Update: Revised Reports on the Agorapulse Mobile App

Let the summer begin!

With fewer COVID-related lockdowns, you might be getting out of the house more. What better way to stay on top of your social metrics on the go than with our mobile app’s updated reports?

Available for both our iOS and Android mobile apps, the Reports section looks very much like our desktop version. This familiarity should get you up and running with your metrics right away.

Revamped Mobile Reports

Content and Community Management reports for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn offer the following metrics.

  • Content: overview, publishing, top content, recommendations
  • Community Management: overview, replies sent, team performance, reviewed items

Metrics in the “Audience” tab vary by social network.

  • Facebook Pages: overview, audience growth, engagement, impressions, brand awareness, demographics
  • Instagram Business Profilesoverview, audience growth, engagement, impressions, brand awareness, listening, and demographics. Instagram Business Profiles have an additionaltab for Stories metrics (overview, top content)
  • Twitter: overview, audience growth, engagement, brand awareness, listening
  • LinkedIn Pages: overview, audience growth, engagement, impressions

This update to our reports is one of many you will see throughout the year. We look forward to sharing more with you very soon!