We are so excited about this new review of great Facebook contest ideas! This time we focused exclusively on campaigns in spanish and co-wrote this review with Angela from our Mexico partner office.
Whether in Spain, Mexico, Bolivia or Chile, companies are active on Facebook and engage their fans with Agorapulse!

Check out these campaigns!

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Fan Vote

Type of Facebook App: Fan vote
Industry: Non for profit
Size of FanPage:  406 Fans
Campaign duration: 2 Weeks
Prizes offered: 1 dinner for 2

Why we picked this campaign: Because we love good causes and this organization is all about reducing food waste. In this campaign fans are asked to chose the best idea to reduce food waste. By voting, fans enter to win. It is also very smart for a smaller page to partner up with bigger brands or organizations in order to attract more fans and increase reach. In this case RAP partnered with a major Spanish restaurant website and a food industry brand. Well done! Since the beginning of the campaign, the page gained 88 new fans and t’s not over!

Fan votes are always good to engage your fan base. They are a preferred choice for Non-for-profit Organizations who trust the involvement of their fans. If you want to enhance your Fan vote campaign results, read this article! 


Type of Facebook App: Sweepstakes

fan vote rap movimento

Choose the best way to reduce food waste!!

 Restaurant / bar
Size of FanPage7668 fans
Campaign duration: 4 weeks
Prizes offered: An invitation for 2 to attend the Bar’s 2nd birthday party and a smartphone

Why we picked this campaign: Because we love the Nightlife! 🙂 This venue is celebrating its second birthday (congrats!) and would like their most loyal fans to attend. By answering a simple question: ” what was you best evening in our bar?”, fans enter a sweepstakes to win an invitation to the party and a smartphone. Hey!, if you want to have another great evening and take pictures with your new smartphone, then we want participate in the contest too!
It is always a great ideas for brands to gather fans’ stories; loyal fans with fun stories: what an excellent material to incorporate in your content strategy. Be sure to specify in your privacy policy that you might use these stories.
Even though this campaign recently started, the page already acquired 52 new fans. Continue with the good work!


Facebook Sweepstakes CandelariaBar 1

We generally recommend to offer only prizes that are attractive to your target audience and attract genuine fans. To know more about this, read this article

Personality Test

Type of Facebook App: Personality test
Size of FanPage42k fans
Campaign duration: 4 weeks
Prizes offered: A good piece of advice!

Why we picked this campaign: because we like companies who think outside of the box. Usually the banking industry can be square, but this one is the exception to the rule. With a fun personality test, fans can figure out “what kind of spender they are”. By answering a few questions, fans will know more about their spending and savings habits. It seems that at Agorapulse we have more of a generous pocket but need to be careful no to give more than we have! The advice this personality test gives is not only practical, but also a great way for the company to promote their services. A savings account, a credit card, a check book? Had you considered it? Very smart!


Facebook Personality test banco economico

Facebook Apps not only attract new fans to your page but also generate prospective clients for your business. Once you have targeted and qualified your fans, it is easier to offer the services they are really interested in. To enhance your chances of a successful Facebook personality test, here are some great tips.



Type of Facebook App: Quiz
Size of FanPage2800 fans
Campaign duration: 4 weeks
Prizes offered: a soccer ball and goodies

Why we picked this campaign: Because we love football, the real one of course!!
Like personality tests, a quiz is a fun way to engage your fans. In this case, the brand wants to see if their fans are genuine soccer lovers and dig their tools too. Test your general knowledge of the brand and of the last world cups and the 10 best score can win the prizes. The brand is smartly counting on the anticipation the coming world cup is creating among their fans and also betting on this passionate subject to attract more fans and gain more clients. Sharing this campaign increases the chances of wining, a win-win situation for both the participant and the brand who gets publicity from word of mouth, or in this case, from word of mouse…
On average, the page gained 14 new fans and was shared 7 times per day. Not bad!


We have reached the end of our review; how did you like our examples? Share your comments with us and tell us more about your latest campaigns with Agorapulse.