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Written by Veronica Jarski

Last modified February 7, 2020 at 2:41 pm

10 LinkedIn Statistics for Social Media Managers to Keep in Mind [Infographic]


As a social media manager, you’ll want to have these facts at the forefront of your mind for your LinkedIn social content. 

The following LinkedIn infographic from Oberlo highlights the top 10 statistics that everyone in the marketing space should know.

When you know more about people’s behaviors on LinkedIn, reasons for being there, and what type of posts they favor, you’ll be more equipped to produce the type of social media posts that engage LinkedIn users (and help spread your brand’s awareness).

For example, one LinkedIn statistic to know is: The average user spends 6 minutes and 7 seconds on LinkedIn. 

So, to make your LinkedIn post stand out, you’ll have to think outside the ordinary. For example, create LinkedIn videos by using these awesome tools. Also, dig into LinkedIn analytics to inspire your content for this social media platform.

Do remember that LinkedIn users like a steady rhythm of content. It doesn’t need to be every day … but post routinely (whether once every two weeks or three times a week or once a month) so users come to expect great LinkedIn content regularly from you and crave it.

Another LinkedIn statistic to know is: More than 30 million companies are listed on the platform. And that number keeps growing and growing.

So, whatever you post to LinkedIn needs to be carefully planned and have an underpinning strategy for it.

You’ll also have to keep your LinkedIn page fresh and vibrant, with all the critical data that’ll help you stand apart from the maddening crowd.

Moreover, don’t forget the massive power of LinkedIn ads. The US offers the largest group of LinkedIn advertising audience with a reach of 150 million users, according to the infographic.

Want to know more LinkedIn statistics? Then read on …


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