When cross posting your content in Agoeapulse, users have the option to group or individually schedule. The Grouping option allows users to keep all different versions of the post together in one Post Group. This allows users to approve, edit or remove all versions of the post as a group. When scheduled Individually users create each version as a unique post to be approved, edited or deleted individually. Note, if you schedule cross posts individually they cannot be turned into a group, but if you schedule as a group initially, you do have the option to break these up into individual posts later.

Hi, Jacob with Agorapulse and in this video today, we’re going to be taking a look at a very cool and unique feature when it comes to cross posting and scheduling out content across multiple profiles. And that is the ability to either schedule all your content as a group. or schedule all of that content as individual posts across that network.

This is really going to have strong implications on your approval process and the workflows that you have when scheduling out content. So let’s take a look. Now, the scheduling option feature that we’re talking about here is right here in the scheduling composer. This is going to be your option to either select that you’re scheduling these posts as a group of posts or you’re scheduling this crosspost as individual posts.

The main benefit of scheduling as a group is that these Posts are all going to be in one big group. You can do large edits as a group. You can even do individual edits to these posts, but they will be maintained in one group. This is also beneficial when it comes to the approval process. If I have someone externally or internally that needs to approve this whole chunk of posts, the group of posts option is going to be perfect for you.

Now on the opposite side, if you are wanting to schedule out as separate posts, I don’t want to edit these as a whole. If I edit them, I want to edit my Facebook posts versus my Instagram posts, which again, on the group posts, you have those options. The individual posts. will not group these together. So if you click on one which we’ll look at, you will see these individually.
This is going to be beneficial if you need to edit these very uniquely or for anyone that needs to see these separately. If I have someone who’s managing just Instagram posts internally or externally, I can then bulk assign all of that Instagram content directed to them and they don’t see any of the Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter content that we are cross posting on.

Now when we schedule posts as a group, As we hit the schedule button, these posts will now be scheduled. Now, when we’ve selected the schedule as a group option, again, this is going to have effect when we’re doing approvals or when we are doing editing. As you notice, as I scroll over the group of posts, this is gonna highlight all of those posts that are included in there, even if we have multiple scheduled instances.

But this is what we’re talking about. This is gonna allow me to open this post up and either edit the entire copy as a group, or I can go in and create unique edits on individual. Uh, profiles like my Instagram account here, for example, again, scheduling as a group is also going to be very helpful when sending for approval.

If I want Steve to approve all of this content, scheduling as a group is going to be the best and most efficient way to do that. Steve will now get all of these posts in one group, either on his internal or external shared calendar. Now, when we schedule a group of posts as separate posts, keep in mind this option cannot be reversed.

You cannot take those individual posts and regroup them together. So if we are creating these separate posts, they will be separate unless we remove them or recreate them. Now, when we schedule these posts as individual posts, you’ll notice the difference from the group posts versus the individual posts.

These are all not highlighted at once. And when I click on one, I’m opening up the editing window for that specific profile. So I am no longer editing these as a whole. And again, we are no longer approving these as a group as well too. This is beneficial. Again, in the instance that I need to have individuals internally or externally approve certain networks or certain types of content, but I as the scheduler want to schedule everything in bulk.

Thanks so much for watching. To watch more or to learn more about our advanced publishing features, please visit our help center, our website, or start a direct chat with our team today. Bye.