Agorapulse won eight first-place G2 awards last year and was ranked by G2 reviewers as one of 2022’s best software products.

We’re continuing that winning streak, as we move into 2023. The G2 Winter 2023 Grid Reports have dropped! And we’re delighted to announce that Agorapulse has won 13 first-place awards.

The G2 Winter Grid Reports assess the products, product features, and overall performance of over 14,090 software companies from across the globe. Those that get the highest G2 scores and score the most #1 rankings earn themselves a coveted spot at the top.

What Agorapulse Won in the G2 Winter Grid Reports

Alongside winning 13 first-place awards, Agorapulse was also recognized as an industry leader in five categories and nominated for over 21 awards.

Out of the 13 first-place awards that Agorapulse won, the biggest and most important ones for us were:

  • Social media analytics software
  • Social media management software
  • Hashtag monitoring
  • Best estimated ROI

Why did we win first place in 13 categories? What sets us apart from other social media management platforms like Hootsuite, Sprout Social, and Buffer?

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Why Agorapulse Won 13 First Place G2 Awards

We have always adopted a continuous improvement approach when developing our social media management product features.

We listen to our G2 reviewers, who tell us what we’re doing well and what we could improve. And this approach is obviously paying off. With an average score of 4.5, from over 858 Agorapulse G2 reviews, we feel that we’ve truly earned those 13 first-place awards, especially in the following four categories:

G2 Award #1: The best social media analytics software

Any social media management platform worth its salt should have built-in analytics that allow you to track, measure, and report on the performance of your social media campaigns.

As a bare minimum, you’d expect your social media management platforms analytics to measure the following metrics:

  • Reach
  • Impressions
  • Engagement rate

Agorapulse’s social media analytics give customers the ability to track, measure, and report on so much more than those three basic metrics.

Our intelligent analytic and reporting features allow you to get into the granular detail and measure things like:

  • The organic, paid, and total reach of your content
  • The clicks and number of engaged users
  • The number of followers you gain and lose
  • How often your content gets viewed
  • How many interactions your content gets
  • Team member’s average response times
  • Social Media ROI

That is why we won first place for our social media analytics software.

But don’t just take our word for it.

Agorapulse G2 reviews: what users are saying

“What I like about Agorapulse, compared to other tools, is that it allows you to go in-depth into the data, especially on a post level. Metrics such as engagement rate, storytellers, and CTR are helpful to find out what type of posts are more interesting for the fans. In addition, it has a user-friendly graphic interface.” (Francesco C, Social Media Analyst)

“This app takes fan page management to the next level. The functionality and analytics make this app amazing… I get a lot of interesting stats I normally don’t get with other services. This type of social media integration is helping my company compete on the big business level and the free data we are getting about our performance, as well as customer response, is extremely valuable.” (Lee D, General Manager)

G2 Award #2: The best social media management software

The best social media management software should make the following tasks quicker, easier, and less stressful:

  • Creating, scheduling, and publishing content across multiple social media networks
  • Getting content approval from both internal and external stakeholders
  • Monitoring and replying to messages, comments, and interactions
  • Tracking, measuring, and reporting on performance

Not only that, but social media management software should also be affordable, easy to use, and have helpful and efficient 24/7 customer support.

This is exactly why, according to G2 reviewers, we are the best social media management software on the market.

Agorapulse G2 reviews: what users are saying

“Agorapulse has helped me save time and effort when managing my social media accounts. The support for this program is the best I have found, and the application effectively solves problems … I highly recommend it for any business serious about accelerating its marketing growth.” (Sam C, Senior Art Director)

“After shopping around for social media management tools, I always come back to Agorapulse. Agorapulse offers a complete suite for social media management, including publishing content and monitoring comments/messages across all major social media platforms … I’ve been on trials for other similar software and services, but I can confidently say that Agorapulse’s offering is unparalleled.” (​​Vert H, Executive Assistant)

G2 Award #3: The best hashtag monitoring

With Agorapulse’s hashtag monitoring feature, you can set up regular searches that allow you to monitor which hashtags are trending and how they’re performing. You can also listen to what people are saying about you and your competition and respond to comments, tweets, and DMs, instantly, from within the platform.

The Agorapulse G2 reviewers rate Agorapusle’s hashtag monitoring highly because it allows them to keep customer relationships strong, and establish what type of content works, what their audience likes and dislikes, and what they need to do to beat their competition.

See for yourself …

Agorapulse G2 reviews: what users are saying

“The time you save with the social listening tools is a godsend, especially if you run events. Having the app means no matter where I am I can be on top of my social listening, and respond to customers quickly.” (Fiona L, Online Event Facilitator)

“The built-in listening tool keeps me on my toes and keeps conversations fresh and on target… Having this integrated listening feature is a huge bonus. I am truly getting everything I need in one service.” (Kelly H, Social Brand Building Strategist)

G2 Award #4: The best for estimating ROI

Monitoring metrics like the engagement rate or reach will show key stakeholders that your social media marketing activity is raising brand awareness.

But these sorts of metrics don’t prove that your activity is converting people into cold, hard sales, do they?

Engagement and reach are great for proving brand awareness, but they’re not effective for proving ROI.

Agorapulse is the only social media management platform that allows you to accurately measure and prove Social Media ROI.

We allow you to connect your Agorapulse account to your Google Analytics account, auto-add UTMs to your content, and track the journey your audience takes, with each piece of content you publish.

Quite clearly, the Agorapulse G2 reviewers love it.

Agorapulse G2 reviews: what users are saying

“As a social media manager, providing ROI for my clients is important, and Agorapulse is a tool that makes my job 100x easier.” (Nikki B, Business Founder)

“This software has it all. I’ve worked in social media for a long time and this is the best software I have ever used… For Account Managers and Directors the reports, which include ROI, mean we no longer have to prove our worth.” (Katherine G, Business Director)

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With 13 first-place G2 review awards, and lots of new features in the pipeline, all designed to make social media management as easy and stress-free as possible, 2023 is set to be our best year yet.

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Learn more about what real users have to say on G2’s Agorapulse review page.

Agorapulse Wins First Place in 13 G2 Awards