For better brand recognition and more conversions, companies are leveraging social media and content marketing.

Smart marketers are addressing social media and content marketing jointly, not separately. The brands that have shown outstanding showmanship in social media marketing this year, succeeded in relying on social content.

Here are some tips on driving conversions from social media content:

Use social media automation tools

Brands may have started to recognize the importance of social media, but automation is something that many of them don’t yet seem to have a grasp of, largely because social media automation is a far cry from marketing automation.

Social media usability tools can aid marketers in creating high-quality content. Cutting-edge tools are not quality-agnostic like their older counterparts. That apart, marketers get access to a world of data sets with intriguing patterns. The insights they retrieve from such patterns help them identify their audience better. Subsequently, crafting content for them becomes easier.

With Agorapulse, you can access a host of social networks from a single dashboard, creating and managing content for each. This tool builds a follower base consisting of real followers.


Agorapulse automates the tweet scheduling process. Its smart algorithms pick content from the user’s tweet history, which means an entire day’s tweets can be scheduled with just one click. You can save time and invest that time in other productive endeavors. 

Automation guarantees premium quality content, which brands can use to impress their audience on social media.

Embrace Cross-Channel and Multi-Screen Marketing

Marketing for a single-screen audience is like being the proverbial one-eyed deer. Consumers and non-consumers alike access several devices, and often simultaneously. What’s even more interesting is they switch between devices and that switching influences their buying decisions

If buyers are led to online shops from social sites (they often are by in-network pins and ads), social content will come between the stages of sequential screening. Unless high-quality, the content won’t motivate them to purchase.

Therefore, digital marketers need to optimize social content for multiple devices. Some go with the mobile-first approach. Others treat all screens equally. The best part about multiscreen marketing is it captures customer viewpoints across all devices. The analytics can give one a detailed list of activities performed during sequential screening.

Making social content easily accessible and navigable regardless of the device being used soothes this journey. That’s possible only when you cater to a multiscreen audience.

Optimize Your Blog and Social Landing Pages

Make sure the pages you link to from your social media updates are optimized for conversions. Make sure your CTA is clearly visible. If you provide services, shorten those buying journeys by providing an immediate appointment scheduling option. Goldie’s scheduling app makes this very easy:


For small businesses, there’s a phone service that allows you to scale incoming calls and convert those callers into customers.

It’s no secret that brands that blog enjoy better sales prospects. But very few ever think of monetizing business blogs. The truth is, social content creation becomes easy once business blogging meets the strategies to set up a money-making blog.

There’s a caveat, though; PPC and affiliate networks are a strict “No.” And that includes AdSense and Clickbank.

Keep the following lead generating content formats in mind:

  • Product reviews
  • eBook

Note, product reviews and eBook stress content. And both circulate well on social media. Creating social content and making it look non-branded become very easy with eBooks and product reviews.

If your reviews are honest, then with time, you can self-promote and it will still look non-promotional. When you take money for reviewing products, you get serious requests from serious brands. They may be your competitors, give them a favorable review if their products deserve that.

eBooks are an excellent way to bring industry thought leaders on board. If you write an insightful eBook and monetize it, then influential marketers will chime in (for obvious reasons), and promote it on social media. Their participation will strengthen your branding. If you are into ecommerce, use blogs and social media to promote your PR packages to attract more influencers.

It may sound like an offbeat solution, but social content generation is often a collective activity. By monetizing your blog, you can insist others partake in this process. Social media is also a great help when it comes to blogger outreach.

News and commentaries

Social validation is crucial for branding. The engagement metrics used for measuring validation in favor of a brand include likes, comments, follows, shares, repins, etc.

Impactful content precipitates social validation. Marketers mostly hover between original and curated content, but rarely on experimental mode. They curate content from industry influencers. Though a healthy practice, it leads to dependency on others for social content creation.

Curating industry news is much better. Something is always happening, so there will never be any dearth of news. On top of it, you can add your commentary without agreeing to the news. You have this freedom because a piece of news is nobody’s opinion.

Almost all social networks are abuzz with trending news. On Facebook and Twitter, the trending topics appear on the user’s news feed. On LinkedIn, such topics are used for post ideas. Marketers can share commentary-esque content on those news items and make them go viral with suitable hashtags.

The guideline here is to highlight the brand in the content. All brand-specific references should look totally natural and not forced or promotional.

Summing up

Harnessing social content can push brands one step closer to the sales cycle. The 4 tips discussed here can do this trick. Do apply these tricks. You may not find some of these tricks in a regular marketing handbook. Don’t bother. That those tips are out-of-the-box can help your brand rise above the fold.