At Agorapulse, Facebook contests are one of our passions and by happy coincidence they are also one of our areas of expertise. Our talented team of experts has been working diligently over the past few weeks to bring all of that know-how into one place. We are very excited that our eBook How to run a successful Facebook Contest is now ready to download – and the best news is – IT’S FREE!
If you are familiar with the Agorapulse suite of Facebook & Twitter management tools, you know we provide some awesome powerpoint insights reporting and CRM tools, moderation and scheduling features. So, you are probably as excited as we are about this new resource, so we won’t keep you any longer – go ahead and download the free eBook below!

Want to know more?

How to run a successful Facebook Contest is a comprehensive resource that will help Facebook marketers and Page Managers to successfully plan, launch and administer contests on their Pages.

What You’ll Learn:

    • o
    • How to chose the best contest based on your objectives.


    • What to expect from these contests.


    • How to handle cheating


  • How to promote your contest

And benefit from the experience of those who have ran contests before you: get expert tips for each contest type based on the data from thousands of contests per year run through Agorapulse Facebook contest apps.

Why is this important?

Reaching and engaging with your audience is a vital part of building a community of fans on your Facebook Page. Facebook contests offer Page owners the opportunity to engage with fans in a fun and innovative way – but only if they are ran well. The demise of Like-Gating and the decline of Organic Reach mean that taking a strategic approach to Facebook contests is vital. The How to run a successful Facebook Contest ebook is an invaluable resource to help Page owners to maximize the ROI they achieve from running Facebook contests as part of their overall Facebook Marketing strategy.

Where can I get the eBook?

Just click on the image below to download the free ebook. Don’t forget to share this page, we’ll appreciate!

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