What’s new in 2021!

Squeeze More Insights from your Agorapulse Reports 🔥

Creating a social media marketing report is an excellent way to highlight the results of your social strategy and campaigns to your team or clients.

That’s why, for this release, we’ve focused on improving our reporting capabilities to help you get more out of your current reports by expanding the reporting options available with Power Reports.

Get powerful insights with granular reporting for publishing labels 💪📈

You can get fully customized label reports to measure the performance of your content across profiles.
In case you missed it, we’ve launched our Power Reports last summer with a bunch of advanced features to help you:

✅ Save time by adding multiple social media profiles to one single report.
✅ Create and save customizable templates.
✅ Get reports sent automatically to your team or directly to your clients.
✅ Customize your report data to the timeframe of your choice.
✅ Export your reports in a PPT format.

Now, we’ve implemented label reports to help you track the performance of your content based on publishing labels.

🆕 Track the performance of your labeled posts across profiles:

Measure the performance of specific campaigns or types of content across profiles.
For example, add the “Christmas2020” label to measure the overall performance of your labeled posts across your different social media profiles.

🆕 Choose all the sections that you want to be included in the report:

You can get a seriously detailed report by selecting all the options available or you can focus on very specific metrics.

Check out this video guide on how to use publishing labels to start uncovering valuable insights on your content.
If you are curious…download a sample label report here

And if you would like to test this feature for free, reach out to us at support! We’d be happy to help.

Top tips from our team 🚀

Collaborating with your clients just got easier 📬 👀

Create or edit your Shared Calendars directly from your dashboard.
We’ve added a quick shortcut to save you a few clicks.

Get a quick overview of Agorapulse features released last year.
Here’s a look at each month and the features released in it!

Help us keep improving Agorapulse ✨

We are looking for current Agorapulse users who would like to talk with us about their experiences and help inform our roadmap over the next year.

If you’re interested in helping, please email samia@agorapulse.com and we’ll reach out. Or click here to join us directly.

We’d like to learn more about how you work and what you’re looking for!


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, What’s new in 2021!


, What’s new in 2021!