You know that Facebook Messenger isn’t just about chatting with your friends about where to meet up for dinner, right?

There are a gazillion excellent Facebook Messenger business examples that you can learn from if you want to improve your customer service, gather market feedback, and get new leads and sales.

If for some reason, you haven’t seen any (?), I’ve asked these four international social media experts to reveal their favorite Facebook Messenger business example. Their responses might surprise you. Seriously!

charli dayCharli Day, Contentworks

Facebook Messenger for business has started to become an extension of my Outlook which is why I’m so happy to see that the new format includes organizational tools such as “Follow Up” “Mark as Done” and “Mark as Unread.”

When you receive a large volume of messages, as I have started to do at Charli Says, it really helps to stay organized.

I also like the Facebook Messenger autoresponder which can be set like an out of office. This is really helpful to potential clients who know that you have received their message and will respond soon. There is nothing worse than messaging a brand and not receiving a reply for days or worse still never!

Facebook Messenger business examples


dorien morin-van damDorien Morin-van Dam, More in Media

Through Facebook Messenger, I send personalized videos to people I meet and talk with at conferences and events.

Note: These are not people whose business card I picked up at a table, but people I have had a conversation with and would like to keep talking to.

Instead of just connecting on LinkedIn, I connect on Facebook as well and then send them a 3-60 second video telling them how meeting them impacted me and/or my business. So far, I have not only a 100% opening rate, but also have a 100% response rate.

facebook messenger business example


Anastasia MeletAnastasia Melet, Animatron

My colleague recently shared a really smart Facebook Messenger business example from marketing consultant Matthew Barby.

His bot updates her about new blog posts through Facebook Messenger which she found very convenient, timely, and non-intrusive as opposed to traditional email marketing.

The chatbots can also help increase Facebook posts’ engagement by sending similar updates to the followers.

Matthew Barby Facebook Messenger


daniel pinneDaniel Pinne, Organik Social

Business consultant Derek Halpern from Social Triggers used the Messenger “auto-reply to comments” feature to ask a question to a large audience about conversion rates on landing pages.

Users were invited to leave a comment which then triggered an automated Facebook Messenger reply based on their answer. You can see that I added “1%” as a comment here.

Derek Halpern Facebook Post

This not only created an ‘open loop’ tactic that encouraged people to find the answer, but it created more social proof on that Facebook Ad (which we know Facebook LOVES!) and users were now part of an automated messenger stream that delivered value directly to their Facebook inbox.

See how Derek mentions the “1%” in his message?

facebook messenger business use
What great Facebook Messenger business examples have you seen out there? Let us know in the comments!