Summer is here! We love summer, it is a great time for promotion. Whether in the travel industry or an animal-rights non for profit organization, this review has something for you!  Check out these campaigns and gather great ideas to make the best of your contests on Facebook.

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Instant Win

Type of Facebook App: Instant Win
Industry: Cosmetics
Size of FanPage:  close to 154K Fans
Campaign duration: 2 Weeks
Prizes offered: A selection of sun products

Why we picked this campaign: Because it is an Instant Win with a daily draw and therefore it is very attractive! The prize not only targets the brands core audience but is also a great opportunity to attract new fans: it is summer, everybody wants free sunscreen from this Luxury cosmetic brand! Fans are allowed to try everyday until they win, so it keeps them in contact with the Page for 14 days and interact. There is also a strong chance they will buy the product if they don’t win…
The page gained 2800 new fans since the beginning of the campaign. Well done!

Nuxe Instant WIn

“Sorry, you did not win today but try again tomorrow on our Page”

The Instant Win works like a slot machine- winners immediately know whether they’ve won or not, and are encouraged to come back and try again, driving up interactions on your page. Like the Sweepstakes, it’s one of the simplest campaigns you can run on Facebook.  It’s easy for a busy marketer to launch, and easy for the almost as busy prospect or fan to enter. That’s a great advantage if your goal is to grow your fan base and reach a large audience. Find out here if the Instant Win is the campaign you need.


Photo Contest

Type of Facebook App: Photo Contest
Industry: Non for Profit for Animal rights
Size of FanPage:  close to 150K Fans
Campaign duration: 5 Weeks
Prizes offered: None

Why we picked this campaign: This French Animal protection agency has chosen to use the pretext of a photo contest to really draw attention on how many cats and dogs are abandoned every summer. Fans get to participate by posting a selfie of themselves with their pet companion, (as cute as it can get) and discover SPA’s campaign against animal abandonment.
The contest is fun and attractive and gives the fan a chance to participate in the global message. On the last page of the contest, the contestant is asked to make a donation. What a great way to use a photo contest, to engage the fan base on an important issue and also gain new fans as the photos are great sharing material. The page gained 2.1K new fans, got 153 shares and 347 invites.


Facebook SPA photo contest

” 100 000 cats and dogs are abandoned each year in France! Aren’t you chocked? This year again, nearly 9000 animals are about to be rescued and sheltered in July and August. make a donation”

The photo contest is most advantageous if your goal is to offer an in-depth brand experience and capitalize on person-to-person marketing.  You’ll collect fewer emails, but you’ll recruit new brand ambassadors to nurture amongst the minority of participants who upload their photos, as well as new potential first time customers amongst the majority who will solely come to vote. To know more about photo contests, read this article.



Type of Facebook App: Sweepstakes
Size of FanPage14500 fans
Campaign duration: 3 weeks
Prizes offered: vacations for a year (3)
Why we picked this campaign: The prize is really interesting: win 3 different vacation packages over a year, camping, ski, beach. It is a sweepstake with one chance to win so it is pretty hard but, hey! it is still very attractive. The final page encourages fans to share, and it worked. The page gained 1.6K new fans, and 418 invites were sent. This page is very active and and the CMs know how to chose their campaigns!


Locatour Sweepstakes

” click on “Like” to enter ou contest. 1 year of vacation to win.”

Facebook is no longer the viral Eldorado for Sweepstakes apps. With 12% of participants sharing their participation and less than 10% of these shares leading to a click, sole reliance on the manual sharing options offered by Facebook is not the way to go. However, if you can reward your fans for getting their friends in and leverage OpenGraph frictionless sharing, you can still expect some virality from Facebook. Done well, a Facebook sweepstakes is still going to generate many more referrals than a traditional sweeps on the web.

If you are wondering what is the best app to promote travel destinations, read this!



Type of Facebook App: Coupon 
Industry: Food
Size of FanPage:  4600 Fans
Campaign duration: until the 65 bottle are gone
Prizes offered: A bottle of hot sauce

Why we picked this campaign: because it is a sweepstakes! Aha! It is pretty fun; the point is to win a coupon through a sweepstakes, yet the brand used a coupon app. Every day they launch a 24h coupon campaign during which the potential fan needs to “Like” to play and the fan needs to click on the “coupon” button to get a chance to win. There is only one coupon winner a day (randomly selected) and any fan is allowed to try again the next day. So since it is grilling season, why not try to win a delicious hot sauce for your meats. Of course, the coupon is redeemable in one of the brand’s stores, a good way to attract new clients.

caj p coupon

“click the coupon button below picture “

You are one of today's lucky winners of a free bottle of Cholula of Caj P. Print the coupon and cut along the dotted line. Redeem your local store.

You are one of today’s lucky winners of a free bottle of Cholula of Caj P. Print the coupon and cut along the dotted line. Redeem your local store.

Coupons are great to attract customers to your store but they also have other pros like:


  • Quick and easy reward for your fans.
  • o

  • Easy to set up and administer.
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  • Use QR codes to automatically redeem in-store purchases.
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  • Collect customized data from your participants.
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  • Popular brands will enjoy high fan recruitment.



Type of Facebook App: Quiz
Size of FanPage29K fans
Campaign duration: 3 weeks
Prizes offered: A week-end in a mountain resort or a pair of sunglasses
Why we picked this campaign: because this portal for the French Mountains teamed up with 2 vary famous brands to offer prizes in this quiz. Answer 3 simple questions about what’s trendy to do in the mountains this summer and get a chance to win a week-end in a famous resort. It is a very attractive prize! Using famous brands is a good way to get attention and attract new fans. The prize targets the core audience of the Page which successfully got excellent participation and acquired 300 new fans.
Attractive prizes are great to acquire new fans but for ultimate results, it is essential to acquire genuine fans and avoid cheaters.


We have reached the end of our review; how did you like our examples? Share your comments with us and tell us more about your latest campaigns with Agorapulse.