Webfx is a marketing agency located in the Caribbean, where they have been successfully providing digital marketing solutions since 2010 to big brands like Pizza Hut, KFC, and Coors Light. As a Meta-certified partner, the team at Webfx has a digital-first approach to their work. With 40 highly seasoned professionals, they offer services like social media management, advertising, online consumer engagement, and marketing campaign management. However, in recent years they found themselves grappling with a common modern-day challenge for many digital agencies: managing the social media presence for multiple clients. 

From creating and scheduling posts, handling direct messages, and running paid ads, Webfx was finding it increasingly difficult to stay on top of social media reporting and proving their ROI to clients.

“We used to have to rely on different dashboards and different metrics coming from different sources to try and make sense of it,” says Douglas Ames, Managing Director of Webfx. 

“So we’d have the Facebook dashboard up, we’d have the Google dashboard, we’d have the CRM dashboard. And it was becoming difficult to manage all these streams of data.”

The Turning Point

The COVID-19 pandemic brought its own set of challenges for the company. Their previous tool, Hootsuite, was not flexible enough to meet their needs during that time, which was a disappointing and frustrating experience for Webfx. 

“We needed some flexibility in our contract in the midst of COVID, and they didn’t accommodate us despite using their service loyally for over 12 years. We also have had problems in the past with their customer support.”

A Solution to Make Sense of Social Media Reporting

Webfx began searching for another social media management tool that would help achieve its strategic goals of generating conversions and building awareness, while making sense of multiple data streams in a way that was easy to understand. After giving Agorapulse a test drive, they found it was precisely what they were looking for. 

“We felt that after trialing Agorapulse’s product, it really gave us the insight we needed. But most importantly, it was done in a manner that was very easy to illustrate. It was a breath of fresh air.”

The Transition to Agorapulse

When deciding to adopt a new tool into one’s tech stack, there is always a bit of apprehension as to how it will go. The team at Webfx was no different. But they were pleasantly surprised when the move was easier than anticipated. The transition to Agorapulse was eased considerably by the comprehensive resources from the Agorapulse Academy

This course teaches best practices and provides in-depth insights into how to use the tool effectively. The abundance of Agorapulse tutorials on the website enables team members to become proficient with the tool quickly. 

As a result of all these resources, integrating Agorapulse into the team’s social media workflow was seamless, facilitating improved collaboration and more efficient social media management. 

Social Media Reporting and Revenue Transformation 

The results from transitioning to Agorapulse were nothing short of a revelation for the team at Webfx. They included: 

  • A revenue increase of 9% from existing clients
  • A decrease in time spent compiling reports from 1-2 days to 2-3 hours
  • A 60% savings in tool expenses and man hours

“As a result of the reduction of the amount of time it takes for reporting, we are now able to use that spare time to build our client relations, to focus more on strategy development and execution, and to focus on other areas of their business,” said Ames.

Insights That Lead to Action

One of the notable successes was a marketing campaign for a retail client that was improved due to the insights from Agorapulse. 

“We published the content using all the tools on Agorapulse. The organic and paid results were monitored through Agorapulse weekly and monthly reports, which provided insights on which content pieces performed the best and got the highest results.”

Those insights and statistics from Agorapulse helped Webfx see the content wasn’t resonating as much as they would have liked. This information enabled the Webfx team rethink their creative approach quickly and effectively to make it more appealing to the target audience. 

“The reporting tools in Agorapulse allowed us to see very clearly and in real-time what the impact was of those changes,” says Ames. “This allowed us to make necessary adjustments to our creative approach and captions, resulting in a successful campaign.”

“Agorapulse gives us a clear line of sight into how social media is working or isn’t working for our clients so we can make adjustments.”

Partnership for Social Media Success

For modern businesses, finding the right tools to streamline social media processes and drive tangible results is an integral part of creating an efficient and effective work environment. For Webfx, Agorapulse is that transformative tool. It simplified Webfx’s social media management and was the catalyst for significant improvements in reporting efficiency, client revenue, and operational costs. 

The journey of Webfx with Agorapulse underscores the importance of a user-friendly interface, insightful reporting, and exceptional customer service in optimizing social media strategies. 

As Ames succinctly puts it, “The service is nothing short of excellent. We really do feel like partners with Agorapulse.” 

This relationship reshaped their approach to social media management and set them on a path of continued growth and social media success.

Want to see how Agorapulse can help your agency unlock social media success? Check out a free demo with our team to see how we can help you drive (and prove!) results with efficient and data-driven social media management.