Are you considering Sendible for your social media management needs? Wondering about the real costs involved? We’ve done the digging about Sendible pricing for you.

As a competitor in the same field, we’re in a unique position to understand and evaluate Sendible’s pricing and can offer you a clear comparison with our Agorapulse plans.

This insight helps us and you assess the actual value for money of what Sendible has to offer.

In this article, we’ll explore Sendible’s pricing, especially those subtle differences in costs and features that aren’t immediately apparent on their pricing page.


Short on time? Here’s a quick summary:

  • Sendible’s plans range from $29 for freelancers to $750 for large agencies.
  • Agorapulse’s higher-tier plans include social listening and bulk publishing options, which are not explicitly listed in Sendible’s offerings at all.
  • Agorapulse’s plans start at $49/month (when paid annually) and include advanced features not available in Sendible’s base plans, such approval workflows.

1. The Real Cost of Sendible Pricing

Sendible pricing has four different plan options to choose from.

Sendible pricing plans

The lowest tier plan available is the Creator plan, which is a total cost of $29/month. This plan is really made for freelancers and solopreneurs. It only includes one user account and connecting a maximum of 6 social profiles.

The next Sendible plan available is the Traction plan at $89/month. This plan is well-suited for smaller businesses. It offers 4 user accounts and a total of 24 profiles. However, for larger businesses or teams, you’ll notice Sendible’s pricing escalates sharply once you move from the Traction plan to the White Label plan, or if you start looking to add more profiles.

sendible pricing chart

Sendible pricing chart


For example, the cost of the White Label+ plan spikes to $750/month for 100 users and 300 profiles.

In contrast, Agorapulse’s Standard plan, at a more modest $49/month, includes 10 social profiles, which is better suited for small to medium-sized teams. You can sign up now for a free trial and see for yourself.

2. Sendible Lacks Advanced Features for Agencies

Sendible claims their pricing is made for agencies, yet many of the features that agencies will need aren’t included unless you are on the White Label or White Label+ plan. For example, approval workflows, which are definitely a necessity for agencies, aren’t available unless you are on the White Label plan, which is a total cost of $240/month.

With Agorapulse, you have the ability to assign and approve posts on our Professional Plan, which is just $79/month when paid annually. This is a crucial feature that agencies need to have in their social media management tool in order to put safeguards in place to help avoid something being posted that is off-brand.

Additionally, Agorapulse’s Professional plan, at $79/month, includes social listening for Instagram, a feature even not available on any of the Sendible pricing plans.

sendible pricing vs agorapulse pricing

Sendible pricing vs Agorapulse pricing: an overview

Furthermore, Agorapulse’s Advanced plan ($119/month) offers content bulk publishing capabilities, an essential tool for content-heavy agencies that Sendible’s plans do not have either.

Bottom line, for agencies needing scalable solutions, Sendible’s pricing and features can become restrictive.

Agorapulse offers a more cost-effective alternative, with advanced features like content libraries, bulk publishing, and comprehensive social listening included in higher-tier plans without a significant jump in price.

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3. Sendible Pricing Value Assessment

Comparative value for money

Agorapulse often surpasses Sendible in value, providing more advanced features at similar or lower price points. This is particularly evident in the availability of social listening and content management tools in Agorapulse’s plans.

Customer support and service

Agorapulse is renowned for its customer service and support, consistently receiving high ratings on platforms like G2 and Capterra. Sendible’s support is robust but less comprehensive in comparison.

As you’ll see below, Sendible’s support response times are, on average, 5-6 business hours. It also would appear that their support team is only available from 9am-10pm GMT—even if you are paying $750 a month for the White Label+ plan.

sendible pricing

In contrast, Agorapulse response times on the Professional plan ($119/month) are just 2 hours or less. And when you move up to one of our Custom plans, the average response time for support is 30 minutes or less! On the custom plans, you’ll also have a dedicated account manager, quarterly business reviews, and 1-1 training.

sendible pricing


This is probably why our customers continuously rave about the support team at Agorapulse on review sites like G2.


sendible pricingsendible pricing

Who Sendible Is for

Sendible is best suited for freelancers or small teams who can operate within the user and profile limitations of Sendible’s lower-tier plans.

It also is an ideal platform for companies that are looking for a platform that can be white-labeled and branded as their own.

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Who Sendible Isn’t For

Large agencies with multiple accounts

Sendible likely isn’t ideal for large agencies with many accounts to manage, or ecommerce businesses that rely heavily on Instagram—that is because Sendible does not have advanced features such as product tagging for Instagram posts.

Additionally, companies who require social listening for Instagram will find that Sendible is lacking this feature, so they would need to use an additional platform to serve this need, or find a social media management tool that has social listening built into the platform, such as Agorapulse.

Companies with professional content management needs

Lastly, companies that have intensive content management needs may find that Agorapulse is more aligned with their needs. This is simply due to Sendible’s feature limitations (lack of bulk scheduling, for example) in their higher-tier plans.

Agorapulse Is the Best Sendible Alternative

To sum up, while Sendible offers a range of plans for various business sizes, Agorapulse emerges as a more feature-rich and cost-effective alternative, especially for content-heavy agencies and businesses seeking social listening capabilities.

sendible pricing

In Conclusion

We encourage you to experience Agorapulse first hand to see if it’s right for your needs, so don’t hesitate to grab a free trial.