Two New Timesaving Features (v8.74)


Saved replies filter. We’ve made it easier for you to find the saved replies you created on a given social profile. This filter is especially useful and time-saving if you use Agorapulse with teammates who have also created saved replies for the same profile.

Unlike this feature on most other social media management tools, our saved replies are available on all plans. If you haven’t tried the saved replies filter, start now — it’s a great time saver.

Search bar to add a Facebook Page to your subscription. This search function is great for businesses that manage multiple profiles where only one word differentiates them (for example, Coca-Cola Europe, Coca-Cola Africa, etc.). Simply search for that one word to find the profile you want to add to your Agorapulse subscription. (I don’t work for Coca-Cola so I used the word “Winchester” in the example below.)


We fixed 10 bugs to make managing social media even easier with Agorapulse.