When’s the last time you really thought about improving your Facebook Page management … or even just Facebook Page management in general?

Perhaps you have a brand page that you don’t pay attention to or you’re just auto sharing posts from Instagram. If so, it’s time for you to revisit your strategy here.

In this article, we’re putting the focus back on Facebook and looking at how to be better at Facebook Page management.

Is It Worth Having a Facebook Page in 2023?

First, let’s cover the big blue elephant in the room. Is it worth having a Facebook page for your brand?

Launched in 2004, Facebook wasn’t the first social media platform, but it was the first to embed hard into the lives of Gen X, Millennials, and, more recently, Baby Boomers. Fast forward to 2023—and the platform is losing its grip on the younger end of the age spectrum with only 2.7% of 13-17 year olds using the platform. Increasingly, Gen Z and Gen Alpha choose not to have a Facebook account, instead spending their time on TikTok and Snapchat.

Recent moves into the highly criticized Metaverse, led many to believe that the platform will start to fade into obscurity.

statistica info regarding facebook page use

But let’s go back to the numbers.

Facebook now has 2.963 billion users and 2 billion use the platform every day. Facebook’s monthly active users equate to 37% of all the people on Earth.

That’s larger than the total populations of China and India combined! Over 200 million businesses are on Facebook, utilizing its advanced targeting to reach their ideal demographic.

Advantages of Having a Facebook Page

Facebook still packs a punch in terms of its global reach. Having (and properly maintaining) a Facebook Page allows your business to tap into this reach.

Here’s a look at the advantages of having a Facebook page.

  • Boosts your SEO (search engine optimization). Facebook enables high-quality backlinks, increasing the authority of your domain. This, in turn, helps you to rank higher on Google’s top page.
  • Cost effective for small businesses. Facebook provides a lot of tools and add-ons for small businesses to thrive, even without having a website. Facebook Shops for example, is a mobile-first shopping experience where businesses can create an online store on Facebook and Instagram for free.
  • Increases brand recognition. It’s still commonplace for potential customers, partners, and employees to search for brands on Facebook. Having a strong Facebook page presence increases brand recognition.
  • Reach a large demographic. While the Facebook user age is going up, the platform still plays host to a large cross section of ages, interests, and regions. Through posting and advertising on Facebook, brands can reach a large audience.

At Contentworks Agency we maintain a strong Facebook Page game with a reach of 36,465 people built up and nurtured over 6 years.

example of a facebook page management from a digital agency

stats for managing a facebook page

How to Be Better at Facebook Page Management

What can you do right now to improve your Facebook page management game?

Let’s run through some essentials together.

1. Make sure you have the Facebook Page basics down

  • You should have a Page, not a Profile!
    I still encounter businesses who’ve created profiles instead of pages. Doing this puts you at a huge disadvantage because you’re missing out on the creation tools, advertising, targeting, and analytics. Plus, your visibility and accessibility are impaired as customers need to send you a friend request to engage. If this is you, make a Facebook Page and drop the link in your Profile so you can migrate your audience over.
  • Check you completed the “about” and “contact” sections of your page.
    You can add all your other social media platforms in there now, too!

details for your facebook page

  • Make sure you’re using the new Facebook Page experience!
    This means that from your profile you can easily switch into your Page and manage it. With this update comes a new layout for your page (make sure your old cover and content fit), a separate newsfeed for the page, the ability to switch between page and profile, and some changes to admin roles.Additionally, in the classic pages, users who liked the page would automatically follow it. But a user could unfollow the page without unliking. With the new Page experience, users can only follow the page. Check out Meta’s guide to updating your page. You can switch into your Page by hitting your profile photo on the top right of your profile.

switching profile to moderator for facebook pageexamples of different facebook pages being managed

  • Review your social media KPIs.
    Why do you have a Facebook page? What is the objective? We review client KPIs regularly with a larger audit each year. Understanding what you want from the page will help you plan content, campaigns, spend and targeting.
  • Check your admins.
    It might sound unbelievable, but some of our clients still have ex-employees as the main Admins on their Facebook Page. Regardless of whether you’re on great terms, this isn’t a good position to be in. Update your admins and change any old passwords.
  • Check that you have Meta Business Suite set up. 
    The artist formerly known as Facebook now has the Meta Business Suite. This is where all your advertising, insights and Page tools are hosted.

free demo for agorapulse social media management tool

2. Reignite your Facebook Page engagement

The engagement rate is the number of likes, comments, shares, and reactions divided by the number of fans on your page. Facebook has a notoriously low engagement rate compared with other platforms like TikTok. 4.76% on TikTok, 0.49% on Instagram and 0.16% on Facebook. That means as marketers we have to work harder to get noticed on this platform.

You can reignite your Facebook Page engagement by:

  • Tapping into the best post times 
    You can do this by checking your Agorapulse Facebook audience analytics. You can also check the peak usage time for your target region. At Contentworks Agency, our fans are most active on Tuesday at 8AM, 9AM, and 11AM. If you’re posting to encourage a specific action, like a food order, think about the best time to hit user feeds.

when to best post on facebook depends example

You need to be posting consistently for good Facebook Page engagement. That doesn’t mean posting every day, but don’t leave it weeks between posts!

