[update October 5, 2018]

You tweet every day. You retweet other people’s content. You “act human” — whatever that means. But you still can’t see positive results from your Twitter marketing efforts.

Could it be that you’re not using a social media management tool that gives you tools to publish, listen, and report on Twitter? Or maybe you’re not using a tool that does all this well?

Let me tell you how Agorapulse raises the bar on Twitter marketing features for businesses and agencies.

Outgoing Content:

Keep your evergreen tweets going and going and going

If you’ve been in the digital marketing space for a while, you probably know about creating good evergreen content.

But creating the content is just the first step: regularly promoting the content keeps the “ever” in evergreen content.

And the Agorapulse “requeue” feature for Twitter lets you keep your evergreen tweets in rotation for as many times as you’d like.

requeue tweet

Give us the number of times you want your tweet to be requeued — and let us do the heavy lifting! 

And by keeping evergreen tweets in circulation, you’ll be able to reach new Twitter users each time the tweets are posted.

[Tweet “Agorapulse helps marketers keep the “ever” in their evergreen tweets. “]

Yes, we have regular Twitter posting on desktop and mobile (Android, iOS) or via Chrome Extension. But this requeue feature is something extra special for marketers serious about using Twitter.

Incoming Tweets:

Set rules to send tweets to the right person (or right place)

If you work with a team, you might receive tweets with great comments or questions that a teammate would be better suited to answer.  If needed, add a comment to that teammate to put the tweet in better context. See how I do this in the example below?

assign tweet twitter

You can use our Inbox Assistant to set rules that automatically send tweets with certain words to the proper teammate. Here you’ll see that I’ll send any tweets with French questions to a teammate who excels in French customer service.
inbox assistant assign

If you’ve been around the Twitter block a while, you know that there are tweets that NO ONE wants to see or deal with. Do we really have to engage with the automatic “thanks for following” tweets or pleas to download someone’s lame lead gen ebook?

Heck. To. The. No.

So set moderation rules with your Inbox Assistant so that when you get to your Agorapulse dashboard, you won’t see these pointless messages. This will free up your time to see the tweets that you should really focus on.

assistant thanks

Reading Others’ Tweets:

Serve yourself tweets that are most meaningful to your business — and nothing else.

In our effort to get you productive on Twitter, we want you to spend time on reading tweets that have something to deal with your business. Say goodbye to wading through #MondayMotivation quotes and anything with the hashtag #KUWTK. And say hello to monitored searches.

Tell us what you want – and don’t want – to read about.  Then come back to your mobile or desktop dashboard and monitor and interact with the latest tweets on those topics.

As you can see below, I’m a bit particular when it comes to Mexican food. With this monitored search, I can pop into my Agorapulse dashboard and read about enchiladas, tamales, flautas, but NOT burritos.

Twitter monitored search

Engaging with Others:

Activate your influencers and ambassadors to amplify your Twitter marketing efforts

Tweets will never make you money. But the people behind tweets just might. Let’s get to know them a bit better.

The “Users” tab on Agorapulse instantly tells you which of your users love to comment on your posts, use your branded hashtags, or retweet you. If you didn’t realize you had superfans on Twitter, you’ll quickly find out here.


We also inform you of your followers who hold some power in the Twittersphere. These are good people to start relations with because their tweets are often retweeted by many. Step in their line of sight and start being social — it might just pay off in a highly engaged tweet or two.

Checking Your Twitter Marketing Efforts:

Share colorful, instant reports on your Twitter analytics

Want to see if all this requeuing, monitoring, and being focused on Twitter has yielded results? Our reports will tell you in a snap.

With a click, our Web-based reports will give you stats on your audience, engagement, awareness, and management.

twitter marketing statistics

Or you can download and totally customize a PowerPoint deck to go step-by-step through all your efforts over a specific time frame.

social media analytics

We prefer these colorful, customizable PowerPoints to a blah spreadsheet or static PDF. How about you?

Does your Twitter marketing deserve a better management tool?

Maybe it’s time to see what Agorapulse can do for you. We offer a free, two-week trial to anyone who wants to step up their Twitter marketing efforts!

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