Founded in 2006, is one of Europe’s leading travel media companies. They are a full-service agency in every sense of the phrase―with expertise in social media, public relations, marketing, events, communication within the travel industry (for both trade and consumer,) the list goes on. Yes, they are a busy bunch.

Social media PR is a big focus for The team means business when it comes to being able to deliver measurable results to their clients and exceed all expectations. All this work requires a social tool that empowers them to drop clients’ jaws with amazing results, and give them the ability to quickly pull those results together into a comprehensive and attractive report.  

See where I’m going with this? Subtle, no?

The Problem:

Managing a growing, diverse social client base with report generation that’s worthy of the results.

The social media services at were fast growing in demand (not all problems seem like problems at first, ok) and it was becoming increasingly clear that the social tool they use in-house would make a big impact.

“We work with a wide range of companies in the travel industry, across many sectors, including tour operators, hotels, travel agents, airlines, airports, tourist boards, and OTAs. No two clients are the same in their media, digital and communications requirements. The work we do for every client is different,” Account Manager Niamh Waters emphasized.

Niamh Waters from needed a tool that worked for a variety of different clients.

The social management team used SproutSocial for a while, but as new clients came on, it prompted a review. As luck would have it, managing director and founder of Michael Collins, was introduced to Agorapulse’s CEO Emeric Ernoult at Social Media Marketing World by mutual friend Ian Cleary (RazorSocial).

After a bit of time with the Agorapulse tool, the whole team at saw some rather noticeable, and immediate, benefits for their day-to-day social workload.

The Solution:

A timesaving social tool with the flexibility to manage a fast scaling client base, and single-click reporting that would razzle their dazzle.

With Agorapulse’s ultra user-friendly dashboard, built specifically with teams in mind, could serve their total array of clients seamlessly and without the stress of jumping from account to account.

The community management is amazing. You won’t miss a comment and you can engage with all comments very easily. The reports are also slick and informative.”

Creating awesome social media marketing reports

Agorapulse offers a huge variety of social media marketing reports

As well as enabling them to more easily impress clients with all the metrics that matter, saw a notable improvement in productivity. Niamh told us that their social team is saving significant time every day using a single inbox to manage all their social communities’ notifications and respond directly.

Even more pleasing for the team are the tools themselves, which make up the Agorapulse suite.

We also LOVE the publishing tool. Scheduling posts and seeing them all neatly arranged in a calendar is one of our favorite things! Ad account integration is also a great feature. It’s so handy to be able to see all comments straight away on your ads and engage.” Niamh happily told us.

With agency life continuously bringing tos and fros, a full-service agency should be able to count on a full-service social tool to help them leave their clients always wanting more. A huge thanks to the team at for sharing their success with social media management