Digital service providers don’t sell a physical, tangible product. They sell time.

Time in a busy digital agency is a precious and extremely limited resource. It needs to be managed and balanced like ball bearings rolling across the deck of a ship in rough seas.

The only way to cultivate more time is to free up blocks of it by replacing repetitive time-sucking tasks with more effective ones.

Finding time to realign in agency world

Orbital Media spend their time breaking new ground in digital marketing and social media for over-the-counter (OTC) medical and FMCG brands.

Often quoted as one of the UK’s most innovative digital agencies, effective time management allows them to explore new avenues and test concepts for their clients― like experiential VR and AR apps or new product insights gathered from social media.

We spoke with Harry Bell from Orbital Media about what led them to use Agorapulse for their social clients and how it’s impacted their productivity and time management.

“We were mainly using a well-known competitor originally. We found it to be unintuitive―their tab-based UI was difficult and frustrating to navigate.”

Tasked with finding a new platform that met their budget, without wasting their most valuable asset (time), Harry found Agorapulse.

“I had just started with the company and was asked to try a few different platforms and pick what I thought was the best one. A colleague read a blog comparing social management platforms, where it showed Agorapulse could do everything its competitors were doing, while being less expensive and more intuitive!”

In the end the decision came down to a combination of the cost and apparent superiority to competitors, Harry told us.

“Agorapulse was miles ahead of the others.”

Turn back the clock. Tick.

When all was said and done, social content still needed to be crafted, scheduled, and delivered at the speed and quality Orbital Media’s clients had come to expect.

Adopting time saving software like Agorapulse is great, but without the support in place to pick up and run with it, it can have an opposite effect in the short term. Luckily for Harry and the team, this is something we put particular emphasis on.

“Coming from someone who has built a career around customer service―the customer service we get from Agorapulse is second to none. Any queries we have are dealt with rapidly, at most 24 hours after first reported, which makes a big difference.”

So what was the end result from making the switch?

“It’s made a very noticeable impact for us. The overall time taken to schedule content has dramatically decreased, with the interactive calendar making it simple to both schedule and monitor content. The Team Management settings are also fantastic as I can keep an eye on any of my colleagues using the platform and cooperate where needs be.

Agorapulse has freed me up to spend more time sourcing content for our clients.”

Time and time again we keep hearing the same thing– Agorapulse frees up time for the things that matter most.

But maybe a bit of repetition isn’t so bad.