor and brand mentions.

  • For visitor posts on your Page (synced in your Inbox) and public posts mentioning your Page (in Listening), you can now view the image larger than a thumbnail (max dimensions 720x720px).

Retrieve a list of your banned users on YouTube.

  • On your Fans & Followers tab, you can now see a list of the YouTube users you’ve banned.

Group your profiles easier with this redesigned panel.

  • When you select “Manage this Menu,” you’ll be led to this panel to easily create, edit, delete, reorder, and rename the groups and profiles you see on the left navigation bar of your dashboard.


Likes weren’t showing up in the engagement graph on Instagram reports. They’re back.

You weren’t able to create separate searches for the same terms with different locations. You can now.

If you had items in the queue of an Instagram account and decided to enable direct publishing, the items would publish more than once. This no longer happens and the queued items work as intended.

If your Instagram token was lost, it wasn’t detected. You are now alerted when this happens.

Ad comments synchronized with RTU were appearing in the inbox filter as comments and not ad comments. This is now fixed.

Upon publishing an item, you might have received a “Please retry your request later” message. You will no longer receive this message — and your item will be published.

A good month for bug squashing. I’m excited about our latest YouTube feature — more to come this year. 🤞