When it comes to managing and replying to our social conversations and comments, being as “real” as you can be for your brand is so important. With the GIPHY integration on your Facebook Inbox users now have access to the full library of GIFs from GIPHY. Search, choose, send your client or brand’s favorite GIFs when replying to your Facebook comments in your Social Inbox

– Hi, Jacob with Agorapulse. And in this video today, we’re gonna take a look at a really great integration when it comes to replying to your engagements through social, and that’s an integration with GIPHY. This is gonna be a platform that allows you to search, find, and reply with GIFs. Now, for those users who will take advantage of this GIPHY integration, keep in mind, right now that integration is only available for replying on Facebook engagements, ad comments, organic comments, or private messages.

If there are any other networks that you want to see this integration built out, please let us know. That’s how we build things. We wanna listen to our audience and make those changes that our users need specifically. So raise your hand, let us know how we can improve this and implement it into any other networks.

When it comes to replying on social media, texts can be not misleading, but it can be misunderstood at times. If I’m trying to be sarcastic or maybe funny in my reply, it may not come off that way by the end reader because they are reading it within their context. So when it comes to sending out GIFs or GIFs as you may call them, Graphic Interchange Formats, as they are known in their full name, you are able to give a little bit more context or a little bit more of a human emotion in that reply just through that visual image. So GIFs are a great way to reply and maintain a really good human element and build better relationships with our audience.

Now, to use the GIPHY integration, you will be in your Inbox. That’s where you’ll see it present. And again, this is available on Facebook at the moment. So you’ll be able to review all of your items that are live or in the review section that are new.

And again, these can be organic comments, ad comments, private messages, even posting reviews on Facebook as well. Now, we’re gonna reply to this message right here. “Hi! I would like to know whether you have any gym passes for one or two months.

Thank you!” And I can simply reply, “Yes, of course we do.” Or I can come down here and I can use a GIF. Do I wanna say yes?

Do I wanna pick many ways to say yes? Do I wanna let them know that we have both options and send something here? How do I wanna apply? You’re gonna have all of the searchable options that are available on the desktop version of GIPHY right here.

And when you’re ready to use these, you can simply add them in directly here. You can also add in text if you wanna reply here. Send those replies directly. Clear out your inbox.

Now that we’ve replied to that message with the GIF, we are now again at inbox zero and we are done. Now, if we go to our All section, we can see all of our replies, all of our conversations. And if Ornella does come back and reply to us, we can again reply back to her with that new conversation and that new comment. And again, we can use text or we can use that GIFFY integration.

Thanks so much for watching. To watch more or to learn more about our integrations or any of our advanced features in the Inbox, please check out our help center or start a direct chat with us today.


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