Agorapulse platform has undergone a transformative year with a dedicated focus on your needs. These new features elevate our users’ experience, foster improved productivity, enable seamless collaboration, streamline workflows, and enrich publishing and reporting capabilities.

Here’s Agorapulse’s own Jacob Hilpertshauser, product marketing manager, counting down the highlight:

We added the power of AI to our publishing composer, introduced two brand-new products PulseLink in Bio and Advocacy, and advanced the platform’s capabilities on reporting and publishing substantially. Our mobile app has also received notable refinements, ensuring you stay connected and empowered while on the go.

We invite you to explore the Agorapulse platform, which evolves with you. Sign up for a free trial right now to check it out.

Let’s see what’s been released in 2023.

agorapulse unwrapped

That wraps up the exciting journey of Agorapulse in 2023. But the adventure continues into 2024 and beyond. And we’re thrilled to have you alongside us!

Get more information on our 2023 releases below:




New products

These continuous enhancements contribute significantly to Agorapulse securing a top position in G2’s list of leading marketing products. Additionally, they stand as a pivotal factor in Agorapulse outpacing other well-known social media dashboards in G2’s product direction survey.

comparison of product direction

If you’re seeking a dynamic social media solution that consistently advances, Agorapulse is the ideal choice. Dive into your dashboard to experience the mentioned features firsthand, or seize the opportunity to sign up for a free demo with us today!

Agorapulse 2023: The Newest Features of Our Social Media Management Platform [VIDEO]