Instagram direct video publishing has been one of the biggest requests we’d ever received here at Agorapulse.

Now, thanks to a recent Instagram API change, it’s here.

In this post, we’re going to go over everything you need to know about publishing Instagram videos through Agorapulse and how to maximize your results every time.

How to Schedule & Publish Instagram Video with Agorapulse

To schedule and publish Instagram videos, head over to your Instagram profile and then navigate towards the “Publishing” tab. Click on the date when you want the content to be published.

schedule instagram

(You may also start publishing by clicking the orange “Publish” button on top of the left navigation bar.)

publish instagram video button

At the next screen, select the social profile(s) from which you want to post the video.

how to schedule Instagram videos

Choose a video, and while it uploads, create the copy for your post. Don’t forget this, because creating captivating captions is an important part of Instagram marketing. Include the hashtags you want to target at this stage, too.

how to schedule Instagram videos

Once your content is uploaded, you can choose to publish the video immediately, queue it, or schedule it. (We have a great post on scheduling versus queueing in case you want to better understand the advantages of each.)

Some Kind Reminders about Instagram Video Publishing

Keep in mind that we’ve all tried to publish video content to some platform at some point and gotten an error message back in response. The best way to prevent this is to know what types of video files are accepted up front so that you can create your content with the restrictions in mind instead of scrambling after the fact.

Here are the big technical requirements that you need to know for Instagram video scheduling through Agorapulse:

  • Accepted formats include MOV and MP4
  • The video must be at least three seconds long, and no more than 60 seconds long
  • Aspect ratios of the video themselves must be 4:5 and 16:9
  • The file size must be under 100MB

Instagram Video Scheduling Tips from the Pros

Instagram video scheduling and publishing is a whole new capability, so it’s no surprise that some users won’t be sure exactly how and where to get started. When you dive in to Instagram video publishing, don’t forget to:

  • Include great copy. To elaborate on my earlier “captivating captions” tip, make sure that the copy you’re using in your posts explains what the video is and tells users why they should watch.
  • Check out Agorapulse’s queue categories feature (if you haven’t yet). Simple, quick videos that are evergreen or not-urgent can make outstanding queued posts. You want your content calendar to stay diverse, after all, and including different types of media into queued categories will help with this.

manage Instagram business profiles


Instagram video scheduling and publication features are a big deal. I know I won’t be the only marketer clambering to start using the new Agorapulse feature that allows this. This is an excellent opportunity to diversify your marketing content while giving you a chance to step back, automate part of the process, and focus on what matters most: the actual engagement happening with your audience.

Want to check out Instagram video scheduling for yourself but aren’t a subscriber yet? Start your free trial here. Direct video publishing is just one of the many new Instagram features we’ll provide this year for our users.

 What do you think? What makes you most excited about this new feature? Have you started using it yet? 

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