The days of your video becoming viral on YouTube are over.

Youtube has become a too crowded place where it is hard to get noticed and seen.

Let’s look at a more practical strategy for YouTube video marketing in social media.

We know people are watching, but how do we use that information in social media?

Create videos people want to watch

Video needs to create an emotion in the hearts and minds of the viewers.

Know your target audience.

Do you want them to laugh, cry, or be angry? Make your video reach that emotional goal.

YouTube has a new focus on engagement instead of clicks. This means that time spent on a channel is more important than clicks on a video. This is also more in line with the way Google ranks web pages.

We, as video creators, need to increase our focus on quality content that people want to watch. It is also important to note that YouTube has been cracking down on channels that have fake views.

Some channels have recently seen their view reduced because of fake views. Don’t even think of using one of those services that will ‘promise’ you so many views per month. Not all companies that claim to increase your views are bad, but buyers should definitely beware and choose a company that will get your videos viewed by real humans who want to watch them.

Generative AI tool to help

Invideo AI generates cool videos from your text prompts. It turns your ideas into full videos and it takes minutes! Use the tool to create video and content promos, engaging slideshows and viral videos. It allows you to adjust videos using follow-up prompts and an online editor.


Create content people want to share

The whole idea behind social video is to have people share your content. Brands need to move away from traditional video advertising. One way that brands and individuals have found YouTube success is by collaborating with others.

Do you already have an audience? You can partner with another video creator to create a video. Both you and your video partner introduce your respective audiences to the video on social media, thus growing your audience.

Generative AI tool to help

To increase watch time of your videos, create clickable table of contents. Instant Chapters is a paid tool that generates Youtube timestamps automatically using AI. Simply provide your Youtube video URL and select how many chapters you want it to generate.

Instant Chapters

Set up a professional channel

YouTube has gone through a lot of changes over the years. Keep your channel updated

Set up a branded handle. There’s a handy Youtube channel name generator for your channel.

Make sure you have a good profile picture and an engaging channel banner. This is the image that represents your channel and is beside any comments you leave.

It should represent your brand well. Make sure your channel has a good description and links to your site and social media channels.

Set up a featured video for unsubscribed users. Feature your playlists.

Generative AI tool to help

Use ChatGPT to generate engaging video descriptions, turn transcripts into articles and write a channel description.

Be part of the community

YouTube has been working on making it easier for people to subscribe and engage.

You can also now share your video on other social networks, like X, Facebook, and Reddit right from the upload page. You can even add a custom message.

To increase your social media participation, create a video response to someone else’s video or make a comment on another video that has the same target audience as your videos. Remember, there is a right way and a wrong way to do this. We should be part of the community, especially commenting on user-generated content.

Make good use of newer content formats and engagement tools Youtube has introduced. These include:

  • Shorts
  • Posts

Lastly, reach out others who have blogs, forums, and other websites to help you promote your videos to their audience. Use email marketing to promote your videos and generate engagements.

Generative AI tool to help

Make sure to repurpose your Youtube Shorts into more video content!

Platform TikTok Instagram Reels Youtube Shorts
Max video length 15 minutes 90 seconds 60 seconds
Recommended dimensions 1080 x 1920 pixels 1080 x 1920 pixels 1920 x 1080 pixels
Max caption size 2,200 characters 2,200 characters 100 words
Max # of hashtags Unlimited 30 Unlimited
*as long as you fit in the character limit

Apps like CapCut allow you to use their ad templates to effortlessly create short-form videos featuring your products. They put together seasonal and timely templates for you to make trendy ads for your products:


Important aspects of your Youtube success:

  • Shareable content: Connect with your viewer emotionally.
  • Collaboration: By collaborating with other creators, you are able to provide value to each other and each other’s audiences.
  • Discoverable topics: Use trends to help decide what things people want to know about. Also, create content that will be searched for for years to come.
  • Accessibility: Make sure each video can stand alone so that if people come in around the middle of your series, they grasp what the video is about. If it is serial content, make sure that you recap what they might have missed in the past weeks.
  • Consistent: Create content that can be spread over many episodes. Also, publish on a regular schedule and, once that is established, never miss a scheduled day.
  • Targeted: Know your audience and focus your content to reach them.
  • Converse with viewers: Ask for feedback and let your audience know that you are listening.
  • Interactivity: Make your audience part of your channel. You can share questions or maybe put their content in yours.
  • Authenticity: Tell real-life or behind-the-scene stories. Viewers will connect with you when you’re real.
  • Sustainability: Make sure you can keep creating content by carefully planning your budget and having people who can make it happen.