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YouTube Management with Agorapulse

Never miss a comment on your YouTube videos. Capture these comments and engage with your audience in real-time — all inside of one dashboard you use for all your favorite social channels.

Your YouTube Fans Talk. Now You Can Listen.

As a YouTuber, it’s a big part of your job to monitor your fans’ hearts and minds. Pick up on trolls in an instant and respond in real-time to your favorite fans.

All of your YouTube comments in one place.

Your YouTube inbox is set up just like your email inbox so you instantly see what the comments that needs your attention. You don’t ever have to worry about missing an important conversation because they’ll be presented in a filterable stream that allows you to organize your replies and provide prompt response.

Stop trolls in their tracks immediately.

Your videos are top notch, so you don’t want a social media disaster to outshine them. Use our monitoring features to easily spot nasties and provide good customer service before the smoke signals quickly become an uncontrollable fire.

Engage with your YouTube audience in the blink of an eye with saved replies.

Find yourself wasting valuable time retyping the same old replies over and over again? Save your most common YouTube replies so you can re-use them in an instant with just a click.

Know when your brand and products are mentioned in YouTube videos.

Smart YouTubers know that listening is just as important as talking. As soon as you sign up with Agorapulse you’ll be able to monitor your brand on YouTube right out of the box. We do the tough work for you — just bring your eyes and ears.

Time to fall in love with this YouTube management tool.

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