Video Thumbnails and Expanded Shared Calendar Demo Version

While many businesses around us have come to a near standstill, our tech team at Agorapulse is 100% operational. Two weeks ago, we released YouTube publishing and the ability to resize images. This week, we have two more features to make managing your social media even easier with Agorapulse.

Video Thumbnail Picker

Display the perfect shot in your social videos with the video thumbnail picker. With the ability to choose a thumbnail image for your video, you’ll be able to maintain visual branding and entice your audience to view your video content.

Available for Facebook, Instagram and verified accounts on YouTube, you can choose your thumbnail in one of three ways.

  • Select on of the up to 20 predefined frames that are taken from the video
  • Choose your own thumbnail frame from the video. Simply play the video, pause it at your “thumbnailable” moment, and hit the “Choose frame from video” button.
  • Upload your own image (*not available for Instagram)

We’ve created this FAQ article with more details on how to use the thumbnail picker.

Demo Shared Calendar with Expanded Capacity

All plans now include a richer experience for those using the demo version of our shared calendar. The demo version has no limits on users and allows as many social profiles allowed by your trial or paid plan.

Given that social collaboration is more virtual than ever before, this might be a good time to try a shared calendar with colleagues or clients who might not be users on your Agorapulse plan.