For the first time, the global review site G2 has announced the top 2023 software companies for France.

Out of more than 145,000 software products and services, Agorapulse has been awarded a spot in the top 25. It is the only social media management software to earn a place on this coveted list.

Why Being One of the Top 25 Software Companies in France Is a Big Deal for Agorapulse

G2 is one of the world’s most trusted software review sites. It has more than 2 million verified software reviews for over 145,000 software products and services. Every year, over 80 million people use G2 to make decisions about which software products and services they should and shouldn’t implement into their business.

G2 is the go-to source for honest, reliable, and unbiased reviews because the people who leave reviews are real-life users of the products and services they’re reviewing. So, you get the truth about the pros and cons of using the software you’re about to invest in.

“While G2 publishes the Best Software Awards each year, they’re really awards from customers.” (Sara Rossio, Chief Product Officer at G2)

G2 always creates its “best software” lists using satisfaction scores that they get from their trusted reviewers. They analyze the reviews and give a score based on attributes such as:

  • How satisfied users are with the product or service
  • The number of reviews the software has received
  • The quality of the reviews received
  • How recent and up-to-date the reviews are

To determine the best software products and services in France specifically, G2 also used regional details like where the company was founded, where the workforce is predominantly located, and where the executive or leadership teams are based.

Click here to learn more about the methodology behind how and why G2 ranks software products and services and decides which are the best.

For Agorapulse to be named by G2 and its reviewers as one of the top 25 software products–and the best social media management software–in France is a huge accolade for the company. It’s a direct reflection of the quality of the social media management software they have spent over 23 years developing, improving, and fine-tuning.

Why Agorapulse is One of the Top 25 Software Companies in France

To sit alongside global software companies like Contentsquare and Sendible, and be named one of the best software products in France (not to mention the best social media management software) is an honor for Agorapulse.

We’ve worked hard for this sought-after spot on G2s list of the “best software products and services.” And it’s paid off. Our users love us.

Here’s why:

1. Agorapulse is the first and only social media management platform that can track, prove, and report on Social Media ROI

The platform connects directly to Google Analytics and automatically adds UTMs to every link you publish. You can track how users interact with your content all the way through the funnel and establish what content is bringing in a return on investment, and what content isn’t.

“The reports (which include ROI) mean we no longer have to prove our worth.” (Katherine G, Director)

2. You can manage all your social media content (including TikTok videos) from one single place with Agorapulse

As an official TikTok Marketing Partner, Agorapulse now integrates with TikTok. Agorapulse users can manage their social media content on the usual social networks–Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, etc.–and also schedule, publish, and report on the content they post on TikTok, the hottest social media network, from one central place.

“All comments, messages, and any inbound interaction on our social pages can be managed and actioned through Agorapulse. They even have TikTok on lock.” (Kevin R, Photographer)

3. Agorapulse is a market leader

Agorapulse takes customer feedback seriously. We use it to develop new features, such as the Social Media ROI tool. We’ve also previously used it to build our innovative Social Inbox, which allows you to assign, tag, and respond to comments, messages, and interactions from multiple accounts across all of your social media networks, from one place.

“I have used this software to review, respond to messages, and save comments. It allows me to save, follow up, and review the comments in a very innovative way.” (Verified User in Telecommunications)

free demo for agorapulse social media management tool

4. Agorapulse connects to Google Business Profiles and Google Reviews

Agorapulse is one of the only social media management platforms to integrate with Google Business Profiles and Google Reviews. Users can easily update the business information that Google displays and also manage their Google reviews from one, single dashboard.

“I just wish I could post to Google My Business” (Marisa V, Business Owner)

This was how we responded to Marisa and others who were asking for the integration with Google Business Profiles: You see, you ask, we listen.

Final Thoughts

Agorapulse really is your one-stop shop for all your social media management needs. That is why we’re one of the best software products and the best social media management platform in France.

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G2 Reviewers Rank Agorapulse as the Best Social Media Management Software in France