4 Alternatives to Iconosquare to Manage your Instagram Accounts

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[UPDATED SEPT 8, 2016]

‘There’s no free lunch.’

Personally, I love this expression. It reminds me that even though some things appear to be free, you’ll be paying a price for it eventually.

And in the case with Iconosquare, the free lunch is over. As of June 2016, its users will have to pay to use this Instagram tool.

This leaves many social media managers  wondering:

  • Are there better Instagram tools out there?
  • Are free tools really the best way to go?

Let me tell you about four alternatives to Iconosquare that you should know about to better answer these questions.

1 – Agorapulse

The social media dashboard Agorapulse has a streamlined Social Inbox for multiple Instagram accounts, making it super easy to respond to fans and followers. The monitoring feature is also powerful, yet user friendly.

Iconosquar Alternative

Create as many monitoring searches as you want for hashtag or location checkins.

Instagram geolocation hashtag


Agorapulse’s stats for Facebook, Twitter and Instagram create good looking reports quickly.

You’ll have data about your Instagram audience growth:

Instagram Analytics Tool

Your daily engagement:

Ap engagement


Your top users:

Ap top followers


And many other stats such as your top photos, your top hashtags, the number of comments you’ve reviewed, etc.

You can also see your users ranked by activity (number of likes, comments for the last 30 days), tag them and filter them by tag, or just search for a specific user:

Best instagram followers


A convenient calendar view will finally allow you to see all your published photos by day and time:

Instagram Publishing Calendar

And you can schedule posts to Instagram!

instagram publishing

The pros:

  • Manage multiple Instagram accounts
  • Schedule posts to Instagram
  • Advanced statistics
  • Comments management including comments on Instagram ads (inbox)
  • User ranking and identification
  • Monitoring (hashtags, location check-in, keywords)
  • Moderation rules for terms that go against your community rules
  • Agorapulse has been acknowledged as an official Instagram Marketing Partner

The cons:

  • Not for those who want a free lunch

The price point:

Agorapulse starts at $49 per month for 3 Instagram accounts — which includes reporting. The price grows slightly as you add more accounts. But again, everything is included (unlimited statistics, monitoring, etc.). The popular Medium plan is great for teams: $99 includes all those goodies for 10 Instagram accounts (or a mix of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, or Google+ accounts that totals 10) and five users/team members.

Agorapulse gives users a two week free trial to give these Instagram marketing features a good whirl.

2 –  Hootsuite

Hootsuite does not natively support Instagram, but fortunately, you can add several apps to manage your Instagram accounts. One is free (but pretty basic) and others have a monthly fee, but they are affordable ($4 to $5 per month). Here’s a tutorial on how to add the free Instagram app.

Whether you love Hootsuite or hate it, it’s an affordable tool and it can do a lot of things on many social networks.

However, it will be limited to managing your Instagram feed and the comments on your photos and tags. No statistics.

This is how your Instagram feed will look:

Alternative to Iconosquare

You can also add paid apps (like Geopiq for Instagram and TrendSpottr for Instagram) to extend your Instagram monitoring features:


(As of May 2016, Iconosquare is no longer available as a paid app integration.)

The pros:

  • Manage multiple Instagram accounts
  • You can add paid apps for additional features (such as trending hashtags with Trendspottr). Learn more in this blog post.
  • Monitoring (hastags, location check-in, tags)
  • Scheduling to Instagram
  • Everything else that Hootsuite has to offer

The cons:

  • The interface is a bit clunky. Certainly not as user-friendly as what Iconosquare has to offer.
  • No Instagram statistics
  • No moderation rules for key phrases
  • Hard to capture comments in Instagram ad comments

The price point:

The paid plan starts at $8.99/month, but you’ll need to add at least $30 for the reports. And you’ll need to add $10 per extra team member. If you need more advanced features you’ll want their enterprise plan that runs around $1,500 per month. Learn more about Hootsuite’s downsides in this great blog post.

3  – Simply Measured

Simply Measured is a comprehensive analytics platform. It provides reports on your favorite major social networks, including Instagram. Although its comprehensive paid plans start at $500/month, Simply Measured offers non-users a free report for Instagram accounts under 25,000 followers.

alternative to iconosquare

The pros:

  • The free report goes more in depth than Iconosquare’s reports. Its paid social media plans offer a wealth of data on most major social media channels. If you need to capture a particular data point, you’ll most likely be able to find it with one of their paid reports.

The cons:

  • Simply Measured only does statistics. If you need a social media publishing tool or monitoring tool, you’ll have to subscribe to other tools to cover all your social media management needs.
  • The interface is sleek but can be hard to navigate sometimes. A bit too “advanced” for some.

The price point:

  • Free report (of a limited time range) for accounts under 25,000 folllowers
  • Paid plans begin at $500/month

4  – Schedugr.am

One of the main pains with Instagram is the obligation to post from a mobile device. It is a bit of a headache for community managers who are managing their company’s account and a huge headache for agencies that manage multiple Instagram accounts for their clients.


ScheduGram posts directly to Instagram without the “scheduling then posting” steps of Hootsuite and Agorapulse. The jury is out whether this is allowed under Instagram’s Terms of Service, but fans love the ease of this app.

instagram management tool

The pros:

  • Schedugr.am is the only tool that lets you publish on Instagram from the web. They use a pretty innovative and unique technical hack for that. Don’t try this at home 😉

The cons:

  • It is solely a publishing app. It doesn’t offer statistics, user management, or comment moderation. You’ll need to invest in another social media management tool for all that.

The price point:

  • Starts at $20 per account with up to 10,000 followers. Up to $100 per account up to 2M followers.

Finding an alternative to Iconosquare should be a bit easier now, don’t you think?

Any other alternatives I should mention in this post? Let me know in the comments!

Instagram management tool Agorapulse


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