Say Hello to My Little Friend: Our Moderation Rules (v.7.32)

Are you a big fan of digital assistants like Siri or Alexa? We are too. That’s why we created Moderation Rules for Agorapulse. Simply set up commands (or “rules”) and let the rules work wonders on items in your inbox. With these rules, you can wake up to a spam-free inbox — imagine that?


Simpler creation of new rules. We’ve improved the interface of moderation rules to be easier to build new rules.

A. Choose which rule you want to perform from the top dropdown selector.

B. (on second image) Hover over one of the options to get more detail on what type of inbox items it can be used on (ex. direct messages, comments).

C. Once you’ve selected a rule, you’ll see a confirmation statement of what the rule will do — in this case, your “hide and assign” rule will be applied to posts and comments.

D. If you’ve chosen an assign rule, as we did, you’ll see a list of team members you can assign the rule to.

E. If you’d like the rule to do even more, like bookmark or label, you can select your action(s) from the Additional Actions list.

If you’ve used these moderation rules before, you’ll see how much easier it is to create new rules. If you haven’t tried these out, why not try today? They’re available for on our plans.

Pause moderation rules. Don’t need your rule to keep running to infinity and beyond? Simply move the toggle of the rule to “off.” This is helpful, say, if you’ve set “Assign” rules to someone on vacation — simply turn it off when they’re away and turn it back on when they’ve returned to the office.

More Facebook ad account display options. We recently allowed you to track ad comments on multiple ad accounts. When selecting which ad accounts to choose from, you were limited to only seeing 500 of your ad accounts. Our customers asked for more ad accounts, so we’ve upped the display number to 1,000 of your ad accounts.

If you want to learn more about monitoring ad comments, this article is pretty helpful. (I’m not just saying that because I wrote it 😉 )


Some of you were not able to reconnect your LinkedIn account on Agorapulse. You can now.

You might have received a huge error message when publishing to Instagram. Not to worry; that content published as you requested. (We’ve also made sure that our error messages are considerably shorter going forward.)

Labelled conversations disappeared from the inbox when filtering on the tag. They now appear.

It was impossible to parse/recognize images on some links when publishing. It’s possible now.

When you used the “schedule again” option, the post might not have published at the requested time. It will now.

If you used UTM parameters for links in your bulk publishing, the parameters weren’t saved. They are now. (We also made some other small fixes to bulk publishing.)

Images weren’t attached to direct messages on Twitter. It’s resolved. (I’ve been using it and can confirm this firsthand.)

You might have faced an error when creating/removing queue slots. This is fixed.

Did you recently see old comments synced on your Facebook ads? That shouldn’t happen again.

If you enabled email notifications in your moderation rules, you might not have received emails. It is fixed now.

That’s the most noticeable tip of the bug fixing iceberg. We also fixed nearly a dozen other bugs to make your experience tons better.


New Rules” by Dua Lipa

A Thousand Miles” by Vanessa Carlton