Speed and quality. These are two key components when it comes to managing all of your social conversations, comments, and reviews. WIth Agorapulse’s Saved Replies, you have your replies ready, right at your fingertips. Users can use some automated boolean code to add in attributes like a follower’s name. Users can also search for specific saved replies based on the title and content. Saved Replies can also be built out uniquely for each of your different profiles. Build your saved replies today and start communicating with your audience more efficiently today.

– Hi, Jacob with Agorapulse. In this video today, we’re gonna take a look at setting up saved replies and how to utilize those when you’re managing your social conversations. Now, when it comes to managing multiple networks, multiple platforms, multiple profiles, and getting a lot of conversations in, there’s times where context and replying back in a timely manner can be challenging and that’s where the value and the benefit of saved replies will come into play, especially if we’re getting a lot of the same conversations that we can answer in the almost exact way.

So we’re gonna take a look at right now how to set up those saved replies per network and how to find them and utilize them when you need them. We’re taking a look at our social inbox now and we’re specifically looking at Facebook where we have two conversations that are in our review section. That means we need to engage with them, remove them or we need to review them out so we have not acted on ’em yet. Now, we’re gonna look at this conversation in terms of the saved reply example. We’re a fitness page here with Fitter Today so we get a lot of questions from new signups or people asking about how to sign up.

Now, if you have saved replies already built out, the easiest way to access them is, well, it’s right here. It’s by clicking on the saved replies. You can scroll through to find your saved reply or you can search for your saved reply. So if I need to look up a saved reply about complaints, I can look that up here and we can add that in directly. That’s how you use your saved replies that are already created.

Now, for this example, I wanna find our signup save reply on Facebook, and we don’t have that there. So I can now, if I have the right permissions within my organization, I can create a new saved reply. So when we create a new saved reply, this will take us directly to our settings. And one really cool thing about your saved reply setup is you’re able to create saved replies uniquely on each individual platform. So if we’re getting maybe the same conversations but we wanna reply in a different way on Instagram, maybe a little more friendly versus how we reply on Facebook, a little more straightforward, set up different saved replies in different tones across your different channels.

When it comes to setting up saved replies best practice is you’re gonna want to start with the naming convention. So what should we name this? New Sign-ups. So any new signup that comes in, you can just type in new sign-up or new sign-up and this is gonna be the saved reply.

Hey. Thanks so much for signing up. Did you get our welcome email? So they should have all gotten a welcome email and if they don’t get a welcome email, this will let us know that they have not gotten a welcome email. Now, you do have some Boolean code here that you can utilize if you wanna automatically implement that user’s name within this saved reply as well too.

Once that saved reply is created, you now have access to it directly within your platform. So for new signups, if I wanna reply directly here. Hey, thanks so much for signing up. Did you get our new welcome email? Now we can send that directly here in the comment or if I wanted to make this a little bit more of a personal interaction, I could reply to them in a private message and we could send that directly in a private message as well. So set up your saved replies, set them up uniquely to each page or profile that you’re managing if you need to manage those conversations in a different way.

And if you need to create a new saved reply, you can easily do that within the platform on the backend within your saved reply settings.

Thanks so much for watching. To learn more or to watch more about your advanced social inbox features, please visit our help center or start a direct chat with us today. Bye. (lively music)