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With a large number of followers reaching out on a variety of social media channels with questions, Chatbooks needed a more effective way to engage with their audience and make sure nothing—and no one—was ever slipping between the cracks.


Struggling to keep up with the ever-growing influx of questions and comments users were sending to multiple social media platforms.

Chatbooks knew from the get-go that social was important and that they wanted to their brand to be immediately accessible on every platform they were on.

“We want Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook to be a place our followers can turn to for questions and feel confident they’ll receive a timely response,” Chatbooks social media leader Keenan Sanders explained.

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Keenan Sanders of Chatbooks needed a social media management solution that could keep up with her growing social audience.

When they were first starting out on social media, they were able to manage that. But then traffic started to increase.

“As the traffic increased, so did the questions, and it required a larger team to make sure each and every person was answered right away,” she said.

The Chatbooks team tried out a number of social media management tools. Unhappy with the tools they were using, they even tried to handle the incoming messages and comments directly on the social media platforms themselves.

As both the audience and team continued to grow, however, it was clear that they needed a tool that would import all social engagement onto one system that made the processes of both team management and social management streamlined and more effortless.

“Before Agorapulse, we’d discover that more than one member of our social media team had reached out to a single member or that we were overlooking messages. There were just to many to keep up with at times. Finding customers who were trying to reach us or digging up a particular comment or user was challenging.”

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Agorapulse allows you to see who responded to each comment and mention. (Chatbooks would soon find this out.)

Sanders knew that in the world of social media, users expect a near-immediate response. And if they don’t get it, they’ll move on just as quickly.

They asked around to see if anyone had recommendations for a social media management tool that could help them do exactly this.

 “As we explored our options,” Sanders shared, “Agorapulse was recommended to us time and time again by those who use it to do precisely what we were looking for.”

They decided to give it a shot.


One easy-to-use social media management tool that would collect all engagement in one place and was efficient for larger teams.

Almost instantly, Agorapulse was solving all the problems that the Chatbooks team was experiencing. Within a day, her social media team felt at ease with the tool.

The team of 10 employees was able to immediately see what inquiries still needed attention, and who was working on what. They could now track all past interactions with the users they were interacting with to better help them, and not a single customer or question was missed.

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Having a follower’s conversation easily available helps teams provide better customer service.

Melina Stapley, one of Sanders’ colleagues remarked, “With Agorapulse, we don’t have to be worried about what we are missing and going back, checking and double checking that we are responding to the needs of our customers. Now we can spend our time responding and fixing the issues instead of trying to find them.”

Chatbooks currently handles about 14,000 social media comments and messages every month (not counting the Instagram direct messages). Even with this massive growth, they’re happier than ever with their response times, which have improved drastically thanks to the ease-of-use of the tool, including the convenience of the mobile app and the team member assignment feature.

Sanders’ colleague Meghan agrees. “I love that Agorapulse has an app that will allow me to still work even when I’m out and about! The “swipe left option” to review makes it so easy to get things clear even when I’m away from my computer!”

Sanders revealed that Chatbooks has not only maintained their customer base, but watched it grow thanks to the quick response time allowed by Agorapulse.

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Agorapulse gives you one-click access to your team’s response time on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

“Agorapulse is crucial to what we do every day and the best tool we have to stay connected to our customers,” Sanders confessed.

Want to see how Agorapulse can help you stay on top of your social conversations? Try it for free today.

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