Use the Agorapulse content calendar to plan and schedule posts like a pro. Doing this means you plan for key shopping holidays, keep your schedule consistent, and incorporate a good mix of content types.

  • Focusing on fan-centric content
    Ask your fans to share photos of their Easter egg hunt, their pets (works every time), Halloween costumes, or Christmas trees. People love talking about themselves and this will instantly boost your engagement.Look at the engagement on this pet post by Country 105.

example of facebook page engagement

  • Featuring user-generated content (UGC)
    By employing social media listening, you can see what fans are saying about your brand, both good and bad, and then you can respond or share it. Top Facebook Pages regularly feature positive UGC like reviews and photos.The advantages of doing this are threefold. First, you widen your potential audience by tagging a fan or influencer in your post. Second, you show fans what your product looks like in real life. That could be clothes, makeup or interior design. And lastly, you show your brand to be trustworthy and reputable via social proof. Check out this example from John Lewis & Partners.

example of facebook page management conversations

  • Running a Contest 
    Facebook used to have some very tiresome rules surrounding contests and giveaways. But in recent years (perhaps due to flagging engagement) they loosened the reins. As long as you’re running the contest from your Facebook Page, Group, Event or app, you’re mostly OK. Obviously prohibited products still apply so don’t be giving away firearms or drugs!When you’re running a giveaway or contest take your time to get the basics right. You need contest rules clearly documented, a landing page or entry page and designs for the entry and winning Facebook posts.

Check out how New Look does a giveaway on their Facebook Page. With 365 likes, 1.1K comments, and 271 shares, you can see how well it worked. And all this for a very low value gift card!

facebook contest example

  • Being a happy place
    In August 2021, Zuckerberg signed off on an initiative called Project Amplify, which involved running ads and pushing positive news stories about Facebook. But is Facebook a positive place?Research shows that the use of Facebook can have negative psychological effects that include stress, negativity, and jealousy. So where am I going with this? Make your Facebook Page a positive and happy place, regardless of the products and services you’re selling. That means no fear mongering, negative stereotypes, or angry triggers. Instead, choose uplifting posts, good news stories, and feel-good stories.

I really love Snag Tights for the happy and inclusive vibe. Their page features all body shapes, genders, people with disabilities and everyday fans wearing their tights and leggings. Their body positivity and colorful posts inspire confidence, happiness … and purchases!

example of positive facebook posts

  • Get your captions right
    Captions and images have the power to increase engagement, spark action, and increase social media ROI. Yet many brands neglect them. Writing great Facebook page captions means writing like a human, writing with intent, including strong CTAs, and asking questions that spark conversation. Taco Bell’s Facebook Page is written by humans and combines simple but solid captions with mouth-watering photos. You’ve probably heard the expression “we eat with our eyes.”  If you’re selling food, your photos need to make fans hungry!

example of the right photos for your facebook page

Facebook page management tip: Remember that Facebook Page management isn’t just about posting. Be ready to respond to comments and messages in a timely way. Facebook will consider your Business Page as “Very Responsive” when your response rate is 90% or higher and your response time is within 15 minutes. That’s a big ask for Page Managers! Make it easier by creating saved replies in your Agorapulse dashboard. You can make as many as you like for all your FAQs.

saved replies screenshot

3. Analyze your social media metrics

Being great at Facebook Page management isn’t just about the content and creatives. It’s also about the listening, monitoring, tweaking and reporting.

Think of your Page like a physical store. What’s selling fast? What’s bringing people into your store? What questions do people ask most?

Utilize the Agorapulse dashboard to:

  • Analyze your most popular posts 
    Checking your top posts in Agorapulse is a breeze. You can do this for Facebook and all your other social media channels. Understanding what’s working will help you create more great content and avoid any tumbleweed posts. You know the ones! Here are our top 3 posts for the past month. We can review any time period and make comparisons between different months or years.

Facebook Page Management

  • Listen for brand mentions
    We talked about listening earlier in the article. Social media listening allows you to utilize great UGC, respond promptly to questions or complaints ,and monitor your brand awareness.
  • Understand your target audience 
    If you’re advertising on Facebook, you’ll know that the platform allows you to target certain audiences based on location, educational status, job position, age, language, or interests. With Agorapulse, you can connect your Facebook ads account to your dashboard to pull great insights. These will help you to see if you’re spending your budget in the right places. The Agorapulse reports instantly show the paid impressions, organic impressions and viral impressions for your page.

social media metrics example

  • Deliver killer social media reports
    Being better at Facebook Page management also means delivering professional social media reports. Even if it’s for your own business!Pulling professional social media reports will show you how your budget and time is being spent on the platform. By comparing your platforms against each other, you can also see if Facebook is the best one for engagement and ultimately ROI. Choose the aggregated report option to add all your platforms and compare their metrics.

example of facebook social media report

example of social media profiles choice

Brands can choose to work on improving their Facebook Page or closing it down and shifting their focus to another platform. There is no right or wrong here as it will depend on your social media strategy, products, target demographic, and KPIs.

In Conclusion

And now over to you. Will you be prioritizing your Facebook Page management this year or have you shifted your social media strategy to other platforms?

Sign up now for a FREE demo to find out all that you can do with Agorapulse for your Facebook needs.

How to Be Better at Facebook Page Management