Canva integration, a fresh look and more 🎁

If you’ve opened our tool recently, you may have noticed that all the features you love — plus a few new ones — are wrapped up in a fresh new look.

We recently released a brand-new design of our tool that reflects us better as a brand.

If you haven’t visited us lately, go check out our new website and let us know what you think about our new look!

, Canva integration, a fresh look and more 🎁

1. Fine-tune your content with our new Canva integration 🧡

This was one request we kept hearing. We know Canva is a favorite editing tool among social media managers, and we’re excited to announce that we could make it happen!

And the best part? This integration works as seamlessly as Canva itself. To access your Canva account or create a new one, just click on the Canva button when you’re creating your posts.

With just this one simple click, you’ll have access to Canva’s advanced editing features, which let you:

  • Add brand logos
  • Add filters to your content
  • Upload stock images
  • Easily access your existing Canva assets

Once your image is ready, it’ll be sent directly to our Agorapulse, allowing you to schedule your content, assign it for approval or publish it right away.

2. Increased Inbox efficiency for your team! 🥇

If you’re spending time engaging with your audience, replying to conversations, and nurturing relationships through social media, get ready. This update was made for you!

Our Inbox team worked to analyze our Inbox’s behavior, and now we’re rolling out a few updates to give you a better experience. Thanks to these updates, you can now seamlessly and efficiently manage all your conversations from the Social Inbox.

3. Get a taste of the NEW Power Reports 📊

Over the past few months, Power Reports not only got faster and better, but it also became more easily accessible from the reports section. All you have to do is click “Create Reports” to enable a free trial of the new version of Power Reports.

, Canva integration, a fresh look and more 🎁

With this new version, you can create custom reports with more than 5 social profiles.👏

And if you’ve already tested this feature but you want to give it another try, send us a message at

4. Experience smart label suggestions for your reports 🤓

And here’s ANOTHER reason for you to test Power Reports.

Once you pick the option to create a label report, our system will suggest similar labels for you. This helps you create more accurate reports with data that your clients won’t get anywhere else.

Label reports are a great way for agencies and brands to:

  • Track the performance of specific marketing campaigns
  • Generate tailored reports for key stakeholders
  • Develop a marketing strategy using unique data that’s only available with Agorapulse

5. Our mobile app also got a new face 🤩

Of course, we couldn’t let our handy mobile app get left behind.

, Canva integration, a fresh look and more 🎁

Along with changing our app’s look, we’ve also implemented some new features to make your mobile experience easier, like:

  • The option to create an account from the mobile app
  • An option to edit your email from the mobile app
  • Access to our image cropper from your mobile app
  • Content recommendations available on your tablet

We’re excited to provide you with all these new updates while continuing to deliver the app features you already know and love. Don’t have it yet? Click here to download the app for iOS or Android and tell us what you think.

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, Canva integration, a fresh look and more 🎁

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