Seopoint is a social and digital marketing company dedicated to building brands and helping create longevity in their clients’ overall online exposure. Justin Celenza and Carl Ekdahl, co-founders and CEOs of Seopoint, are on a mission to enhance client satisfaction and provide an unmatched personal customer experience to their current and future clients.

With the rapid growth and scaling of Seopoint, it was essential for them to pinpoint a social media management tool that meets their specific needs and supports their continued success. But from the get-go, they struggled to find a tool that allowed them to post hundreds of pieces of content per week while staying organized and on budget.

They started out scheduling and publishing content natively on each social media platform. However, it didn’t take long before they realized it would take more than 24 hours in a day to manage social media using that approach. Even with incredible time-management skills, they couldn’t handle the upkeep.

After testing several other tools, they discovered Agorapulse. This tool allowed them to manage all their tasks using a single platform while also saving time and helping them provide better services to their clients.

Reducing by Half the Time Spent Posting on Social Media

Social media managers spend their days juggling multiple tasks and projects. They balance content creation and curation with handling customer service and community building, as well as getting involved in promotional activities. These competing priorities create challenges that many agencies struggle with.

To resolve these challenges, it became essential for Seopoint to find a tool that allowed them to work efficiently and spend more time on what really matters.

“Before, we would be stuck posting between only 1-2 weeks’ worth of content (which would amount to 16-18 hour working days). Almost immediately after utilizing Agorapulse, we were able to cut our workload by almost half the amount.”

Seopoint needed a powerful platform with a user-friendly interface that allowed them to work on multiple tasks at the same time without getting overwhelmed or lost. This was one of the most important factors they considered when choosing the right social media platform for their team.

For this agency, using a simple interface to quickly visualize all planned social media content has helped them stay organized and get the job done faster. In Agorapulse, they found a complete solution for social media management that was rapidly adopted by their teammates.

“We read it like a book,” Justin said. “Even if we appreciated all of the different features, we kept finding that no matter what, our productivity rate would decrease with a poor interface. Once we found Agorapulse, our productivity was positive and flowing well.”

Continuing Education: Key to Success

Keeping up with the ever-changing world of social media can be a daunting task. Most agencies struggle to find the time and the resources to implement proper training on social media, especially in regards to onboarding new team members.

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For Seopoint, it was crucial that their team had access to updated learning resources. This not only helped them perform better at their social media tasks but also gave them the expertise they needed to meet their clients’ expectations.

“We have been able to implement the Agorapulse social media school with all of our employees for education and training purposes, ultimately eliminating the need for any other online/instructional course,” Carl said.

Social Media Manager School provides free training resources that help social media managers grow their skills. The world of social media marketing changes all the time, but with the insights and connections available through Social Media Manager School, professionals in this field can stay up to date with the latest trends and learn how to create social media strategies tailored to their clients’ specific needs.

Access to this school has had a positive impact on Seopoint by empowering their social media managers to be confident in performing their tasks and making recommendations to clients.

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As a thriving agency, Seopoint manages to shine thanks to its industry expertise, efficient processes, and a little help from Agorapulse.

“Besides having a management tool that exceeds all of our needs, working alongside the talented and dedicated team members of Agorapulse has been an absolute pleasure. Their customer service has been close to perfect since our first meeting to set up our free trial until today! We can always rely on the Agorapulse team to assist us in anything we need—something that is hard to come by with other management tool companies.” Justin said.

In Conclusion

“After using Agorapulse for some time now, we easily recommend using any of their useful tools within the software,” says Justin. “We just updated our website and with the new ROI Calculator tool we’re seeing very interesting results!

“We trust Agorapulse with its provisions because everything else that they provided in the past has made our daily activities easier. The top key aspects that we’ve taken away from the overall experience is the organization, navigation, and for us, the feedback that is needed to get results. With the ROI Calculator, we’ve finally been able to create organized campaigns and funnel our goals and assessments. The results have been great so far and we’re planning on using this tool moving forward.”

Get started on proving ROI and saving time and money with your social media campaigns! Check out our free trial of Agorapulse to help you schedule, track, and measure all your social media efforts.

How Digital Agency Seopoint Cut Its Posting Time in Half by Using Agorapulse